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Let's have good old power level thread. I know you guys can keep it as mature and intelligent discussion if you just try and say something to prove your point (other than "lol yuuko cuz ZUN sayz so"). Top 3:
1)Utsuho - Unlimited nuclear explosions so she could easily destroy whole planet when ever she wants
2)Yukari - Can crate as many portals as she wants so she could just reflect any direct damage back to her opponent.
3)Marisa - Master spark
Also Reimu is forbidden becouse of plotshield.

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Mystia cause I said so.

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cirno is the strongest xDDDDDD

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Yuka, Suika, Yukari.

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But Yuka's master spark is bigger than Marisa's!

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OP fails to understand the posibilities of certain skills.
Yuyuko controls DEATH, if it can be killed, yuyuko can kill it at will. Also, she's a ghost so... radiation? won't work.

Remilia controls FATE, she can change your fate so you cannot win.

Yukari -and this is an interesting case- controls boundaries, is not about opening gaps, is about changing the boundaries, if she wanted, she could go all evangelion and dissipate the boundaries between people, turning everyone into TANG, or could simply enhance the boundaries of your existance to such point that you would be absolutelly alone, forever.

most of the touhou character powers are... well.. stupidly powerful (Yukari admits that Shikieki could take on Yuyuko, Reimu AND Yukari at the same time, think about that)

now there's where the danmaku system comes in, flattening the grounds for everyone to be able to fight, and forcing stupidly powefull characters to be creative about the use of their powers.

wich brings the question, why mentally unstbale characters such as Flandre or Koishi Komeiji respect such rules?

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unstable, goddamit typos.

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Cirno because cryogenics.

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Flan-chan just wanna have fun. If she meant to destroy everyone, well... she would have done it years ago in a second.

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>manipulation of fate
We've been through this million of times. She's full of shit and if she really has that power it's probably a minor one where she can't control fate, but increase the chances of said fate to occur.

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agreed, maybe it's more like tilting the balance to a side... but's still a whole lot more than just firing bullets.

think of this, you have 50/50 chances to avoid a shot. her power would tilt that to, let us say... 80% you get shot... that is dangerous, even more if that is on every single bullet.

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>power level thread

Pick one.

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Either that or NONE of the Touhou's powers are actually used for anything other than making bullets, just like Yukari doesn't actually use her gap powers to instantly gap Reimu into a loss and Flandre doesn't use her power to instantly kill her and Yuyuko doesn't use her power to instantly kill her and Sakuya doesn't use her power to freeze time and kill her while it's frozen and Suika doesn't use her power to throw the ENTIRE FUCKIN SOLAR SYSTEM AT HER and Keine never alters history to make Reimu stop existing and, well, I'm probably missing a lot of other stupidly powerful abilities that never actually get used. This is why we can't have powerlevel threads. On paper, half the cast can instantly destroy Gensokyo.

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Let me sum up that chart:

"SSiB never happened, la la la la, I can't hear you, I can't hear you!"

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So it's not just Remilia that's full of shit, they're all full of shit?

So the Touhous really aren't that powerful, they just like to say they're super powerful. Meaning the only real way we can tell who's stronger than who is their ingame difficulty. Meaning Remi, Flandre, Youkai Jesus, and Aya are the strongest.

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SSiB doesn't change anything in that chart.

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If that is the case then I'm wondering what the limit is to her powers. I know there is one, otherwise she would have beaten her opponents in EoSD and the fighting games.

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Watatsuki bitches.

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>I know there is one, otherwise she would have beaten her opponents in EoSD and the fighting games.
By that logic, Yukari would've beaten her opponents too, no?

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1. Dragons (because dragons)
2. Enma
3. Eirin

Utsuho's "nuclear explosions" are limited. Read the SA endings. Suika can do anything Utsuho can and even more.
Yukari. Has she ever created more than 2 (source, destination) portals at the same time?
Marisa is ordinary. Just a normal human. She could steal Eirin's drugs or Patchouli's spells, though.

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Idk, I don't study on gap whore powers.

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Most of the overpowered touhous' powerlevels basically depend on who sees whom first. if yukari sees you she'll gap you into the sun, yuyuko will kill you.. etc etc

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She can grow huge and stomp on you or attack you with more doubles than the average /v/ topic, but it's the other applications of her power that are frightening.

She can make black holes with her density powers, meaning that she can make you either explode or implode depending on how she feels. She can become almost intangable, so attacking her is pretty useless, and she can dissapate pretty much everything else anyway. Also, if she can use her powers to 'gather' people together to party, she can easily use it to do the opposite, so you're constantly running away from her pointy headedness.

Also: Nitori.
How much of your body is water?
How much of the air is water?
How much of the planet is covered by water?
Even if she didn't get her hands on nuclear power, she could pretty much usher in a new hydro and steam age all by herself.

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Touhous can't use their abilities as much as it's stated, says so the Spellcard Draft.

Therefore, without having previously done so, no Touhou can do what it hasn't done yet despise their ability suggesting otherwise (so drop that Suika theory).

I'd say that Yukari is the most overall dangerous along with Utsuho, since both of their abilities have been shown to be able to go the cheap barrier, Yukari can, well yeah, create gaps of reality, while Utsuho can fuse atoms, that alone is enough, the fact that she wanted to incinerate the above ground proves that it's indeed a weapon of mass destruction.

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No no, we've never seen the "manipulation of water" in canon (making water-themed danmaku is not the same). It is likely that every kappa has this ability, it can't be that good.

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>She can make her body almost intangible

She'll always be vulnerable to spirit attacks no matter her state (except the 2-second invincibility phase she has whenever she uses her grow-big spellcard).

Notice the way you beat her gaseous form.

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Komachi is the most powerful touhou.
Manipulation of distance is a whack ability.
Shoot a rifle at her? Manipulate the distance between herself and bullets.
Try to slice her to ribbons? Manipulate the distance between herself and whatever pitiful edged weapon you tried to use.

She can even manipulate the distance between her fist and your face if she wants to. Then you're proper fucked.

Don't step to ,chi.

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She didn't take any damage when she spread all over Gensokyo.

What Suika has done in canon:
create suns, create black holes, create white holes,
gather people, gather rocks, gather leaves
grow bigger, create mini suikas, turn into mist
"break" the sky

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Why is Koishi so high there?

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Just want to mention that the manipulation of water most likely only applies to what would be recognizable to a pre-scientific human as water. It probably wouldn't even extend as far as mist or blood.

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You people are forgetting 2 things that blow away all your theories.

One, Touhous can't use their abilities to their full extent, only partially, declared so by the spellcard rules.

Two, the fact that a Touhou has an ability does not mean that it alone will be enough to automatically win by twisting some factor of reality, they can only apply it to their attacks that involve danmaku, notice the fighting games' character moves. So if for example, someone has the ability to manipulate water, that person can't ''suck the water out of you'', it can only use water as a means of bullet attacks.

Though of course, some limitations are less limited than others (compare Remi's fate manipulation to Yukari's barriers).

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Don't people suggest that that power is limited to the Sanzu River, which probably does it by itself anyways? If not, we've got another Yukari on our hands.

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Touhous don't have ABSOLUTE power over their "dominion". It's just their... area of specialisation. For starters, in SSiB Yukari had to prepare for MONTHS to make as much as a teleport to the moon.

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That's only under the spellcard rules. That's like saying I couldn't shoot you dead if we were dueling with rapiers. The rules wouldn't allow it, but I could still physically do it.

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It doesn't matter, the chart is awfully wrong.
Just look at Tenshi being two tiers better than Iku and 1 tier over Komachi. Nonsense.

Manipulating the distance between her and each and every bullet might be too much for her. She has to somehow aim at the bullet she wants to manipulate the distance to. It's much easier to create that pink wall which appears to make everything slower in the game.

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Ex Rumia = Adolf Hitler = Hirohito = Advent Cirno = Erwin Rommel = Otto Skorzeny (with Chen fusion. See picutre) = Death Star > Shikieki = Douglas MacArthur (Pipe and Sunglasses Mega Prime) = Mussolini = Winston Churchill = Roosevelt (Mecha Wheelchair version) = Montgomery = Himmler (Crystal glasses mode) = Reimu > Stalin (1944 upgade) = Tojo = Yamamoto > Yuuka > Yukari > Flandre > Yuugi > Watasuki Sisters Vegeto (SS4) > Letty (Full power) > Suwako = Kanako > Mokou = Kaguya > Suika > Eisenhower > Marisa > Remilia > Mima > Yuyuko > Ran > a SS soldier > Gogeta (SS4) > Komachi = Tenshi > Sanae > Eirin > Koishi > Satori > Utosho > Iku > Elly > Nue > Wing Gundam > EX Keine > Goku = Vegeta > Alice > Sakuya > Patcholi > Orin > Youmu > Lyrica = Merlin = Lunasa > Reisen > Medicine > Keine > Nitori > The Bible > Hong Meiling > "The Scientific Companion" > ZUN > Parsee > Hina > Mystia > Wriggle > Yamame > Starsapphire = Lunachild = Sunnymilk > Black People > Dirt > Poland > Jews > Type Mercury ORT = VIVIT = Demonbane

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I said ''haven't done before'' so you could relate that I was referring to what >>7054442 said, which is all bullshit (so far) since he/you is/are only making assumptions.

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looks pretty accurate to me

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What you say is mostly right, but Yukari doesn't need to prepare for months to open a portal to the moon. She just needs the full moon's reflection, which means she can open a portal to the side of the moon that faces Earth once a (lunar) month.

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But Gensokyo WORKS with the spellcard rules, sure you can just kick someone in the face (like in the fighting games) but your special ability won't be of use in terms of twisting whatever part of matter/your opponent as a means of murder.

Notice how Suika didn't just make a black hole in her opponent's face, or the fact that the black hole is pansy-weak in its suction, or the fact that it's also small. Another example is Okuu, her suns are big but not planet or continent-big, her ''suns'' don't have gravity (except her last spellcard) and nobody's getting any horrid burns or cancer when getting close to them.

This supports the idea that abilities (when used as offense, i.e: not outside of battle) apply to the way one uses danmaku.

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>If not, we've got another Yukari on our hands.
How very apt.
She is quite a bit like Yukari, only instead of removing something and putting it somewhere else, she cuts out the middle man and just moves it.
She could teleport rocks into your brain if she felt like it.

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Komachi can't teleport anything. Manipulating the distance is like changing the aspect ratio.

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Orin and Marisa are nowhere near top three. They're midtier and are out matched by heavy hitter like Yuugi, Suika and the elder youkai and lunarians.

Top 3:
Dragon God.
Head Yama.

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What if you already have rocks for brains? Pic related.

Then what? Your plan is flawed.

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Well then I guess she'd be kind of screwed. I suppose she could teleport a rock into your heart or something.
Regardless Cirno has brains for brains. Not rocks. You're silly.
It's not teleporting per se, it's just moving something really fast (by manipulating distance) and without physically touching it.

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How I'd personally rank them, mostly random guessing:

1. Dragon
2. Shikieki
3. Yukari
4. Reimu
5. Shinki
6/7. Yuugi/Suika
8. Evil Eye Sigma
9. Eirin
10. Yuuka

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Moonbitches > Yukari.

Also, EX-Alice > Shinki.

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Do you need me to prove by contradiction that Yukari can't manipulate any boundary whenever she wants? The limits of her power are unclear, but they clearly exist.

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Shinki > Alice Margatroid > EX-Alice > Alice

Yukari couldn't seal Gensokyo alone.
Eirin can seal the whole Earth.
If you include Evil Eye Sigma, you could just as well include Mimi-chan (the ICBM).

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I don't think Yukari was really trying when she fought the moonbitches.

>> No.7054818

Probably because of how badly she got beat up the last time, when she actually was trying.

>> No.7054830

She and an army that probably included several high-tier youkai like Suika.

>> No.7054841

Needs more Seihous.

>> No.7054980

and while at it, needs all the fanon touhou stuff, since we're adding noncanon shit.

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There's a ton of mistakes and oversights in there in the first place, so why not?

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Suika is the strongest. ZUN said so. When you can literally throw suns at people, there's not a whole lot everyone else can do. You can theorize about what Yukari can do, but Suika is actually shown doing shit that would require near omnipotence.

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Patchouli can throw suns too, but she's limited by her frailty.

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>ZUN said so

[citation needed]

Also, he too included Yuka as the strongest, as well as Utsuho as the one with ''Ultimate Power''.

Suika's suns aren't compared to Okuu's, by the way.

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Kisume becasu bucket

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In terms of power, ZUN is the most powerful:

The ability to drink heavily and modify the realm of Gensokyou (adding people, stroyline, etc.)

Yeah, I went there.

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Any of them could destroy whole world (exept Yukari and Yuyuko, but Yukari could reflect any damage back to opponent and Yuyuko controls death) so i'd say this is real top 5.

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The Prismrivers are the strongest.
They can manipulate feelings and, as they're poltergeist, they can generate vibrations of arbitrary power. They're basically a combinaison of Utsuho and Koiishi, with musical instruments as an added bonus.
Of course, LOLBOUNDARYMANIPULATION is always the strongest, so Yukari is on par with them.

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That picture... makes me sad.

>> No.7062048

Rinnosuke is the most powerful Touhou. He can tell Reimu and Marisa what to do. They don't listen, ever, but no one else in Gensokyo has the right to even try.

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I'd say Flan. Yukari? Destroyed. Shinki? Destroyed. No borders or god-ness will help you there.

Earth? Destroyed.

The wording of her power is pretty specific.

Could she destroy Mokou/Kagu though? That much is questionable.

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correct me if i'm wrong, but can't Sakuya control time? In that case nothing can stop her, all other touhous need time to act with there powers. So noone should be able to top her.

>> No.7063505

>LOLBOUNDARYMANIPULATION is always the strongest

>> No.7063526

Sakuya does stop time, but it's never explicitly stated HOW she does it.
Ie. does she speed herself up to the point that everything else appears to come to a standstill or does she literally freeze everything around her.
There is also the question of the range and such, for example, she throws her daggers in time stop mode, they move forward and then freeze. Is it timing? Is it distance?

If you want to get into the actual physics of time stop, there's quite a few ways to deal with it, specially when you consider some of the powers the other Touhous have.

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Holy shit stop bumping crappy threads.

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powerlevel thread?
obligatori yukari post

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Stop being faggots, /jp/, stop it. Don't you ever stop? The shitty threads are unending... ;_;

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Welcome to /jp/

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Yeah, stopping time does not help when dealing with beasts faster than time itself.

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1. Yukari cos she's my waifu
2. Yuuka cos she's my ex
3. Shinki cos she's the perfect woman but fuantei fucked her before I know her
4. Byakuren cos she's a fucking jailbait, damn sexy girls must be forbidden to be monks.
... lots and lots
Shit tier:
Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Youmu, Cirno cos I don't give a shit about them

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If that was a live action movie, it would HAVE to be directed by Michael Bay.

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