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I don't get it.

Why is Utsuho wearing such a fluffy and thick pair of panties?

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Diaper fetishes are really stupid along with scat and piss.

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You're fetishes are stupid too.

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take your reaction back to /v/

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i fucked you are fetishes

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No they're not because they are my opinions and mines is always right. Deal with it.

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Okuu desires comfort and security.

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I don't even know if Tewi is wearing a diaper or what.

It kind of looks like that thing that Ran wears around her neck so I can't be too sure.

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That post was /b/ QUALITY.

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Diapers are cuter than panties and maybe even cuter than bloomers depending on the brand.

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so she can poop in them!

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ID 1662538 on Pixiv.

It's a really bizarre story about Rin being sexually frustrated or something. It stars Utsuho with giant tits alongside Utsuho with no tits.

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Don't forget Haggar from Final Fight being revealed to be Rin's father.

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Diapers are the best fetish. Especially when Okuu's wearing them.

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Please post images of Yukari wearing diapers

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Yes, there is that too.

Also Rin inexplicably lost her cat ears for a while and Satori's third eye has a DIN.

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Scratch that, I misremembered, it's just a normal analog plug.

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Was that hp bar like her sanity meter or something?

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I only have 1. I wish there were more of the Yakumos and diapers. They seem perfect, with Ran changing and babying Yukari and Chen.

I have yet to see a Ran in diapers pic and it makes me sad since shes my favorite.

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oh god so deliciously rude.

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That is so adorable, even though I doubt Ran had 9 tails when she was a babby.

I would much rather see a fully-grown rude Ran in diapers though.

It would be kind of cute to have a doujin with the Yakumos doing abdl stuff. Since Ran and Yukari have known each other for so many years, it could show how tolerant they are of each other's fetishes and how much they really love and appreciate how they help each other.

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Babies are... cute.