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Stop sexualizing children and animals. It's unhealthy.

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HELL-wait...any FBI here? actually nvm...

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I can't help it when they look this cute.

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I would insert my penis into her 1000 year old vagina if you know what I mean.

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who would want to have sex with nazrin? she's the worst touho.

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Nazrin is higher than Eiki and Kanako in the latest popularity poll. I am surprised at the popularity of Nazrin.

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My two favorite.
I guess I am guilty of both.

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We can never get along can't we?

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What can I sexualize then? Not that I plan to do so.

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I would. I would give her my cheese if you know what I mean.

Picture is the worst Touhou.

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That's not Alice, Yuuka, or Mima.

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that's not mystia

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it can't be helped

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>G-rated pic

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I want Shou to lose my cock and make Nazrin find it so Shou can suck it.

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> It's unhealthy.
Unhealthy? It doesn't harm anyone's health in any way. It's just a fetish in a countless sea of possible fetishes. For an individual human sexuality is nothing more than a ranged subset of those fetishes which are just commonly centered around the opposite sex. A fetish could be unhealthy if it causes you to damage your physical health somehow, but I can't see how this one could do that. It's not less healthy than liking big boobs or ass.

I could go on here about sexual development and how emotional memories form, but I think I'll stop and leave you to your prude uneducated self.

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Amazingly, Nazrin has 2 (small) figures while Utsuho has none even though Utsuho is much higher in the popularity poll. Not counting garage kits. Kemonomimi is more marketable than awesome nuclear armcannon crow.

Not to say I dislike either

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Why do you hate her? She's the Goddess of plentiful harvest, good food and riches, she smells nice. There's absolutely no reason to hate her. You know who deserves hate? Rin, she's a filthy animal that reeks of corpses.

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Those that hate do not have enough love in their hearts.

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so, you returned?

And never!, I want to nibble on her ears.

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Those who hate one, hate them all. Twisted logic, yeh.

I hath returned being a more compinsatable man.

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I didn't say I hate her, I just said she is the worst.

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It's not that people hate her, it's just that she is uncharacterized and boring compared to the rest of the touhous.

The only touhou I, personally, actually hate is Eirin who is canonically horribly sadistic to poor Reisen ; ;


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Welcome to my hit-list, buddy. If I ever had one.

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So is Momiji, yet people seem to like her. The only known canon things about her is that she's a hard and she hates Aya.

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>she's a hard worker
I meant

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Chen sez:
>Pedophile scum like you should be executed!

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Chenergy. Not enough.

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There we go again with LOLOLOSLUTXD and other shitposters.
I wish weekend would be over already so the 14-year-olds can concentrate on being bullied in school again.

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Have a Nazrin.

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Kemonomimi is just too good. Even if technically fanmade.

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I can't get enough of Okirakunikku's Nazrin.

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I'll stop sexualizing them when they stop making porn of them.

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Pretty much everything Okirakunikku draws is sec incarnate.

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Do you realize what you just said.

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Truer than true.

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Yeah, that.

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God dammit. I had a dream last night that me and Eirin were walking at night in the city, heading to her place. I don't know why, we just were. It was cold and wet outside, like it gets after a heavy raining night. We rode the elvator half a floor up and had to crawl out, and inside her apartment was a little girl in pajamas, and it she was a gift for me, so I quickly got on top of the little girl and spread her on the floor. The feel of her soft skin and pajamas rubbing against my bare skin, the sound of her childish giggling, her soft wavy golden hair, and the smell of a soapy clean little girl was perfect. But I could not do it. If anything, I lost my boner then and there. I have considered myself a lolicon and a pedo for a very long time, but I do not know why this happend. It was my first dream involving a little girl, and I could not have sex with her, I just cannot understand why.

I woke up shortly after I think, and went back to sleep. My second dream again contained sexual themes, but much heavier this time. It was me giving oral to Sakuya who was laying naked legs spread on my bed. She was moaning heavilly, and the room was foggy and steamy. This time I was very hard. She spread some kind of oil over her legs and crotch, and on my legs too. The reason was so I could pound her harder and faster, and I did. She was adult Sakuya, with rude tits and the body of a girl who has just finished going through puberty. I woke up with cum all over my bed, as I sleep naked.

Why did this happen to me. I hate non loli touhou's who go against canon. I hate rude tits on touhous, and I only love loli's. Why must my subconscious mock me.

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I still have yet to be sexually perverted in my dreams, but it's getting there...

But yeah... wet dreams and all... eh....

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Not just you, I like lolis and all but the idea of having sex with a child is a "no go" for me.

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Normalfag in denial. I bet your "touhou" dreams have projections of real people you know.
Also, having wet dreams? How old are you, 15?

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I edge out over the course of a week to have a really good fap session at the end of it. Wet dreams sometimes ruin that, as I sleep most of the day with nothing to do.

I do not understand your first point, the only people I'm in frequent contact with are my aunt, mother, and sister.

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I prefer milfs

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Nice bump.

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>pomf =3

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You will never have delicious sex with Sakuya.

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The first point? Your subconscious probably projects real people into your dreams. Maybe not ones you know, though. You only interpret them as Touhou or whatever. So, physically, real children don't arouse you, which is good, aaand you like real 3D rude tits.
To answer your question, >Why must my subconscious mock me?,
You're still subconsciously a normalfag.

Yes, I noticed it myself. Sorry.

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>Also, having wet dreams? How old are you, 15?
Actually, having wet dreams means you don't fap enough, or don't fap at all. It has nothing to do with age.

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Old people smell like ointment and farts.

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I have never had one, even when I've gone weeks without fapping and could have cum at the drop of a hat.

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Oh, look at the little /jp/ experts!

You're wrong, while the frequency of wet dreams vary between people, it's common only during puberty. Go read wikipedia or something.

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You don't think enough about it then. I go to bed cuddling with my dakimakura's(which were thankfully unstained by my semen), and when I'm going to sleep I always think of Marisa or Kaguya, who are both on my dakimakura covers. If you really think about sex all the time, then wet dreams should naturally occur right? I don't get them much either though.
This also raises the question as to where Sakuya came from in my dream. I do have a folder with around 640~ish images of her, but I would rather have had a dream about Marisa instead.

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This is what retards actually believe. Fill up a cup to the top with water, then add a little more water into it. What happens?

Checkmate retard, your move.
>Go read wikipedia or something.
Good job proving further just how retarded you are.

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I just don't want to.

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That analogy might sound good but it is just not how it works.

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I was hoping you'd do it and cite wikipedia, because that's what wikipedia actually tells you.
>correlation between the frequencies of masturbation and the frequencies of nocturnal dreams. In general the males who have the highest frequencies of nocturnal emissions may have somewhat lower rates of masturbation

What now? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

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Easily disproved if you have string, a cylinder and a cube, where the sides of the cube match the diameter of the cylinder. Wrap around the cube, then notice the loose fit around the cylinder.

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I'll be back in 1 - 10 hours, I need to think of something smart but stupid to say.

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The smart part is unnecessary, I'm thinking one level deeper in this maze of retardation.

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Yes, it is obviously incorrect yet at a glance it seems to kinda make sense.

Just like the theory that sperm builds up until it overflows (PROTIP: Excess sperm is reabsorbed)

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Well shit... I fapped to beastiality this evening, and loli yesterday evening. How can it be unhealthy? I'd good for cardiovascular health and also cleans out your prostate.

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Don't listen to Nazrin. It's fine.

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What can't be helped is actually me asking for source on that.

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Titts are a little bit too big but yeah, this is hot!

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This is true.

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Seriously, where do those retards come from?

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>sexualizing children
>It's unhealthy.

Absolutely wrong. In fact, the human mind is wired to prioritize in seeking intercourse with the youngest, healthiest possible mate in order to maximize the chances of survival of its offspring. Stop listening to the bullshit the media is feeding you. As for animals, that really is fucked up.

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Ugh... hospitalking is...

I surely will follow this now.

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>Youngest mate of breeding age

Not just youngest mate bro.

Inb4 list of youngest mothers etc but seriously I don't think the Hardwiring excuse works for 7 year olds you sick fucks.

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Exactly, pedophilia is just a mental illness while ephebophilia is completely natural.

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Just how new are you? /jp/ has always had retards in it.

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Please think of your own posting quality.
You have nothing to say.
You have nothing to contribute.
You just want to insult someone.

I hope you learned a lesson from this post.

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You should probably apply what you preach to your own posts.

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Sage is not an excuse for low quality posts? New rule.

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I thought it would be unneccesary to explain these actions.
The difference is, I'm trying to help.
This has to be done to show people the errors in their way.

Please think and try to understand. For a better /jp/.

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There are no excuses for low-quality posts that consist of nothing or merely of insults.
If you think of saging your post because it is low-quality, please consider not posting it at all.

It would be great if /jp/ had its own posting guidelines in a sticky, since /jp/ is one of the most well-mannered and polite 4chan boards during its good moments.

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You are trying too hard.

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My penis is literally steaming in anger

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I fucking love how hopstialking draws.
Pretty damn fappable.

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I have a loli-nothing fetish. That's right, my fetish is nothing dressed up to look loli.

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I do not see the truth here. Only lie after lie with a 2d pillow.

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I thought it was moth balls and dental bacteria, not ointment and farts.

By the way, is loli art illegal in Sweden?

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And be without spicy hot tewi-gasms? No way.

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I'm so jelly of those bed covers