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Old one is on autosage.

If you still haven't gotten the game, here are links:

Don't forget to patch your game to the latest version, either:

As much as most of you may hate IRC, it may be worth a visit to either irc.rizon.net #swr or irc.mizuumi.net #swr. Could certainly find yourself some good matches, or just general help.

West Coast USA, Intermediate Reimu; Low-level Komachi/Aya/Chiquita

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Man looks like I need to start playing this to be cool.

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Don't forget that you are shit Ciel.

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Yes now get to it I will be your first opponent.

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>irc.mizuumi.net #swr
<dalneko> We already established that ZUN hates all characters that aren't SDM or Aya
<Naksu> SDM?
<Naksu> ZUN likes yuka
<dalneko> ...
<Naksu> Aya is his self-insert
<dalneko> No
<dalneko> Suika is self-insert
<Kirby-nee> SHAMEIMARU
<dalneko> And you're asking what SDM means?
<dalneko> Because if you are...lrn2touhou
<Akuun> sdm = scarlet devil mansion
<Naksu> the mansion itself is a character now?
<Akuun> he means the people in that household

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US and A

i have no idea if im good or not, but probally not.

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So I herd you need to unlock attacks for this game.
/r/ some sort of unlock patch because I don't wanna play arcade mode with every single character.

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Download the full character unlock.

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I guess you'll play Sakuya.

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I remember you
Delay and super cards deck just like yesterday

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Why? Can she spam knives or something like that?

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You answered your own question.

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Ugh, I couldn't even get one win off of you as Aya. Good sign that I'm way too tired.

GGs and I might see you another day.

Just in case you can't find the other thread.

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Well then I guess I will.
Also /r/ing sakuyakey_walfas.png for future use.

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rehosting, usa, mainly play alice, marisa and the vampire whats her face.

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grumble 4chan ate my response.

You need to be more adaptable. Like, if I start smashing you every time you wake up, that means it's a good idea to start blocking on wake up! Ditto for the relatively random attacks you were pulling: Playing the odds is nice but RPS doesn't work when the opponent's only using R and P: you lose more often than you win.

And maybe, maybe not. I don't like SWR much, honestly.

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Just go make one you eternal knife spammer

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Still DLing lol. My connection is slow as shit (200kb/s).

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Changing playstyles are hard. I noticed in the last 5 or so games, but my fingers always did the same damn thing every knockdown. Guess I need to start working at the game.

Irregardless, I enjoy playing how I do. If I decide I want to win more, I'll try to adapt my playstyle into something that's less frantic.

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ggs. I was raped but I enjoyed it.

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The train card is awesome isn't it? ggs

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Eu host !

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still hostan

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Have one on the house, n-not that I like you or anything...
Baka Ciel

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I have a feeling you'll be enraged at how different the two games are.

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Sakuya can do a lot of combos hel be ok

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Knife-an games are awesome.

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Thanks but I prefer PNG for these.
And with glasses.

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Still, the two games are hideously different.

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GG. You had me worried there.

>> No.709997


Rehosting again

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how can someone be so fucking smug?

>> No.710008 EU

>> No.710009

thats why you love him

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Dunno lol

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Remi walldive spam doesn't work in IaMP, and it doesn't work in SWR.

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This makes me feel like an idiot, but how do I choose which profile to use? The wiki says
>To select which profile to use, go to the character select screen and then hit Start (or Escape), and then pick the first option to choose Player 1's profile, and option 2 to pick Player 2's.
which confuses me.

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Look at the op Pic

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>> No.710064

That's for the first demo and hilariously out of date.

Go to the netplay menu, select second from the bottom.

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i never said i was good.

>> No.710075

and still hosting

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>> No.710080

Nope. Nothing happens.

>> No.710082 EU

>> No.710087


>> No.710101

also I have no ideal what lamp is

>> No.710120

Immaterial and Missing Power, the other Touhou fightan gaem

>> No.710125

also laggy as shit Europeans stop connecting to me

>> No.710135

Damn, what a lag.

>> No.710140


move off of the moon

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>> No.710144

ggs. fucking knives.

>> No.710147

Why? It is a nice place to live. Sexy moon rabbits and lunarians as far as the eye can see

>> No.710156 EC

>> No.710167

I guess I should try this game too
Let's see if my hosting works EU

>> No.710178

You are missing the last four numbers

>> No.710186

Oh yeah, this isn't caster
Like that?

>> No.710189

you need to put up the :00000 in there to

>> No.710193

It depends what port you have opened. The default one is 10800 but they can vary a lot.

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>> No.710203

Sorry about that lag. GG.

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Lags too much sorry.

>> No.710215

I hope no lags

>> No.710218

I don't know what this is but it's not on my end.

>> No.710232


>> No.710238

You really ought to say where you're from. (Russia)

>> No.710272
Land of the rising kangaroo.

Try to avoid if you know it'll lag.

>> No.710322

Still waiting. There has to be some Ausfag up at this hour.

>> No.710330

That depends. Do you play Remi?

so. very. sick. of. Remi.

>> No.710332

I play random.

>> No.710335

it's 17:05 in europe

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Same here. I take perverse pleasure in smashing Remis with Aya.

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goddamn I suck

>> No.710352


just finished playing with someone and it was fine.

>> No.710362

US East

>> No.710363

Remi is a bit broken me thinks...

>> No.710366

Well I don't know, it's been working fine for me against everyone else. Been running ping all this time, 0% packet loss.

>> No.710370

Swodosh, is that you

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>> No.710375

superarmour came up way too many times in that game.

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>> No.710390

I wouldn't say Remi is broken so much as that everyone just doesn't know how to deal with her yet

>> No.710391


Oh god...

>> No.710393

You and your Aya fetish

>> No.710397

I've got about twenty minutes or so, if anybody's interested.

>> No.710404

EPIC fucking Aya/Tenshi match. GGs.

>> No.710409

Indeed. GGs.

>> No.710422

GG whoever that was, rehosting.

>> No.710451

People try to outmash her or challenge her in the air, but they'll lose most of the time because Remilia is hands down one of the fastest characters in the game, with her moves having very short startup and recovery while covering quite a bit of area. Everyone has to be patient when dealing with her and take advantage of the few (if hardly any) openings that she has; swifter characters like Aya and Youmu can play flying games with Remi and try to match her at close range.

She's not a fetish, she's mai waifu

>> No.710478

I'm sorry for the stupidity but...

How do I check which ports are opened or how do I open my ports?

>> No.710499



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710512 EUrofag

I have no fucking clue how to play this.

>> No.710516


this should help

>> No.710519

I read that already lol.

>> No.710528

Waifu, fetish, same thing. :>

Remi's main weakness is that she CAN'T play air games. She gets a jump and two air dashes and that's it, she has to hit the ground to be able to go up again. She is the only character that can't fly (ironically), and that is both a blessing and a curse. With her heavy reliance on melee, if she can't close the gap between herself and her opponent, she's a sitting duck.
Now right now a lot of people are complaining about Remilia because they haven't developed a strategy to fight her yet, but I think the balance will become more evident as time goes on and people get out of their old habits.

>> No.710530

if you are using sakuya, just keep on spamming B (x) and C and you'll be fine.

>> No.710536

Wait,what kind of port do I need to open? UDP or TCP?

>> No.710542



>> No.710543

GGs China, I can't trap you at all anymore. And the invincibility frames on the startup of Sakuya's low sweep got me knifed around ten times.

>> No.710544 (EU)

>> No.710545

Can't do a thing completely outclassed ;__;

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Newfags need to get off my internet.

When unsure, open them both!

>> No.710552

K should be open now. Hosting!

>> No.710557

Doesn't work.

>> No.710562

In >>710478, Ciel Dude drops his name so he doesn't look like a retard.

That is all.

>> No.710573


>> No.710581

I don't think so.

Also,how do I 'once again' in this game?
Rehosting >>710512

>> No.710584

There is no 'once again'. Pick your character again and roll with it.

>> No.710592

It worked for a while, managed to spectate a nice Sakuya/Yukari match.

>> No.710593

At the end of the round, it gives you an option to pick something. Pick the left one (it defaults on the right). It says 'Hai'. One would think being on /jp/ and playing Touhou would mean your powerlevel is high enough to read even that word.

>> No.710599

That's to save replays.

>> No.710603

My powerlevel isn't high enough to read the top part.

>> No.710604


So sorry but

'check' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

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Hello there
Whois up for a match?

>> No.710609


>> No.710610

i guess i am

>> No.710612

rehostan EU

>> No.710613

Christ,does it always lag like this and runs at 40 fps?

Rehosting for newfags.

>> No.710614

No, it doesn't. Runs fine. Not quite Caster level but pretty close.

>> No.710639


Seriously though, what I do?

>> No.710647

Fine, I'll help you. Answer these:
Do you have a router, and do you use windows firewall?

>> No.710653


I have a router

>> No.710658

Go to the Windows Firewall, click "Add Port", put the last five numbers in >>709761 #3 in the Network screen.

>> No.710663

Go to your router's settings page. Type in your browser something like or or whatever. Google your model, it'll tell you, but it's usually one of those. From there, find something related to 'port forwarding' or 'open ports'. It should be rather self-explanatory from there. You need port 10800 for SWR if you use the default.

>> No.710670

You think there will be a cowaster for SWR?
Would be so much more userfriendly

>> No.710673

Woo man, that's it for me. I think I improved a bit but you're too far above my level.
Fun though. gg

>> No.710675


Thanks anon, much love.

>> No.710678

Hahahahaahahahahahaa no.

>> No.710686

Oh u.

>> No.710688

It has to happen. Sooner or later.

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>> No.710696

Because the PNG was too hardcore for you fags.

>> No.710707

If it does happen, I won't be the one doing it, and I'm the one who maintains all of the Caster mods right now. Modding Caster for a client is a fuckton of work and due to extensive code restructuring by Tasofro most of the SWR stuff is going to have to be figured out again.

Plus the builtin netplay is generally Good Enough for most use(aside from lacking standby relay, which is really the worst part), and I don't even like SWR much, so I have little to no reason to put in that much effort.

>> No.710711

Go back to games that "don't suck ass" mauve.

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God this is meltan without melee combat and at half speed.

>> No.710734

Hosting, Canada.

>> No.710756
US Central

>> No.710762

Last 5 numbers?

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Hey. Can anyone help me with my game. The numbering and stuff looks like this for some reason, and I don't know how to fix.


>> No.710866


looks like a font problem, try uninstalling/reinstalling whatever font you're using.

>> No.710877


>> No.710879


And how would I go around doing that?

>> No.710880

Anyone got a video of a decently played Aya?

>> No.710882

Why is SWR netplay so fucking hard to get working?
I have all fixed for it, but the fucker doesn't want to connect

>> No.710887

Hosting Canada.

>> No.710889

yeah I have a few from my major beat down.
I wish I saved more, but I was getting kind of pissy getting beaten time and time again.
I don't know how helpful they may be, since they're the early ones before I started to adapt, so the matches go quickly and painfully with not much resistance from my side.
Want em anyway?

>> No.710890

What's the problem?
I don't think there should be one if you opened your ports correctly.

>> No.710891

sure, I guess

>> No.710900


>> No.710904

Trying again: Canada

>> No.710905

don't do melee, she cant.

if you like melee, use Youmo

>> No.710918

use ver 1.01 (it's better)

>> No.710933
File: 15 KB, 200x200, 1211996633998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh dear god
How could I forget to do this

I'll go sit in the corner for now

>> No.710970

Thanks for the replays. I just installed SWR an hour or so ago, and have tried out a few of the girls, if you know what I mean. But it doesn't seem to be the sort of Aya I am looking for. Most of the games seemed like you trying to play IaMP remi and failing.

>> No.710997


Not working

>> No.711033

You're good :>

>> No.711040

Well I was definitely trying to do SOMETHING, and it wasn't working too well.

>> No.711047

gg's. You totally outplayed me that last match, but Marisa 6C is just WTF cheese.

>> No.711059

Which one's the 6c? I haven't fiddled around with Marisa too much yet.

>> No.711067


Shinkuu Hadouken

>> No.711090

Oh that.
Yes, that and Aya's move that sends out a wave that travels along the ground are the bane of my existence. I'm either in a state of deer-in-headlights or I just dash into them like a moth.

>> No.711116

Anyone still hosting?

>> No.711171
US West

>> No.711175


>> No.711206



>> No.711212

...I like both

>> No.711214


>> No.711245
File: 6 KB, 94x102, 1211999828850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.711289

Sorry, too much lag for me, rehosting.

>> No.711313

>> No.711316

I think someone's torrenting shit on the wireless.

Sorry to whoever connected.

>> No.711346

GG, was quite laggy.

>> No.711357
Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.

>> No.711364


Yeah, sorry about that, I would have went another round but I couldn't even dash to graze, and my commands weren't getting through so I quit.

>> No.711375

random time ec

>> No.711517


>> No.711524

ggs. What a horrible random.


>> No.711573

matrix lag

>> No.711580


>> No.711585


>> No.711594

It's not my end. What's your location?

>> No.711635

Spain. But I found the problem and fixed it, I think.

>> No.711714

Is it just me or is it impossible to do a 3A with a keyboard?

>> No.711737

Rebind your keys. You probably have one of those shitty keyboards that doesn't let you press certain button combinations.

>> No.711745

Nice spike of lag anon

>> No.711754

No kidding. ggs though


>> No.711821


Looks like it's only the arrow keys and numpad works just fine, thanks for help.

>> No.711890

Attempting to host.

>> No.711898

attempt failed sadly

>> No.711908


Got nothing

>> No.711913



>> No.711917


Guess I'm not the only one looking for a host..

>> No.711922

We really need more hosts, the fact that a lot of us can't host is horrid

>> No.711924

Nope we are all eyeing this thread just like SHAMEIMARU!!!

>> No.711950

What we really need is an efficient method to know who is connected or not, instead of posting IPs on IRC or 4chan.

>> No.711954


>> No.711957



>> No.711962

Trying to host.

>> No.711963



>> No.711967


Fuck, nope.

>> No.711968

GG. Kinda crappy random. Smooth connection though, do play again some time.

>> No.711969


I guess that begs the question, would an SWRcaster be just as effective as SWR's built in netplay or would it be better

>> No.711983

So out of curiosity anyone think the following two things would be kind of nice?
#1. Allow players to equip alt skill cards on characters at level 0 from the start.
#2. Increase power of skill cards.
Right now it seems that using start-up invuln level 4s and 5s is a lot better strategy. Aya, Reimu and Remi's columns all come to mind.

>> No.711996


Ya. I've been playing a pure-spellcard deck since the 2nd day.

>> No.711997

As an alternate making skillcards autocast without any delay on the player's part would be just as good I think.

>> No.711998

Messed with settings, trying again.

>> No.712008


No. Just DMZ your entire router so you can see if that's the problem.

>> No.712043

Done, hit me.

>> No.712050


>> No.712067

Anyone even trying? Does it work?

>> No.712086

it does not

>> No.712087


>> No.712124
One last try then I'm giving up for now, someone try to connect.

>> No.712140


>> No.712154

As dead as Reimu. Nothing happens

>> No.712168
One more time, give it a shot.

>> No.712195


>> No.712259

US Central

>> No.712261 usa west

>> No.712314
Somebody try it.

>> No.712344

Nothing again? Anyone?

>> No.712361

Anyone have some saved replays?

>> No.712368

Whoever just connected, thankyou so much, now I know the ports work even if it's laggy as hell.

>> No.712379

Nothing happens.

>> No.712395

I have a couple

>> No.712408

Why is Marisa the only character with a shitty 6a fucking FUCK


>> No.712428

Don't you diss the buttsmack

>> No.712457

6a 22b.

Buttgrenade is top tier.

>> No.712474


GGs, sry for leaving early, gotta make some dinner.

Those random matches sure were fun!

>> No.712475

GGs, you're reisen is pretty scary lol

>> No.712494

>> No.712532


>> No.712541


Buttgrenade? I must try this. Rehosting

>> No.712547

>> No.712570

Stop trying to connect to me whoever you are

>> No.712572


Buttgrenade? I must try this. Rehosting

>> No.712601

Beginner kind of. east coast.

>> No.712981

So... anyone here seem to have a specific "punching bag" they use for training mode? I usually find myself using Yuyuko or Marisa.

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