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Finally, I have beaten Mokou. It took months of practicing those fear-inspiring spellcards, and more determination than you can imagine. I am victorious.

Second image will be score.

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You know Mokou's pretty easy, right?

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>It took months of practicing

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>more determination than you can imagine


It took me way more determination than you can imagine that I can imagine just to beat Yukari.
Also >>7012758

You arr stirr grasshopper, OP.

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So you actually go by the name Hitler, huh? Congrats, here's you with a bird.

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He did say he was trying to beat her for completion, not score.

Congrats OP.

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Look I can barely beat SA on normal. I'm just glad that I have beaten another extra stage. The only other one I've beaten is Nue.

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Look I can barely beat SA on normal. I'm just glad that I have beaten another extra stage. The only other one I've beaten is Nue.

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>Border Team

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Look, I can barely beat SA on normal. I'm just glad that I have beaten another extra stage. The only other one I've beaten is Nue.

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The tendency people have to occult anything difficult in Touhou and only keeps the easy modo stuff is really strange. It's like there's more than one kind of players. OH WAI-

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So, erm, where does one start to play Touhou? Just the latest one, or the first, and afaik, that's labeled as 6?

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EoSD is very nice for starting. It has a very "vanilla" feel.

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Touhou s the sequel to Bible Black, get that one first

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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil or Perfect Cherry Blossom. I think Perfect Cherry Blossom is better for starters, just stay away from Sakuya A.

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"she's still alive now."

That's proof that danmaku fights kill touhous.

Poor Orange ;_;
Fucking Reimu, I wish she could have painful death for evil doings.

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Thanks. Also, I see alot of English translations, any official site for those? Does Gensokyo.org have them?

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only hard part of IN extra is fujiyama volcano

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Liking obscure characters makes me cool right guise.

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Touhou wiki has them

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It's a sarcastic sentence, bub.

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>Easiest touhou extra boss
>It took months of practicing
>1 life

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found her harder than Yukari or Nue. She has DEM nonspells.

kudos OP, now go unlock Imperishable Shooting

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Yeah, that one non-spell is between Merlin's opener and Gengetsu's rape time. Still, her other attacks are rather easy, for an extra boss.

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Try picking items at -80% phantom gauge next time. It'll boost your score significantly!

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Danmaku didn't exist before EoSD. Rumia was the first boss you actually do it with.

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You're confusing danmaku with spellcards.

Spellcards are danmaku, but not all danmaku is spell cards.

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only elitist faggots care about score

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Surprisingly it can sometimes be fun to play for score.

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D-Don't correct me.

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So you're implying the danmaku existed before EoSD? (that is, before the PMiSS Vampire Lord thing).

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yeah sure is fun to be able talk shit on other people like >>7012767

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Of course.

Huh? Danmaku just means curtain fire, bullet hell. It doesn't necessarily have to be regularly patterned and named as in a spell card.

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Danmaku are all those bullets you shot and dodge - way of attacking. Spellcards are just patterns for danmaku.

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Oops, you're right. I guess I should think for more than 2 seconds before posting.

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True, but his point was that that's actually competent compared to /jp/'s perception, of Western = Shit.

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Danmaku patterns predate zun.

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Here and now, I am right anon! You guess this should be prtscr'ed for another fail pic.

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inb4 Voynich manuscript.

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Congrats OP. I'm still working on completing the mokou, I've failed on Hourai Doll twice in stage. I can clear every card consistently but Fujiyama Volcanoe and Hourai Doll.

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IN Extra achievements?

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>completing the mokou

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I may know why I cannot beat extra, for I cannot take it easy.

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IN Extra achievements thread?

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Mokou is a doll of hourai, so she counts as an object.

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You think of what it would be like to be mokou everyday.

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Posting Sanae in a Sanae thread.
>Yuuka thread is an improvement.

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This post is so stupid I don't even know how to properly respond to it.

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I tried again today and I can almost beat her. I got to Hourai Doll 3 times and came close each time. Her timeout is a lot easier than I thought. All I need to do is figure out how to move in the middle part. Hollow Giant Woo and Fujiyama Volcano are still destroying me though.

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>I got to Hourai Doll 3 times and came close each time.
I know that feel.

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it's some autist pretending to be a spam bot.

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>months of practicing
>fear-inspiring spellcards
>more determination than you can imagine
>last life

>frames dropped 0

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I was really bad with Hollow Giant Woo at first too, but after around 250 practices, I managed to get my clear rate to around 60% on it. Not quite consistent yet, but its not so hard as long as your not tunnel visioning on your hitbox and watching where the bullets are moving.

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>250 practices

What what hwat


When she starts going across the screen unleashing, go up and around her. It's not that hard.

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I managed to survive all the way TO Mokou one time guys

it wasn't easy getting past Keine, let me tell you

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I didn't mean it took me 250 tries to capture it, I captured it after about 20, I just meant that I've done 250 total to be able to capture it on a semi-consistent basis.

I still can't finish Hourai doll though. I just cleared every card but fujiyama and possessed, had 2 lives + bombs left for Hourai, and still managed to fuck it up once the yellow rings came into play.

Also, is there a way to turn down keyboard sensitivity? During possessed, I can never get through the second phase without a bomb because it seems like when I'm tapping up, it moves me way farther than I intended, regardless of how lightly I tap the key.

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Anyone else terrible at moves like Mokou's Phoenix trails and Parsee's flowers?

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Yes to both of them, I always end up timing out Parsee's.

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I guess some fucked up part of our brain insists on telling us "you've dodged that bullet already, now take it easy and forget about it" and then laughs maliciously when we run into it