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Wow, Mokou's sure changed over the years...

Except in height.

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Still a little girl.
I wonder how old (physically) Kaguya was when Mokou's father got her request.

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1st taste of the Elixir will stop you from aging.

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With bowlegs like that I'd wear baggy pants too.
Personally I still prefer Mokou being an unwanted albino from birth and her hatred for Kaguya stemming from the fact that her father wanted Kaguya so much and didn't even want to look at his own daughter.
That way when they have hatesex Mokou is caught between self-loathing and the desire to be and possess Kaguya so she is desirable too, while at the same time she wants to disfigure and maim Kaguya so that her bewitching beauty that Mokou will never have is shattered.
But it always comes back, and before long that same beauty bewitches Mokou yet again and that sickening mix of admiration, desire, lust, jeaous and hatred drives her to seek Kaguya out for another session.
Fap fap fap
Kaguya's motivation though is perhaps even more twisted in my mind, but that is for another time.

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whats the source of this?

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learn to iqdb

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Why exactly did her hair change color? I can understand the whole growing things imply just as not cutting it, but the color can't be explained that way.

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Well, most Touhous are loli in canon.
There never was a big breasted adult Patchy, Yuuka, Mokou, Okuu etc.

This trend to draw them more mature started about 2 years ago.

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Doesn't the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter establish her age as 16?

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Fan art has always been mixed. Just look at 4+ year old touhou fan art such as from inaba box.

ZUN's height chart suggests that at least the top row look somewhat like 17+ year old.

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It says top is 15+ and bottom is 10.

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Nope, he didn't state her age in the canon works. But you can be sure that she didn't even reach puberty yet or was just on the brisk to.

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Source of the age rankings is ZUN's old (pre-IN) emails:

BTW, girls tend to stop growing in height at around age 15*.

*see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_height#Determinants_of_growth_and_height))

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Well, it still means that most of them are either loli or semi-loli and the tallest don't get much taller than 155cm.