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What Touhou character you have fapped the most?

Picture relates.

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I don't count that sort of thing. Maybe Remilia? I dunno, I'm not gonna fap anymore though so eh.

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I don't fap to touhous. they are too pure for the sort of fantasies that turn me on.

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I don't fap to Touhous.

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I can't fap very much because of my weird hormone balancing. I like collecting H images, though. They have their own beauty that non-H images can never have, but the same can be said in reverse.

I would have to say that I have fapped to either Remilia, Okuu, or Yuuka the most.

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>They have their own beauty
Care to post an example?

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Are you a girl?

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I can't, I don't want to be banned again. I think this picture should be okay.

Behold David's beauty.

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I usually can't masturbate to things I feel attached or close to. When I was younger, I could never masturbate to girls I liked in my class. Today, I can't masturbate to characters I feel I love. It's a mental thing. I feel guilty doing it and lose interest in masturbatinng. I can only really masturbate to a character I don't feel close to. Anyone else feel this way?

I don't feel close to any Touhou characters so I masturbate to most of them. I haven't kept a tally on which one I masturbate the most to.

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I didn't but now I do. I mean I can do it, but then I feel like crap afterwards. Touhou is one of the reasons I've decided never to fap again strangely enough.

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Me as well.
It just doesn't feel right.

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Nudity is not H.

ware you banned for posting h meterial with spoilers? what's up with that new mod?

well, how about you start a thread on /h/ and link us there?
I'd do so myself, but none of the h images I have can be described as pretty. (I got some nice ecchi pics, tough.)

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>ware you banned for posting h meterial with spoilers
>Nudity is not H.
I know, I just don't feel like getting a ban again. David was the closest thing I could think of. I'm pretty sure posting David is okay, he is naked in public, after all.

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Girls don't fap, they shlick. Unless they come with penises.

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I wonder how hardcore a image needs to be to get the poster banned even when the image is spoilered.

Can you post it on /h/ and link it here?

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I don't really keep up with it, but I'm sure I've fapped at least once to every character. The one I keep coming back to the most is probably Aya though.

Pic unrelated. Delicious feet though.

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well I started a thread

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Reisen, Tewi, Kaguya, and Eiren are the only characters I've deemed fappable. I can't fap to characters I like or dislike.
Reisen and Tewi are different, I like them just fine, but they work.

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These two.

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I feel like that too. It's weird, it shouldn't matter if the fantasy was something tender and such but it only makes things worse.

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Despite the fact that mai waifu is Patchy, I think I actually wank more to the scarlet sisters. I guess it's similar in reason to >>7015161, or just that I'm attracted to Patchy more as a character than just her looks.

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never fapped to touhou
shame on you

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The right thing to do!
Fapping to your waifu is pig disgusting.

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Probably the Scarlet Sisters

Pic related, ahahahahaha

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No RemiJAM to appreciate this image with ;__;

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How come? Haven't been on /jp/ for quite some days. Did I miss something?

Staying on topic, I think I have fapped to the cover as many times as the actual content.

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Same, but with this.

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There is just something about pictures with the two sisters that makes them extra arousing.

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Damn my curiosity. It shall be the end of me. Now I feel sad. But yes, Remilia and Flandre are very erotic for some reason that I can't explain.

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I haven't masturbated to any. It makes me feel weird, like I'm cheating on "her" with her sisters.

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They want your fluids, Anon.

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I'm sure it's the blood. But whatever. Besides those two, I guess another character I used to fap to a lot was Cirno. Maybe it's the wings.

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Probably someone from the Komeiji household. That and the lolis, Suawoko, Flandre, Cirno, etc...

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Ojou-sama, of course.

We shouldn't deny our basic instincts, and as a complete relation ship shouldn't rely only in physical attraction, it shouldn't be deprived of it as well.

I surrender my whole being to my Mistress, mind, body, and soul.

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Of course.

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then I feel ashamed and throw rocks at her for making me do dirty things like that.

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Probably Yuka

But I don't do alot of touhou fapping so its more the dialogue in her doujins that gets me going.

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Suwako is my favourite loli touhou and Alice is my favourite rude touhou. Short haired blondes are the best.

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it's hard to resist to her body

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Why do artists imply the involvement of a certain character without actually drawing them? The advantage of not showing one of the people involved in the intercourse is that you can imagine it being whoever you want, but here it's completely obvious that it's Sakuya, so why not just draw all of Sakuya in instead of just implying that she's there?

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Chen, that's for sure.

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Never fapped to Touhou but I've dreamed of Kogasa so many lonely nights. I bought a purple umbrella so I stand beside her under the rain.

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more work, cut image. Its only sakuya's disembodied hands tied to a tree because meiling ate the rest.

You decide.

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It clearly was an on the fly work

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Yuuka is hottest Touhou.

So that.

Which makes me think I might be a masochist.

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I'm a masochist, and I don't find her particularly hot at all. You're a masochist if you want to be tormented by your favorite touhou, regardless of who that touhou is. Who your favorite touhou is doesn't decide whether you're a masochist.

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Does this counts as 'requesting outside of /r/"?
Does the new modo have a thing for me? because if he actually believes that post to violate rules, than /jp/ is in troubles...

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Fried Rice

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Sanae, Reimu, and the Celestials are the only Touhous I can fap to without feeling guilty.

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picture highly-related

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I used to feel that way about mai waifu, but somewhat recently I've been able to get over it, mostly.. I guess I have a problem associating sex with love.

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I wouldn't have minded the censor much if the artist didn't use it as an excuse not to draw the vagina.

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Yuyuko ;_;

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I like anyone with big tits. Meiling, Yukari and Yuugi are my favorites.

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Remilia & Alice...

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I fapped to this image while I was fucked up on E.

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It just means you moved further away from Gensokyo.
You destroyed your own love for that character by making it into lust.

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Sakuay surprisingly. I really hate her, so it kinda makes me wonder.

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still anon >>7018718<< i forgot afew...

On and Flan, Reimu, Okuu, Mokou, kaguya & Eirin thats about it...

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It begs the question of "Was she coming at you, Or were you coming at her?

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Probably Tewi. Out of all the Touhous, her character flux hits the most boner marks for me, especially with most fanart's depiction of her innocent sexuality.

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I can agree more.

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I'm glad to see I am not the only person faithful to Kanako.

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ZUN frowns upon this thread.

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He acknowledges the existence of Touhou porn and just told us 2 weeks ago that he doesn't have a problem with that kind of derivative works.
It's only a very small part of the fandom.

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I came with the force of 10,000 suns and blacked out.
I recommend that everyone here tries it.

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Can i get the sauce for that doujin please?
also have a picture of Mokou :D

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Haters gonna hate

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Kogasa is mine. I feed my sperms into her mouth.

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I find this....kinda hawt i approve/

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He doesn't mind ero doujins. It's stuff like ero figures or ero dakimakuras that he doesn't like because those might somehow be interpreted as "official" somehow.

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He is pretty intent on keeping his daughters pure after all.

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Needs more male.

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Not male enough

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Yuuka, Flandre, Remi, Sakuya, Kanako, and Okuu are all tied.

On an unrelated note, Danbooru has 9999 pics of Cirno.

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Probably this.

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dem glasses

Why do they work?

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none you freaks

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Oh god Wriggle you're the perfect maid!

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sauce please?

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That one was translated recently.


The other two are from:


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ITO LIFE has a gigantic boner for Wriggle. Almost as big as me.

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He likes Wriggle, but any time he draws Touhou it's great. Especially that time he did Aya, and that othe time he did Patchouli.

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Wriggle is the only Touhou trap, about which I am glad.

>> No.7019096

There's that one Sanae work.

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This. I can't bring myself to fap to Touhous for some reason.

>> No.7019247

Ito Life has a special place in my Touhou folder

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this artist is doing a good job making me cum

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Stop this.

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>It's stuff like ero figures or ero dakimakuras that he doesn't like

All touhou dakimakura I've seen had ero on them, how strange.

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There are non-ero ones. And you can always order a custom one.

>> No.7019358

Now they have been explicitely forbidden. They are rare goods now.

>> No.7019381

>For commercial goods, please refrain from goods with any sexual expressions (like pillow cases with sexual expressions etc)
>For commercial goods
>Not doujin goods

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While limited, figurines and dakimakura are sold commercially in nature for some reason. I'm no expert, but that's how it is.
This probably won't affect someone selling 10 self printed dakimakuras though.

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