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Socked feet is so much cuter than barefoot. If a doujin has barefeet in it there's a 9 out of 10 chance I can't and will not masturbate to it.

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I never masturbate to anything.

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I'm so glad that you are sharing this opinion of yours with us anon.

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Sorry OP, I've got to disagree. I love me some bare feet. Especially if they happen to be Kaguya's bear feet.

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Her feet probably stink because she doesn't shower.

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Corned dog is so much tastier. If a stick has baredog on it there's a 9 out of 10 chance I can't and will not masticate it.

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I wish to lick off those fluffy dust things that form between your toes from Kaguya's feet.

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That just makes it even more delicious.

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What about stockings?

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Why are you the best tripfag?

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Because he's my husbando and you can't have him.

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What the HELL is so good about feet and socks? I tried masturbating to my own feet, nothing happened. I tried with socks...realized my penis's head is too sensitive and it hurt like HELL so nothing happened...2 hours sitting on my bare naked ass doing weird ass flexible things to try and find why people love this do much...all that time wasted.

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Just found the flanslide thread, won't be able to reply to anyone hating on me or giving me advice as I will be sleeping

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Marisa peeling a banana

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Marisa peeling a banana

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It's about time this guy drew some Alice.

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im awake...any comments as HELL to HELL?