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When I was in Japan I was walking down the street when a sexy honey went by. So, I followed her to her house. That night when she took a shower, I went into her house to get in the shower with her. When she saw how hot I was, she pulled me in with her. About three o’clock in the morning, I left her house to go home, but she followed me. So, we had even more fun. However, my mom came in and caught me. But, she kept coming every night to play, if you know what I mean, and still does to this day.

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Dear God! This is why I live in Japan.

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>When I was in Japan
stopped reading there

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Saved for future trolling

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take your old nudies elsewhere

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The ugliest one has tried to 'sexy' up her bush, ugh!

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>>When I was in Japan...
>>my mom came

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Level of failure is reaching ∞

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What breed was it?

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oh god that is fucking sick i fucking threw up you disgusting son of a bitch

good god that bitch is fat

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i stared a while

largely out of horrid fascination, as i'm in asia

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yeah asians are crazy for whiteys, ive never been to japan without at least one hot date each day!

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The one on the right isn't so bad

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fapfapfap 10/10 would fap again

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Japanese fatties are hot

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