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Suddenly powerlevel thread

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Why is Yukari so lewd?

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why you even aks this anymore?Utsuho can crate nuclear explosions whenever she wants->could destroy whole planet in instant. so 'im saying Utshuho is clearly strongest. second would probaltly be Yukari with her H4X portals or Yuyuko (lol death by touch)

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You're dumb. Please stop being dumb.

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ZUN confirmed Yuuka is the strongest and the most moe

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[citation needed]

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That was in Seihou.

I don't get why people still consider it canon.

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>3. Youkai Moe
>Also, after Mystic Square's extra ending, as planned,
Yuuka received the ultimate magic.
>It's definitely something moe. Moe~.

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Ok but that doesn't say anything about her being the strongest.

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VIVIT>EX-Yuka (Youkai Moe)>Shinki>=Shiki Eiki>EX-Alice>Yukari>=Yuugi>Tenshi>=Suika>Reimu>Flandre>Koishi
A Tier:
l Eye Sigma>Utsuho=Yumeko=Kanako>Byakuren>Suwako>Gengetu=Ran(PCB Extra)=Mima>Mugetu>Aya>Marisa>Medicine>Yumemi>Satori=Patchouli(Top Condition)>Nue>Chiyuri>Rikako
B Tier:
Sakuya>Keine>Sanae>Youmu>Alice(PCB)>Mai=Chen(PCB Extra)>Orin=Yuki=Reisen>Murasa>Ichirin=Syou>Prismrivers>Elly>Kurumi>Nitori>T
ewi=Alice(MS)=China>Hina>Meira>Luize>=Sara>Patchouli (Low Condition)
C Tier:
Yamame>Minoriko=Letty>Cirno>Flower Tank>Parsee>Shizuha>Chen(Normal)>Mystia=Kogasa>Wriggle>Rumia>Nazrin=Orange>E
llen=Kotohime>Three Mischievous fairies

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Obviously Shikieiki is the strongest. (Yukari + Reimu + Yuyuko can't beat her. Canon)

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You seem to be underestimating the ultimate magic.

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why would i be dumb? is there anything wrong with my information, NO is there anything wrong with my arguments, NO thus things are just as i said.

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If they explained Flan's powers better it would be easier to tell if she was the strongest or not. Can she crush the "eye" of the Earth? Is it line of sight? Instantaneous? Does it obliterate spirits like Yuyu? The word is "destroy", not "kill", so it's hard to tell.

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Just because Yukari said so doesn't mean it's true, I just whooped her ass with every other character.

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She is, however, canonically the most moe.


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Only Yukafags still think that Seihou and that ''Yuka is the strongest'' is canon.

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I dunno about this VIVIT, please tell me more?

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what the HELL does wuwuwu mean?

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I mean how is she considered the strongest? (I saw that kind of chart a few times)

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If she can make Reimu cry...

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"Wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh".

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Where's the last panel.

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The touhouwiki has moved, update your bookmarks.

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dragon god is the strongest, followed by shikieiki, followed by yukari

after that its a crapshoot though raymoo is probably up there somewhere

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i read the text right to left and it made no sense.

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>Strongest tier
Your list is invalid

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Is everyone missing the BED part?

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Wait...Why is your comic cut?
Wasn't there a 4th panel were Cirno said,
"I am actually the worst" - * smug look *

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Exactly...3 paneled 4 koma...wut?

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Surely the Main Character is forbidden to be even in the list since she can beat everyone but the Lunarians.

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>that feel when you realize Satori can say anything she wants about you and people would believe it unquestionably
No wonder they made her live underground.

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Delicious denial, I love when people just downright evade canon for their convenience.

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She has the ability to escape reality and can summon gods. Shes up in strongest tier like it or not she is.

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Like gods are anything cool in Touhou... escaping reality is all about endurance too.
Also, if Reimu escape from reality she won't be doing shit on the bed.

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I don't know, I saved this from a thread on /jp/ not long ago

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Personally I think Yukari is the most powerful. Complete manipulation of all boundaries is hard to trump. Also, didn't ZUN say that he wanted to start over after the PC-98 era? So doesn't that make it so all the events from PC-98 touhou never happened?

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You should read SSiB

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You cannot just "start over". The characters exist in the players' minds now, and he can never erase them.

That's why you should always plan ahead when you create characters.

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Now you're just making assumptions out of preference, shut up.

Also the summoning of gods is worth something, considering that, you know, that was what defeated all the main characters in a row.

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Supreme Master-Arts by any means. With Reimu's ability to float, she floats from everything in reality and becomes invincible.

If it wasn't just for play (with time limit), no one could beat her with any method.

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There's the tricky word. Theoretically the ability has no limits, but that doesn't mean Yukari herself has no limits.

I personally believe the ultimate magic was the ability to look good in tartan.

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Eventually she'd suffocate.

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Utsuho would be the strongest in terms of raw power, but since all of the battles in Gensokyo are now done with danmaku that doesn't apply here. If we're counting that the character's ability still applies to its fullest even in a danmaku-ridden world then it would be the Lunarians since god-summoning is still fully functionable.

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They're too vague, and the "Yukari lost the Moon war" thing stated that she's not anywhere to master her ability. She also has to sleep all day to have the power to maintain the Great Border (if she can change the boundaries of her own magic capacity, she'd already have an unlimited power).

I always think she lost to Eirin in that war. (probably outwitted)

Also Shinki = Dragon God > the rest > Human kids > fairies (Cirno is stronger than human kids if she can use her ability right, get the body heat to absolute zero or something. But no, she shoots ice)

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Like when they went to space on a ship made of wood right?

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>Now you're just making assumptions out of preference
That's how Touhou fanbase works, deal with it.
I thought this thread is meant for sex?

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Well according to the Last Word description she says she doesn't like show off people to which she never has used it and never has to (unless Marisa's claim of having battled all of every Touhous' spellcards is true then she must have done a demonstration, which according to her was enough to make her insta-lose).

It also says she has a lot of other hidden abilities that she also won't reveal due to her loathe of show-off-ness.

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EXTRA Stage bosses > 6 Stage Bosses > 5 Stage Bosses > 4 Stage Bosses > 3 Stage Bosses > 2 Stage Bosses > 1 Stage Bosses

Come on guys....It's not rocket science

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Who's talking about the fanbase? This is canon we're speaking of.

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I always imagined Yukari sitting back and sipping tea as other youkai get their asses handed to them by the Lunarians just as keikaku, then Suika showing up drunk wondering why she wasn't invited to the party and Yukari having to chase her off.

I try not to think of Eirin back then, because imagining her more nubile and fuckable than she already is gives me a painful erectGODDAMNIT THERE IT GOES NOW

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Player (aka me) > Phantasm Boss > EXTRA Stage bosses > 6 Stage Bosses > 5 Stage Bosses > 4 Stage Bosses > 3 Stage Bosses > 2 Stage Bosses > 1 Stage Bosses

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She has always been like that since she's 18 (or 2x I dunno). In the war she was like 199478 or something along that number, so won't make any different.

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I completely agree with your power rankings.

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This is actually pretty accurate, though I do think Shinki and Yamaxanadu should be switched.

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Who said she had to sleep to keep her power? I was under the assumption that most touhous are incredibly lazy.

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So how is VIVIT strong again? A android from the future? I really don't know and wish for a non-troll reply.

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She is just an android from the future.

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