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Koakuma is China's EX form.

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Now that's a quality picture.

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Post moar.
Pictures of Touhous being impaled by iron poles is allowed on /jp/ now, so ones of meat shouldn't be much of a problem, too.

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Nope, still not allowed

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>Not Kurumi

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This is the kind of thing /u/ needs. Shame it's gone. Replaced by worksafe /a/.

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I wish that guy would draw more touhou.

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Or /d/. Seriously I can't tell if that's a penis or an egg in there.

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Yeah, no. Get out. Seriously. It's not a porn board.

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why does she have a penis? do toohoos not have double dildos?

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Lol, no. Try /d/

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No, it's still there so use it instead. And stop shitting other boards up.

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Is Flan EX-Rumia, or is Rumia EX-Flan?

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Do Rumia's arms ever get tired?

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Since when /jp/ was so hurt about quality NSFW pictures being posted? Of course this is officially "safe for work" board, but come on...

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What have you become, /jp/

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I wish you would post more of those.

Touhou belongs to /jp/ and since Touhou consists of yuri and futa those belong here, too.

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The SFW-only rule is not enforced strictly. But it's good that we have it, lest we look like Futaba's Touhou board.

I'd say applying it here would be fine though.

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Just because it has touhous in it doesnt mean it belongs here by default

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Since this board came into existence. Just because some of us don't post here every day doesn't mean we're about to let the board go to shit. Post your lewd images else where. Also, reported.

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No Patchy of Flanders? What a shitty SDM orgy.

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>don't post here every day
If you don't post here every day, you don't have the right to talk.

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>lewd images of touhous not /jp/related
When did you last visit /jp/?

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/jp/ has always been my main source of lewd touhou pictures besides pixiv, I don't know what you guys are all upset for.

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Still doesn't mean we plan on letting the board get gobbed up by crap.

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/jp/ is the home of lewdness. "Complaining" about it is merely an excuse for posting more.

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Dudes, give me a break, it's censored!

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You dare call quality Touhou porn "crap"?
What moralfag hole did you crawl up from, /r9gay/? Or are you just on your period?

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I think you're alone dude, using "we" is kinda silly.

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If you haven't been posting here since day 0 when /jp/ split off from /a/, you don't belong.

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You don't belong to /jp/ if you don't post everyday. Speak for yourself.

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I'd like to stick my nose in her book if you know what I mean.

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is it weird if I dislike ero toohoo pictures and don't even save them? in my mind they are all unspoiled maidens.

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Go to bed, Ryan.

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No, I call threads devoted to images of a lewd nature crap

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less of this

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I don't know if its weird or not nor do I care, honestly, but I share your sentiments.

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This is now a quality futa thread.

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>NSFW welcome on a burichan default board.


Sure burichan doesnt mean it HAS to be all SFW, but it does means that lewd images should be kept to a minimum, including the avoidance of creating threads solely for the purpose of images uch as OP's

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My penis second that motion, moreso considering I don't have much of that on my HDD.

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Did you ever see it being enforced that way?

Well, we can discuss what kind of child is born from a normal and a futa girl and make that the purpose of this thread.

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>Did you ever see it being enforced that way?
Yes, I've seen lewd threads deleted.

Well, we can discuss what kind of child is born from a normal and a futa girl and make that the purpose of this thread.
Now you're just making excuses to post content that has no business here

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Who the fuck visits porn boards anyway? I like it better when it's on /jp/ every once in a while (not being flooded by it).

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Obviously a lot of people do, they seem decently active to me.

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>Mystia abuse

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Stop using the word "lewd", Christfag.

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>just making excuses to post content that has no business here
>implying that's not the case with the majority of Touhou threads on /jp/

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It applies in this case, no matter what connotations you have with it, come up with a better arguement.

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And I suppose you're going to say touhou belongs in /v/ or /tg/ or something, right?

I mean any and all inappropriate imagery, not JUST touhou.

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I have a better arguement:


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Not all threads on /jp/ are futa threads. Hell, this didn't even start of as a "touhou futa general", it just went that direction.
Please shut your yap and ignore the thread.

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Its intent wasn't clear to begin with, it would technically belong with the anime screen caps with no post text, since OP didn't really give a subject that warranted its own thread.

0/10 to you too, kid.

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I've been posting here since day 0, but I don't post daily.

I'm perfectly fine with NSFW stuff being posted as long as it's not 3D (drawn only). One of the major reasons why /jp/ exists is because there was a huge shitstorm on /a/ where people kept getting threads deleted for touhou, loli, VNs, doujin games and many other things marginally related to /a/, but not exactly. What we advocated was a (NSFW/yellow bg) /a+b/ where it would be /a/ themed, but allowing a lot more topics of discussion. Too bad moot didn't go for that, instead of made a blue /jp/, which is fine by me, as NSFW isn't enforced, and as long as you spoiler your picture, the mods will not ban you, unless they are really annoyed for some reason.

There's also that janitorial rule called "Let them have their fun" as long as rules aren't broken outright. I'd say posting on-topic, board-related NSFW pictures is okay, but spoilering them would be the right way to go about it.

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Stop working with the traditional forum logic that all threads need to have a subject and stop making the thread worse and worse just because you don't like it. NSFW is no excuse for turning a potentially good thread into a meta shitstorm.

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I'd say in moderation its okay to have NSFW content, so long it is for the most part under spoilers, and just added to threads, not in a thread of its own

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>potentially good thread
it was crap from the OP post, deal with it.

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This pretty much. Except for doujin uploads. Those well and truly belong here, though again such images should be marked and spoilered.

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>and as long as you spoiler your picture
They actually ban you longer if you spoiler the image. I'm not kidding.

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Everybody follow Reimu's example and calm down.

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Proof or it didn't happen.

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But I'm trying to be kind when I do that ;_;

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this is all the doing of the jews

it's their fault /jp/ is so bad

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Maybe you have to spoiler the image AND warn its NSFW?

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Spoilers are so silly.
Whenever I see one I have the urge to click it even though I know that I won't like it.

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This pic is completely innocent.
Reimu is just using wordplay you don't understand and that white stuff is a drawing error.

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>Hate men and think women are better
>Not satisfied with the women have
>Copy the symbolic phallus symbol of men
>Think it's still women having sex when there is a penis, or phallus object involved.
Two women can't lose their virginity, or sex together. Rubbing and licking doesn't qualify as sex, and using a phallus object/growth subjects you to imitating men.

Why do pathetic women need to imitate men, and act like their disgusting, shameful deed is pure? Penises are better than what women have, deal with it. If I was wrong, then why do women need to imitate men?

I doubt 1 out of 1,000,000 lesbians hasn't succumb to the unquenchable desire to fill their vagina with a phallus object.

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Touhou is shit, so who cares? ZUN is a retard, so is his fan base. There is plenty of reasons to be on /jp/ and following shitty touhou isn't one of them.

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>He doesn't like Touhou
get out of /jp/

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Touhou is the easiest religion to troll.

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So many fucking newfags and its isn't even the weekend. Holy shit.
Moot really should change /jp/ to a nsfw board, then moral fags can shut the fuck up.

>> No.7029257

Having a pathetic normal like you, telling me, ME, a true NEET to leave /jp/ is unacceptable. Disgusting normals fawning over women makes me sick.

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/jp/ was less tolerant of NSFW things a while back then it is now.

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Its really because of the manga gamer vns, /a/ has been here since yesterday, annoying the fuck out of us.

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I have no idea what is going on. I woke up this early since most people should be heading to work or school right about now, so the only ones left in /jp/ would be the unemployed. School is not out for an hour more in Europe, and it should be Lunch time in Japan.

I must be forgetting something.

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Yeah, back during summer when /jp/ was constantly being flooded by newfriends and /b/ trolls lead by KoG. Original /jp/ does not tolerate lewd images, emoticons, role-playing, too many bawww threads, and so on, and our meido agrees.

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Your forgetting collage, most collage students dont go to school everyday or only bit during the day, /a/ and /v/ and manga gamer have been flooding our board since yesterday. I think most of /jp/ went somewhere to, but i dont know about that.

>> No.7029282

What's a collage student? is that a student who's made up of pieces of a bunch of other students?

or do they attend a collage...?

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The newfags probably only stand out so much because it's exam phase in universities. Everybody is busy failing at life.

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college* my bad

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Uh, no. /jp/ used to revel in NSFW in its early years. First of all, we're all remnants of old /a/, where nightly loli porn dumps were a norm, second of all, it was believed to be a good way to scare off newcomers.

And the reason you don't see porn dumps anymore is because we mostly grew out of dumping, not out of porn.

>> No.7029293

We also have a new vengeful ass of a mod banning anything NSFW.

>> No.7029298

Obviously because this thread was deleted the second it was created, right?

>> No.7029300

Except I've reported this thread twice and it's still here.

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I got banned several times for posting regular 2D porn in /jp/, but never once for scat and guro. It's weird.

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True. I don't mind being banned I just hope he's consistent enough to delete the offtopic threads and such.

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Yeah, his inconsistency makes it worse. Deletes a thread or two, bans one guy, and done for the day. I've been banned a few times already for posting a few NSFW images.

>> No.7029314

This might be a stupid question but, why doesn't moot change this board to NSFW? We wouldn't need spoilers and there could be a lot of touhou porn threads which would keep a lot of shitposting out of here. Surely he understands that otaku sexualize things such as loli and touhou. I don't think it would turn into /h/ or anything. I'd like to see more touhou /e/ material.

>> No.7029315

Because the NSFW content can just as easily go into any of the NSFW boards already in existence.

>> No.7029321


Have you been to a NSFW board? It's ALL porn threads. I don't mind it being like this, it ensures it's mostly gonna be SFW with the occasional touhou porn thread, which is fine with me.

>> No.7029322

Yeah but it's mostly touhou, where it could all be on one board.

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File: 330 KB, 768x1024, 19fe0820385a336fd80c5069d53b7233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If the new meido wants to delete this kind of threads, I expect him to do his job properly first and delete the SLUTXD, guro, and shitposter threads before anything else.

>> No.7029331

but this is not otaku porn, is it?

Non-burichan/NSFW boards are intended to be mostly about porn and the like, which /jp/ is most definitely not.

>> No.7029339

You are the shitposter, anonymous. Why don't you delete your own posts and save your "meido" the trouble? What rule is SLUTXD against? Oh, I just remembered, none. They judge threads based on rules, not "quality" that a shitposter himself judges.

>> No.7029352


>What rule is SLUTXD against? Oh, I just remembered, none.

3.Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), or loli/shota pornography.
6.The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

>> No.7029400

Doesn't apply to anything under 3 and all images that are posted are usually high quality. Discussing the qualities of a character portrayed in doujinshi is perfectly acceptable. Your post, on the other hand, isn't. nsfw, off-topic reply, uncalled for catchphrases, indecipherable text(e.g., SLUTXD), loli pornography and talking about the moderation.

Use less memes, i.e., shitposter, meido and the "ironic" meme SLUTXD. Afterward, maybe, people will take you seriously.

>> No.7029423

Loli does not have a board that it would fit into other than /b/.

>> No.7029423,1 [INTERNAL] 


You are banned! ;_;
Banned You were issued a warning on /jp/ with the following message:

5. All boards that default to the Yotsuba B or Burichan (blue) theme are to be considered "work safe". Violators may be temporarily banned and their posts removed.

Your warning was issued on March 1st, 2011. The name you were posting with was Anonymous. In addition to heeding this warning, please look over the rules and FAQ.

Now that you have seen this message, you should be able to post again. Click here to return.

>> No.7029423,2 [INTERNAL] 

New mod has spastic reactions to NSFW.

>> No.7029423,3 [INTERNAL] 

yes mods are mad its not like they are doing their job at all they are just mad yep

>> No.7029423,4 [INTERNAL] 

Anyone requested mods to be more lenient towards spoilered nsfw stuff on irc yet?

>> No.7029423,5 [INTERNAL] 

No. NSFW boards means no NSFW. You are a fucking idiot. Rules are rules, You are not a special snowflake. The rules apply to you. When they get enforced man up and take your licks and STFU.

>> No.7029423,6 [INTERNAL] 

ok mod-kun

>> No.7029423,7 [INTERNAL] 

Not this subject in specific but I sent moot an email telling him to educate better this mod, that he should learn with the janitor that browses silently during the day who is not doing a perfect work but quite good.

>> No.7029423,8 [INTERNAL] 

I was banned for a whole week when I posted a NSFW image. That is not very fair.

>> No.7029423,9 [INTERNAL] 

Well, you probably won't be doing that again eh.

Who am I kidding, all you guys evade your bans anyway.

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