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>Yuugi Hoshiguma

>power to control supernatural phenomena

Say what now?

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As said before, that could be a really awesome power or a really shitty one.

At least she's Suika's oni friend.

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Are there any hornfuck pictures yet?

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>power to control supernatural phenomena
She can control her own powers.

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She can see UFOs. Can you guess why?

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Shes one of the big 4 it has to be HAX

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Suika's power is also broken so why shouldn't her be that way too?

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PS: all youkai no matter how powerful is but a supernatural phenomena.

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They all have pretty broken powers.
Except Reimu.
>Power of flight
Whoopty doo

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I can definetly see some Big sister/Little sister relationship between her and Suika

Which is awesome

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In before Suika is the big sister

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Its a bit more complicated than that anon
And she whas just playing with Reimu to...

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Doujin makers are crying tears of incestuous joy

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U mean liek dis!?

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No, no. Reimu's official power is flight.
She's grown from there, yeah, but that was her origin.

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Fuckers draw fast.

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I don't really care about SA, but drinking buddies is just awesome pair

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You know what sucks? They're not girls! Now we'll never hear Yuugi call Suika 'oni-chan'!

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Reimu has plot armour

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In b4 super armor weather.

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Good God, I suck...

>They're BOTH girls.

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katto ex

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You are one day to late

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It's in Desertrunes, but I HNNNNGGGGG

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That's Thai.

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Toho has really become international

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Thai motherfuckers, does anyone speak it?

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Not until it hits the US and is in Gamestops everywhere, it's still local.

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Obviously not, butthurt island man.

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/jp/ - Thailand/General

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Am I the only one that thinks that shes fucking hot?

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She balances out Suika's flatness outstandingly well.

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No. She's added to the list of beings whose horns I'd.

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I hate the star on her horn. Otherwise...

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She can fly above [abstract concept], so yeah.
Even with ZUNART, she's pretty. Somewhat. Goddammit ZUN.

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Holy shit how is that sake dish thing floating in midair?

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It's attached to the gourd.

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New inventions of Nitori's, the dish is attached to the bottle. Think of it as a beer bong helmet of sorts.

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Fuck no. I can't wait for doujins of her and Suika fucking eachother.

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Drunk sex

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I hope you expect penis.

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Nah, more like horns

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penis horns

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If Suika and Yuugi had a fencing match with their horns who would win?

My money's on Yuugi.

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thats what you expect

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Looks like Yuugi's natural enemy would be Nitori.

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Horn fuck is the only whay all else is blasphemy

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I there horns

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I'm thinking of 69 with Yuugi and Suika. However Yuugi's horn is more suitable for that position wheres Suika's bend too much to the sides, she would have to twist her head for it to work.

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>>709284 horn fencing match

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Yuugi and Suika drinking contest
The world has drown into alcohol
ZUN is pleased

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I'd let HER cave me.

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Oh so THAT'S why ZUN added another oni

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I like how Yuugi doesn't retreat during the WHOLE stage 3. Fuck yeah oni confidence and power.

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No more ronery.

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no Suika I'll always love you ;_;

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who is this lol

and no i have not even downloaded SA demo, so if she's from that then nvm

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sauce on the rest of that

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Yuugi believes in the heart of the Spell Cards.


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not on /rs/ or google

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You are a fucking failure at life.

If only there was a website dedicated entirely to Touhou and it's doujin/official manga. We could possibly call it Gensokyo. Or even if someone made a wiki page for Touhou. That would be something.

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Go to manga
Click on scanlations (any will do)
Go to search
Click filename box
Enter title or filename

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I never read the official Touhou manga, so I wouldn't know. I thought it was a random doujin. Jesus christ.

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Hey look,it's another newfag who wants to be part of the group.

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It is a random doujin. This is why you are a failure.

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It IS a random doujin.

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>You are a fucking failure at life.

This is a surprise on this board?

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What the heck? is that in Hebrew?

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so as it turns out, the oni aren't all dead

they're all just loitering on shinki's front lawn

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I'm just asking, you know. I never even knew that site existed, even though I've been playing the games for a while/been collecting a folder.

Anyway, I'm looking under "Suika_in_Yakumo_Family" with the instructions here
but so far, nothing. "No image to display".

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Try removing the spaces?

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Congratulations on making me rage so goddamn early in the morning already.

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... I didn't actually expect anyone to reply.

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Of course, I removed the underscores too.

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God, finally. Found it. Thanks, /jp/.

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First thing on google when searching "SUIKA IN YAKUMO FAMILY"

Are you dense?

Are you retarded or something?

Also, Shiki confirmed Stage 6 boss of SA

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I found it already.

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I could not care less.

I just wanted to show that you were, in fact, mentally retarded.

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Why do you all take things so seriously?
If the newfag dosn't know then tell him were to look that whay he whon't be a newfag for much longer.
And don't give me the old "look more" filosofi since thats what old /a/ enforced and look at it now.

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Aside from your occasionally questionable spelling, I agree with you.

Unless of course, it gets ridiculous.

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Yeah. Its called /jp/ now

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Because. It is stupidly easy to find anything on the Internet using Google. All he had to do was fucking type in Suika in Yakumo Family into Google and he would've gotten his doujin.

That shows his lack of intelligence, common sense, and logic. Why the hell would you want to promote that?

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>>709463Also, Shiki confirmed Stage 6 boss of SA

Is Alice acting weird in a whay that is hinting this?

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Not an Amerikkkan or British

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I'm sorry for offending you in some unknown way because I accidentally forgot to delete the underscores in the filename when googling.

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You type better than some english native speakers I know.

Also, spell it right you wanker.

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