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I tried playing New Super Marisa Land and I just couldn't force myself to jump on the fairies.
What kind of sick individual creates a game where you have to jump on fairies?

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dat boobs....gonna play this.

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...so killing vast quantities of them with your bullets in shooting games is ok, but jumping on them is a no-no?
At least it's more personal.

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I don't believe in fairies.

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Why are her tits so big? Seems uncalled for.

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Maybe it's some special powerup? If I recall correctly, they had some stuff like that.

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Do you have a better idea of how to break blocks?

If you do please tell me.

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Petra is that you?

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I spent hours on that, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

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It's just a powerup. Normal marisa is flat.

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The Reisen power up is the best thing about the game.

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Actually the game is rather brilliant

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Here is the big tit marisa stage, I lold

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Nah, t'was easy. Eientei boss level, now THAT was rageworthy.
Btw, is there any way to enter the Hakurei Shrine?

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Why is Marisa so busty?

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It's a power-up that allows her to break blocks with her bosom.

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I remember some guy posting an image of a Suika power up, is it actually in the game?

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God I loved this one.
Miko Marisa was cute too.
Got to play this game again someday

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>Miko Marisa

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>Btw, is there any way to enter the Hakurei Shrine?

There doesn't appear to be yet. 100%ing the game didn't do anything outside of opening up Marisa's house (and that may be done just by beating the game normally, I don't know for sure).

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I see. Here's the image, by the way.

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Also this game was awesome for the explosion of Marisa explosions on Pixiv.

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What do red stars give you?

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oh look, a feminist. kill yourself.

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Download link?

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No, just a pedo.

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>pedophile = lolicon
get out.

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Lolicon is Japanese for pedophile.

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keep telling youself that...

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keep telling yourself that...

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Just how did you all miss the last comiket?
How, why and when did you migrate to this board?

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It's not like everyone plays things right as they come out you know.

Also fuck your trips.

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In other news, hentai can no longer be used to refer to animu porn

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Strictly speaking, pedophile is someone who solely gets off of the thought of prepubescent children.
Lolicon however is someone who can get off of the thought of prebuscent (girls), but lolicons aren't exclusively pedo, pedophiles are however strictly speaking prepubescent only unlike lolicon.

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Who really uses it that way anymore anyway? Maybe people from /a/.

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holy HELL that nose lewd marisa has is so hot, i want to stick my dick in those nostrils...

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Download link, anyone? If not, can you at least give me the name of the game so I can google it?

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Read the thread for name

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fuck yeah

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I just realized I never read Glamorous Marisa.
Does anyone have download link for it?