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Those faces

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Sanae looks like a Korean whore, Eirin looks like a retired Korean whore, and Mokou looks 60.

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No EoSD.
Picture irrelevant.

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>Sanae looks like a Korean whore
HEY YOU STOP THAT she's a Japanese whore.

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>Kanako and Yuugi taller than me


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>no UFO characters
>shitty faces
>shitty thread
>me doing green text

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Kanako looks like a man.

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Taller than all of them.

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Here you go, she doesn't look like a man in this group picture.

Why do I have this saved anyways?

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...And why Chen is so small?

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you better take that back fag

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At least her face doesn't look weird like everyone else's face, except maybe Marisa's face.

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Tewi's still as sexual as ever.

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It's just the way he draws faces.

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>Eirin looks like a retired Korean whore
Really? I think she looks more like Kirstie Alley

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Kanako and Yuugi are the only touhous that can look me straight in the eyes, but they still have to tip up a bit.
Taller than a fuckin' sky god.

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Mmm yes.
Kaguya looks especially beautiful here.

Though it could just be the fact that she's next to that ugly, horrid Mokou providing contrast.

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Go the fuck to bed Kaguya.

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>...And why Chen is so small?

because she basically a kid?

the real question is why is Suwako so big?

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because she basically 12?

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Only thing that actually bothered me was how tall Reisen was... I just feel like she should be shorter than she is... I can accept the rest.

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man faces

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Parsee is the cutest, next to Kaguya.

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too old

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Tewi is just asking for it.

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>why star sapphire have blonde hair there ?