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sup /jp/

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Not much at all, watching campy commercials from the late 80's.

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How are you tonight/today, OP?

I hope you're doing well!

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thinking about hanging myself in my closet

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Please don't do it. I'm sure you are a delightful and sensitive person and the world needs more people like that.

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My god! I was just thinking I needed to jump off of a building! Though that was probably because I just got out of the psych ward a few days ago and there was actually a pleasant view from my window.

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Mein gott, and I was thinking I should take my .22 and make neuron soup out of my skull.

/jp/ - Suicidal Hivemind

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I think about it this way. Without the base level human contact /jp/ users get from other /jp/ users, probably half of us would have committed suicide by now.

Therefore, we're all collectively responsible for saving each others lives.

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See, now if I were to kill myself it would probably be drowning.

That always seemed like the most peaceful way to go, too bad I live hundreds miles away from the ocean...

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i'm too afraid to seek out help, I think they'll lock me up and give me electro shock therapy

i'm probably not going to kill myself, it's just painful being alone sometimes. almost been 2 and a half years since i've talked to anyone but my landlord and cashiers at the grocery store

it's like solitary prison, only i have distractions like games and movies to keep me busy.

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>Therefore, we're all collectively responsible for saving each others lives.
well shit
i didnt mean to

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I wonder how many here just refuse to die. I could never let myself die, at least not by my own hand.

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Imagine your lungs filling with water as you flail helplessly and struggle for oxygen before you lose consciousness. Jumping off of a building, shooting yourself, or even hanging yourself are all preferable to that. Plus if you do any of those things, you give others closure and don't waste police resources trying to find your corpse.

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Jumping off a building seems much worse, but that might just be because I'm horrified of heights.

Anyway, it seems kinda romantic, to just drift away into the sea...

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take a sip of water and breath it in, see how fun that is

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>That always seemed like the most peaceful way to go
Take it from someone who's almost drowned once, it's neither peaceful nor pleasant. Breathing is the most basic thing any vertebrate does. Trying to breathe in fluid causes your brain and every fiber of your body to fight and resist in the most infantile way. You involuntarily go into an intense emotional panic. When the fluid starts hitting your alveoli, everything starts going dark despite the involuntary effort of your increasingly heavy limbs against it.

Drowning is the worst way to go, I'd rather swallow a medical x-ray source and die off of radiation poisoning

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>Anyway, it seems kinda romantic, to just drift away into the sea...
romantic to whom? The feeder fish that pick at your corpse? Or the kids who find your bloated corpse weeks later after it washes up on shore.

Picture extremely related

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Dying while defending something is the only way of death I find to be romantic. That may be why I'm extremely reluctant to kill myself.

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Well, you've successfully crushed my dreams of suicide I guess.


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here are two great songs for you that I think might be what your thinking about. The person who wrote them wrote them in a seaside cabin thinking about killing himself.


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now that I think about it, it would probably be extremely romantic for the flies who lay their eggs inside of you.

picture again, extremely related.

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>radiation poisoning
>better than drowning
Have fun with your nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

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hey, there are other ways to do it
dont give up so easily, buddy

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Wow, these are fantastic.


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Was it the guy who posted the images that crushed your dreams of suicide?

Because if so, I'm sorry. I too am suicidal, but I'd hate to see others suffer because one way is more "romantic"

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Reparing a old 2000 PC. Installing XP on it... it had Windows 98SE. That was a nostalgia blast...

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Much better than having your lungs fill with fluid, i assure you.

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Perhaps the word "romantic" was a poor choice, but preferable to every alternative I could think of at least, so I'd fantasized about it.

And yeah, those were some grizzly images, one of the reasons I thought drowning was better was that hopefully nobody would find the body, as opposed to say blowing my brains out which would be rather messy.

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There's a lot of poisons that will actually tend to preserve your body.

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Well if you want to be clean and have a clean image in death, slash your wrists in the tub and make a way for someone to find you.

Be careful when doing this though, I left a message on my friend's answering machine because I thought he wouldn't be home for a few hours, but apparently I was mistaken and he called the cops and I got to spend a nice two weeks in the psych ward and have some unpleasant scars on my wrists.

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That seems rather drawn out and unpleasant, to just have all the blood slowly drain from your body until you loose consciousness

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get drunk first, bro

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An overdose would probably be the least messy way to go, and if you leave the pill bottle or something to signify you overdosed it'll be an easy post-mortem. Easier to sort out than drowning, being reported missing and the police searching for you even though your body is out in the middle of the ocean.
The problem is you run the risk of taking too little of whatever you try to overdose on and surviving.
Also I'm not sure how painful overdosing would be.

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>being reported missing and the police searching for you
Nobody cares about me, so no one will search in a long while.

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It wasn't terribly unpleasant, I just kind of felt faint and then I felt sleepy and lost consciousness. If the police hadn't have busted down my door, I probably would have been dead soon after.

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Perhaps a large amount of caffeine and you'd just have a heart attack?

My knowledge of drugs is admittedly mediocre.
And now that I think of it, cardiac arrest sounds less than optimal.

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a good resource of what not to do.

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I would be upset if you guys actually did kill or hurt yourselves.

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How would you find out though?

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how would you find out

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the suicidal hivemind of /jp/ strikes again.

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This thread is depressing. I wonder how many people who have visited /jp/ in the past have killed themselves. Is it something like 10%?

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>dark blue text
>black background

fuck no, I ain't reading that shit. I already have enough suffering in my life.

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That makes me feel bad too. I'd prefer to take their pain away.

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Too blue; Couldn't read

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We will never know because of Anonymous. Maybe the ones who did kill themselves were replaced by a new anon?

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That means only 5.4 posters are left! ('A`)

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Whenever I consider suicide, I remember what a friend once told me: "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

It usually works, if you don't look into it too deeply I guess.

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who is 0.4? A cripple? I'm sure he would kill himself soon too.

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My attempts so far:

Taking pills - took all of the pills I had and washed it down with a fifth of vodka, eventually woke up in the ER after stumbling into the hallway of my apartment complex in a haze and someone called the cops

Hanging - Tied it to the bar in my closet, the bar broke loose from the walls and came down on my head, knocking me unconscious, giving me a mild concussion and making it extremely painful to swallow for a few weeks.

You know what they say, the third time is the charm.

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Hey /jp/

how do you bear to live and continue on through the darkest times?

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I have a steady flow of alcohol flowing into my body, combined several medications for severe bipolar disorder, and constant playing of an MMO means that I have no sense of what is real most of the time. But when I do have a sense of what is real, I want to die.

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anon, have you ever heard of the wonders of Aikido?

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I have something I want to do before I die. Not only that, but I don't want to kill myself, it seems so weak.

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I hope you aren't referring to murder and mean showering these fellows with the love and kindness they deserve.

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Anon you card

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No, not murder. I'd prefer it if I took their suffering in their place. Of course I can't do that, but it would be better that way.

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I like to sleep the day away.


Actually I remember reading that sociologists deemed suicide not as an individual's personal failing, but their not being connected to their community, or something to that effect.

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I'm pretty disconnected from my own community, in fact I'm don't feel as if I have much of a connection towards much of anything. I don't know though, I feel as if there's something I need to do.

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A hallucination after my first suicide attempt told me to not die so soon. All I remember from it was those instructions and a group of Touhous saying that I cannot enter Gensokyo yet. ;_;

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Just out of curiosity, what would be the last song you would listen to before you finally do the deed? Or would you rather do it in the heat of the moment?

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cheer up /jp/

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These guys got to gensokyo.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpuWJr821rY is all that comes to mind.

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When one spends time alone you get to know yourself. At that point, I suppose it becomes hard to reintegrate and accept social norms and values when you've come to your own conclusions. I don't know.

What is it you think you need to do? Or is it just a general feeling?

I'm pretty lonely but avoidant personality disorder. Kind of sucks I suppose.

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After ending up in the hospital for a suicide attempt they took away any chance for me to own a firearm legally. I don't really feel like going outside to even try to get an illegal one.

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This guy got to gensokyo too. He is now a STALKER and regularly scours gensokyo for artifacts with an AK47 on his back and a .22 pistol on his belt.

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I'd like to stave off suicide at least until science has made it possible to upload one's mind onto either the computer or the internet, or turn people into clouds of pure energy.

Until then, I wait.

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I guess you could call it a feeling. A need to discover and learn what beauty truly is and spread it. An ugly soul attracted to objects and beings that evoke emotions which heal a person's soul and teaches kindness. That's the best I could describe it.

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bullshit to this. When I was a bullshitter teenager I tried to kill myself, and it didn't stop me from buying tons of firearms legally. All you have to do is check the little box that says "no" next to "have you been admitted to a psychological facility"

So go on and buy a firearm so you can do the deed proper!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGcyKEZtWuE Then again, I would probably reconsider my choice after listening to it.

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I'm pretty sure it's standard to do brackground checks on people buying firearms, thought that's why they have that waiting period.

Of course, this all just applies to people in the US. Could be wrong.

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No waiting period on rifles/shotguns broseph. You walk in, you fill out sheet, you give them your ID, they check if you have any outstanding felonies, you give them the money, you take the rifle, you leave the store. I've done this several times now and I tried to kill myself when I was 19.

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I think I get you. You'll get there one day.

To blog, I was a shut in for 8 years after leaving school fairly young. I meditated for 5 days straight and went borderline insane for a few days. The amount of terror I experienced was really fucked up, but my personality was temporarily shattered. The relief I felt when I "came back" was so indescribable and I was so grateful for everything I pretty much reevaluated my worldview and well, values. It's a longer story than that and it was really fucked up, but that type of destruction had to happen for me to break through from my self. The amount of love and gratitude I felt towards everything and everyone, fuck. I wanted to share this experience with people, but yeah, didn't work for me.

Anyway, when we experience awful pain and psychological trauma, it's a good way to build empathy in oneself. Understanding what it's like to feel terrible can help motivate you to help others to be happy.

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You bought several guns and you still failed at killing yourself? That's just silly.

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Never said I attempted more than once when I was 19.

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I decided a long time ago that if I wasn't happy with my life by my 30th brithday, I'd kill myself.

Only a few years to go, hopefully something changes soon

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This song is the story of my life.

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I don't know necessarily how it started. I used to be the kid that was oh so smart and cocky because of it. I got a lot of crap for it because I was socially awkward and unaccepting of other opinions, and I decided to observe people instead of talking because I got tired of bullies. For some reason even though I disliked what the people talked about and how they acted, I didn't hate them anymore. Even though they were vulgar, rude, sometimes doing things without thought in ways that disappointed me, I felt as if they had a little bit of unpolished good in them. I understand that I'm no better considering I do things of comparable or greater foolishness. I want to find a way to unite people emotionally somehow, not forcefully but through their own will.

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I'm turning 30 this september. You're making me depressed. ;_;

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I like how this thread turned into a suicide thread really fast.

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it won't be planned, this will probably be what I listen to in a last ditch effort to convince myself that I should live through the suffering that the rest of my life will bring. But chances are it will ultimately fail and I will take my own life.

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just for you, /jp/

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>meditated for 5 days straight

Man how is that even possible? Please elaborate.

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