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Why does her doing that expression such a turn on?

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Why you make such retarded threads?

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It reminds me of a 3D seven year old girl who made that expression all the time. That is why it turns me on. Possibly it also reminds you of a similar girl.

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An uninterested-ish glare coming from her kind is kind of intimidating, she keeps looking at you with that face until you snap and snatch her.

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Because you confuse cuteness with hotness.

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Because that's her Rei face.

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because it's not

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Its Reimu, shes just hot.

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As someone said in the Reimu thread we had on Saturday. Reimu IS sex appeal.

Although I must say that I have the same "problem" OP has. You know, getting aroused by cute things and such.

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I thought these were interchangeable terms

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Goldfish are cute but not hot.

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Got me on that one I guess.

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I want her to stare down at me with her apathetic and disinterested gaze oh god it's so hot please abuse me master.

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Ask /jp/.

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It's the classic "I'm bored, why don't you fuck me" face

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Oh man, she's asking for it.

It's a good thing Rinnosuke knows that if he tries anything he might wake up being sealed in some unfortunate Yokai's(Mystia?) urinal tract.

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My mind instinctively projected myself in Kourin's place.

Sweet temptation.

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That expression attracts fairies.

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Why make a repost of a repost?

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wideface spotted

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Source on this?

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It's the expression that's cute.

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This expression?

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Depends on context. That'd make me feel rather shamed with myself.

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But goldfish are hot. After I boil them, of course.