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Someone was complaining about "which touhou's feet would you lick" threads in a meta thread and it reminded we that we haven't had one in a while.

Touhou feet/socks thread!

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It must be terrible to be so hot you can't touch chocolate without melting it.

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I hate you very much.

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instant death

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I sense NEET FEET coming.

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I really should have made this mousepad when I had the chance

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Worst fetish after scat and diapers.

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Fuck yeah that artist.

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There's no such thing, everyone has their own preferences, it's like saying one color is better than another. It's just opinions.

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Best fetish

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what about puking?

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Every time I see this cover I'm reminding of that goddamn dick punch.

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I wonder how many people out there have a hand fetish?

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Some Touhous are just fantastic like this.

You could easily get such a thing printed couldn't you?

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Diapers are better.

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I might. I make love to it every night.

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You bring to mind that part of LoliBitch.

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Beat me to it.

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What brand do you like?

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hairy armpit focused pictures are as vile as feet focused pictures

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Why do you hate Touhou so much?

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Lucky. I only have Abena.

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Well, to be honest, I'm only basing my opinion on hearsay, I haven't even worn diapers since I was a baby.

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I just fapped to this some minutes ago, I havent come so hard in a while.

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perfect feet right here

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what the HELL is so great about feet...licking? i tried to fap to my own feet, i even licked them to my hearts content(im flexible to do so)
2 hours sitting on my ass licking my feet and nothing...not even pre-cum

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and here

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and HERE. goddamnit Yukarin I don't know what I'd eat first; the chocolate or your glorious old hag feet. Maybe we could let the choc melt into them and do both.

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She is not a hag she is a fresh young 17 year old girl!

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Foot tickling is awesome, too.

But just like that, it doesn't work when they're your OWN feet.

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Foot tickling is not funny dude
I have a cousin that got mute because of that

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Didn't you know Remilia starts every day with a wholesome footrub from Sakuya?

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Your cousin is a sack miserable piles.

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Yukari is awfully proud of her feet. She seemingly can't resist showing them off whenever possible. Such is dementia.

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Posting my fetish.

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Mandatory "it's not chocolate!!!"

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I always have the same answer. "Which would you rather lick?"

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I remember a suika picture, with her feets on chocolate... brb googling

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Which would you rather lick?

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It was JUST here in this thread and then disappeared....

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Oh, you mean this one? >>7049516

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Oh, you mean this one? >>049555

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Oh hurray, I was upset for a second when I thought mods were trying to enforce SFW-images-only despite this being /jp/

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Oh, you mean this one? >>7049549

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I think feet are the most repulsive part of human anatomy, but I wouldn't feel disgust if I had to lick a delicious 2D girl foot.

This is further proof that 2D is better than 3D, perfection, perfection everywhere.

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Good to see you don't have to spoiler them. I guess mods just don't care anymore.

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/jp/ - No Fun Allowed

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Wow, way for the mod to troll!

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What's the listed reason for your ban?

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"NSFW on SFW board" which is funny because my final message was "Oh hurray, I was upset for a second when I thought mods were trying to enforce SFW-images-only despite this being /jp/" with a SFW Yamame picture. I didn't even notice Alice had breasts out since that wasn't the focus of the picture.

Oh the irony, what's /jp/ coming to?
Mentioning you work="get out of /jp/"
and yet this obsession with keeping it SFW for no reason other than m00t said so.

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Did you post any /h/, or just /e/?

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A random Alice post showed breasts though I didn't notice

>> No.7049642,7 [INTERNAL] 

This thread was deleted pretty quickly for having NSFW that KS thread has had NSFW in it all night stay classy medio

>> No.7049642,8 [INTERNAL] 

New moderator confirmed for KS dev and gorespammer. O Father in Heaven, is there no end to this reign of madness and injustice?

>> No.7049642,9 [INTERNAL] 

The mod is just trolling you. It just so happens that you are pathetic and insolent enough as to fall for it.

>> No.7049642,10 [INTERNAL] 


Has anyone on /a/ ever been banned for nsfw?
Just curious, link's OP picture related.

>> No.7049642,11 [INTERNAL] 

So this was her final post.

Good riddance, I say.

>> No.7049642,12 [INTERNAL] 

First, that's wrong, and even if it weren't wrong, you're retarded for bumping this thread to say something that's both irrelevant and stupid.

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What the fuck do you have against Moekou? And he's probably around, just drop/change the trip or lurking, I mean he already has formspring for his circlejerking need.

>> No.7049642,14 [INTERNAL] 

I have several times, but those were recently (in April or March methink). Probably it's the same new mod as this time.