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So, how high did the death toll rise so far? Last time I checked, news said it was about 1600.
Engineers working at HAARP will have a lot to answer for in the years to come, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them took their own lives in the following days because they can't cope with remorses. That's what any human being would do if they had a sliver of compassion.

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Now that /new/'s gone all the conspiracy nutters have nowhere to go..

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What is Obama gonna say about that?

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Another interesting fact: If you type "HAARP" and "Japan" into Google, the first 3 results will be Yahoo! Answers pages.

All 3 questions have been deleted the day on or after they were posted.

Anyone else find that suspicious?

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It's up to tens of thousands now. Some coastal towns, with tens of thousands of residents, have literally been swept into the sea. I feel terrible that just a few days ago we were counting deaths in the dozens.

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i agree /new/ should come back, but HAAAAAAAAARP is a legit thing

he'll probably go hang out with a hockey gteam again *pics were being posted in /sp/ day of the quake

yes that is suspicious...googling it now...

is that official? source?
all tat the latest twitter stuff is giving me is inconclusive

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It has fuckall to do with earthquakes.

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>More than half of the population of Minamisanriku was unaccounted for on Saturday, adding to concerns that the death toll in Japan will rise to exorbitant heights over the next few days. The small port town of Minamisanriku, which is located in the Miyagi Prefecture, close to the epicenter of Friday's 8.9-magnitude earthquake, is a popular tourist destination, and has been utterly devastated by the quake and resulting tsunami. Saturday in Japan, Kyodo News Agency reported that 9,500 out of 17,000 residents were unaccounted for in the fishing community, as the area has been one of the hardest hit by the disaster. Government officials stated that the fate of the missing was still unknown more than 24 hours following the earthquake, as there has been no contact those who are missing. Local authorities are unsure if the residents fled in the wake of the quake, or if they were wiped out by the destruction.

They're almost certainly dead.

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>MFW spikes of activity in HAARP's magnetograph coincide with the beginning of earthquake swarms in Japan

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Good god, man. That's not how you do it at all.

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The conformation of the clouds in the Japanese sky both before and after the main quake struck are proof of HAARP's doing. As you may know, when HAARP is activated and microwaves are beamed to the ionosphere and back to the target area, the shape of the clouds assume a peculiar rippled pattern. In some extreme cases aurora borealis might also occur.
I wonder how they eggheads at HAARP going to explain this without hinting at their shady business...

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As if they didn't do enough damage already, now the airforce is dousing the surviving population with chemtrails.

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It's strange how all the "HAARP clouds" looks extremely different from each other.

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Are we sure if they are event HAARP doing?
It might just be the Japan Air Force trail after they scrambled to the tsunami wrecked area.

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turn on the news now.




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HAARP's magnetograph prior to Japan's earthquake.

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HAARP's magnetograph during and after Japan's earthquake. Oh man, what is this sudden spike? Why does it always coincide with some major earthquake around the world?

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holy shit guys holy fuck

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What happened?

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Haiti had like 200000 I heard.

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New tsunami warning.
No idea what the fuck will happen if it hit the power plant again.

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This is hilarious.

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I just pwned ur mom in bed

with my penis, lol

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It gets flooded with seawater - a neutron moderator.

There is literally nothing that can happen to the nuclear reactor, stop panicking.

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HAARP clouds always look the same, they are a telltale sign something catastrophic is going to happen in that area.
Here's another video showing the same cloud pattern, recorded three years ago. Look at how they are exactly the same, the chances it is just a natural phenomenon are so low it's impossible.

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WHat? No there isn;t

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Yes, because HAARP definitely causes tectonic plates to shift. Why don't you guys go back to Geology class.

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The sun was out when Japan got hit by an earthquake. I guess that means HAARP is manipulating the sun!

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It's like I'm really in some sort of horrifying combination of /b/, /sci/, /int/, and /new/.

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Those are just altostratus clouds, they show up here all the time...

Conspiracy theorists are worse than new-age retards. Don't you have some rainbows on a sprinkler to freak out about?

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HAARP is fully capable of causing earthquakes at a distance. Whether they are manmade or natural, the regular population is unable to tell but there are lots of revealing signals that can unmask their true nature. Peculiar cloud patterns, aurora borealis and unusual magnetometer behavior are just some of them but enough to form a definitive verdict.

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i lol'd

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Not the same. Here's how clouds look like up close when HAARP is activated.


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Damn the clouds predicted the earthquake over a year before it happened that's amazing.

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Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet: http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/03/12/japan.earthquake.tsunami.earth/index.html?on.cnn=1

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It hurts to know retards like you are alive.

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Damn, those are some nice and steady waves. I bet the lift there would be great.

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Bump, our Japanese brothers must know.

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Post this on 2 other boards if you love America