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A very Cirno romance.

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so ronery ;_;

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Animation was cute, singing was mediocre. Should have been a girl singing instead.

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/r/ mp3

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.i\ /i
      < '´  ̄ ヽ
     \ `ソリ!^ ヮ^ノi <応援ありがとう♡あたいったら最強ね♡
      / ,くく//_|l 〉
       ̄ l.ノl.ノ

in b4 it doesnt work right.

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Knew it would fucking fail. ಠ_ಠ

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Cirno's actually my daughter.

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Just like everything else you attempt to do.

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That's odd, it looks right to me.
Different font, et cetera?

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No, it doesn't look right.
It's NOT supposed to look like messed up shit.

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Don't worry, it's niconico. They have girls on the internet, and one of them will inevitably create a cover version. Right?

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it looks fine here.

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what did she write in the first letter, was reimu and marisa giving her shitty advice

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Now that I look at it, it's actually right, lol. Well, thats good then, thats what I get for multitasking too much ಠ3ಠ

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the song is done by this guy.


and he's releasing an album for Reitaisai 5 too.


best U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? remix, for me.

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Oy, you guys

Hide your pow^H^H^HEnglish level

I mean, if you absolutely feel you've GOT to make a comment, practice camouflage and write wwwwwww or something, jeez

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but it's more fun posting in english on a japanese website.

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00:11 Face where?
00:24 so moe

Way to go guys, that just shaved 8 months off of our time using nico before they ban all foreign IPs and we have to proxy.

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I'm sorry can you forgive me? ;_;

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If we spam all the videos with ascii horsecock maybe they will forgive us ಠ3ಠ

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Just this once.
It.... it's not like you or anything, anon!

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>it's not like you or anything


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Just this once.
It.... it's not that I like you or anything, anon!

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Too slow, faggot, and you talk about me fucking up. Oh wow. ಠ_ಠ

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Not like I fixed it to impress you anything!

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If this ever happens...RAAAAAAAAAAAGE

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oh u, you know you're always trying to impress me though, always acting so mean ಠ3ಠ

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Horray! (ノ´∀`)ノ

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WAIT! This is the same guy who did rainbow girl? Fuck yes!


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00:09 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww IT'S LIKE I'M REALLY JAPANESE

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Nice. I look forward to this album.

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"Atai" is a feminine version of "I", I know that much, but that's my limit.
Plus, seeing as Marisa "helped", I'm not sure what kind of message it is...

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You're right. That image is cropped much too small.

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a i u e o ka ki ku ke ko

(It doesn't say anything. She's practicing her writing.)

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For those who can't romanize (I'm guessing on the spaces):

atai waru
sugi des
atama ga.

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She was writting "I like you" when Marisa stepped to help so the letter said "I'm too awful. And I have a monkey head."

At least I think that's it.

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She was trying to write:

(aka, "I like you. -Cirno") but Marisa's a bitch.

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I'm too bad, my head that is. -cirno

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atai waru
sugi desu
atama ga saruno (The transcription here is wrong; in the video she definitely uses a "sa" instead of the "chi" she's supposed to.)

"I am next. Head is Saruno" It's nonsense because she can't spell.

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why did I type アタイが when I meant to type アタイは?

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Goddammit. I was so used to "chiruno", my brain filled in the blank wrong.

I'm glad you caught my mistake.

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waru is bad, and saru is monkey.
Fun fact: Japanese children sometimes sing the Colonel Bogey March with the lyrics "saru, gorilla, chimpanzee". At least for the first part. I don't know the rest.

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My god you all fail at japanese. Not a single one of you has gotten anywhere near close to what the finished letter says.

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Then be a good weeaboo and lecture us. My guess was "Watashi warusugi desu. Atama ga saru no."

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We know we fail at Japanese. At least we're doing our utmost.
Ah, but still, we are like children stumbling about in the darkest of closets, putting our ears to the door, hoping to learn something.

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I'll just do it myself.

is what she meant, and then marisa stepped in and (with an evil look on her face), made her write "I am incredibly stupid. -Saruno"

She misspelled her own name because ち and さ look so similar. This joke has been done before. And Marisa was being a bitch. Just look at her face at 52 seconds!

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Why are you faggots fucking up my Nicodou?

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Who put the dots on the guy's face at the end

I laughed hard.

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atai - 私 - I; me
waru - 悪 - bad thing; bad person
sugi - 過ぎ - too (much)
atama - 頭 - head; mind; brain; intellect
saru - 猿 - monkey

Saruno instead of Chiruno. It's a pun, lawl.

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None of us. A Japanese person.

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Here's the example I was looking for:

Cirno fucks up her name all the time.

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Me too.

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It's not a pun, it's just Cirno being an idiot and confusing ち and さ, like so many low-level weeaboos would.

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