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The decreasing amount of shota traps is of course Yukari's doing.

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That's a good thing

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Need download.

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I don't care about the boys, I care about those tits.

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To preserver her youthful appearance a lot of food is needed every now and then.

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I hate you.

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I was young once, why did this never happen to me? ;_;

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I'm okay with the decrease in traps. I prefer yuri.

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It's so frustrating when an artists includes Ran in his book and then hints she's going to join in on the action, but in the end she doesn't.

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Obviously, Ran is doing them a favor by making the traps into actual girls, and Yukari will store the penises for future use when she needs to summon hundreds of cocks from her gaps for raping [Touhou].

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>by making the traps into actual girls
Is this true? Do want.

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Hong, are you some kind of God, sent to Earth by the super intelligent beings from the higher fap dimensions in order to distract us while they invade so they can steal our precious bodily fluids?

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hong, so did you become some kind of janitor or mod?

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Janitors are not allowed to reveal themselves to the public according to the application when they were hiring.

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If he did he's doing a fucking awful job.

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oh, k.

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The new mod has been banning Hong for NSFW and shitposting so no I doubt Hong became a mod or janitor.

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I'm not and what you have now in the mod/janitor department are the promised staff additions by moot. He just didn't bother to announce it.

Byakuren and Sanae + little boys.


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Very yes.

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Very yes.