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fuck off

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OP first came here 8 months ago and now he's trying to say he's not a newfriend.

Get out.

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Browsed /b/ - anime/random or /l/ - oldfag.
Here since day one of /jp/ - some guy.
Anything else - get out.

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<9 months = newfag
1-2 years = midfag
>2 years = oldfag

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Yay, I'm oldfag. XD

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I'm ok with this

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Not exactly. That image was first posted a year ago.

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where is bangcock i have something to show him

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ITT: newfags who never seen this chart before.
Out with the lot of you, right this instant.

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Why would you be proud of being here for so long? This place is filled with kids and viral marketers.

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Which isn't?

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Because I'm a pedophile, obviously.

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Same thing. He is still a newfriend if he first came 20 months ago.

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that feel when i only came to /jp/ this year

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:insert implications of superiority due to time spent on website here:

But seriously though, this thread reeks of /b/.


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Reported 1.000.000 threads - Oldfag


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Only 8 months? Hahahahaha.

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f***king newf*gs ive been on /jp/ for 8 years

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HELL yeah, i think im a midfag

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If you didn't report this thread every time it showed up in the last year you don't know SHIT about /jp/.

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but without my trip i'm an oldfag

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I reported this thread. Does that mean I'm an oldfag now?

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No, you're still a newfag

Just kidding bro, the time you have been with us do not matter, because you are a true /jp/er at heart

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Not unless you go back in time and report all the others.

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Sure, he is.
Still, a tripfag is a tripfag.

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XDDD I'm oldfag. Epic *_*

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That means you're autistic.

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>People who care about seniority


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You don't count as fucking shit unless you have been on /jp/ at LEAST as long as /jp/ has existed as a separate board.

Actually that's a pretty good rule of thumb when it comes to every board: you have to have been there since the very beginning.

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/jp/, I am disappointed at you

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>Yutanpo!1DeKKAi00Y Fri Aug 21 20:50:00 2009 2673
started using this trip june of that year, started coming to /jp/ maybe a year or so before that.. but I'm still a newfag.

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The same people who say Frandle.

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This tier list is related to this thread.

GOD TIER: In /jp/? Fuck no.

MEH TIER: People who reported this thread quietly.

IRREDEEMABLE SHIT TIER: People who replied to this thread.

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That makes you an irredeemable shit too, doesn't it. Therefore making your post invalid.


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Maybe he just hates himself.

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He's wants us to know something about him.

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>implying that anyone on /jp/ doesn't

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Lose some weight fat boy

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Doesn't really invalidate him at all.
Just makes him(and myself for even bothering to reply) shit.