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I'm not sure if I should be posting this here, but does anyone have any idea why this isn't working? My first time trying to translate a VN.

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I like your wallpaper.
Set your system locale to japanese.

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>My first time trying to translate a VN.

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Eve no Jikan

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>Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo
Good choice.

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whoos wrong thread

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On which program do I use AppLocale? I really have no idea what I'm doing here...

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On every.

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I've set from the VN properties for AGTH to open together with the VN and when I use applocale on that it just opens AGTH but not the VN.

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I just change the "current language for non-unicode programs" to Japanese. That normally fixes everything.

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just switch your system locale to japanese.
reading system messages in jap shouldn't be a problem, especially if youre translating.

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Thanks now it works, the next problem is that the sentences make no sense at all. Probably bad dictionary or something for ATLAS...

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You mean you didn't know mangled unreadable sentences is the best you can get with that setup, no matter what dictionary you use?

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>My first time trying to translate a VN
And you don't even know to set your locale to Japanese? Well, good luck with that I guess.

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You're not going to be reading anything with AGTH if you don't have prior knowledge of Japanese.

It's a supplementary tool, not a magical translator.

Also, I suggest using ChiiTrans if you're going this route. It's a fusion of AGTH and Translation Aggregator. Much easier to manage, customizable translators, and takes up a lot less screen space.

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Use Translation Aggregator. It has several translators, that often supplement each other and help you make sense.

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I tried ChiiTrans and when I put the AGTH key the VN immediately crashes when theres going to be text.

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Oh sorry scrap that, I got it working. Thanks for all the help guys!

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While on the subject of tools. Anyone know why I can't get devOSD to work? It just crashes every single time.

Seems just perfect to have a transparent window without having the text go transparent like in TA. Though it sounds like it doesn't support anything but text, so it isn't exactly what I want.

(I want to simply tack on furigana help for kanjis inside the VN so I can read it like normally. So Mecab output pasted on a transparent window is what I want)

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read >>7116735's last line

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Furigana inserter firefox extension has served me best so far, since I can use it together with rikaichan.

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I already have that hongfire page open. I don't let things slip by that easily.

Still would like to hear why devOSD crashes. Seems like I've done everything right, and it still crashes.

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Can't be assed wading through google. Source of Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo VN, OP?

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Yep. This setup is amazing. Although I don't think I'm ever going to wean myself from furigana, since I rely on it so much when reading VNs like this.

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How the hell did you set it up to hook text from the game?

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Probably hooked the text normally then fed it through the convertor?

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Agth obviously. Then have the extension observe the clip board.

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Needless to say, I am impressed

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