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Does /jp/ like older women?

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more Rosa

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Only those in their early thirties.

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if it's uncensored then HELL YEAH

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Superior to teens, but inferior to preteens, with the exception of babies and toddlers.

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I like Kyrie

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It is a crying shame that Umineko does not have a better artist and is not porn.

Then again, while Natsuhi and Eva are hot as fuck, we'd probably only ever see them fucking Hideyoshi and Krauss, who don't exactly take home the gold in the good looks olympics.

Or they could get raped by goats I guess, but is that really an improvement?

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Pretty much this! Well said.

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A mother of 32, two daughters of 16 and 14.

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There's 30 other children?

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You are kinda bad at this.

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Babies < Toddlers < Preteens > Early teens > Late teens > Older < Rika

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Wait I don't follow. Are you saying YOU are one?

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That's the joke.

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I like Umineko older women.

Why there isn't more stuff of them, why Japan?

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I love me some hags

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Could you give the source?

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I don't remember the name but I think it was some Erika doujin. OP's pic is unrelated to the rest.

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Ok, checked and I have it saved in my folder, it's "oshieki please".

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Really? Holy fuck, someone desperately needs to do a good Umineko MILF doujin. Holy fuck, why has nobody done it yet, this is ridiculous.

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Because nobody likes hags except you and the two other haglovers in this thread.

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<The only Milf doujin I can think of is this one.

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Did someone say older women from Umineko?

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Only a couple of those hags are in the top ten in the popularity poll.

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Obviously those were ironic votes.

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What are you calling a hag, hag?

Lolis are for pedophiles, unsecure and timid but perverted people.

We are not afraid of women.

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Dude, you don't get it. I'm normally as pedo as anyone on /jp/ would be if not more, but these are no ordinary hags. They're fucking hot as hell. I'm not even really sure why I'm so attracted to them, but after reading Umineko, I just know that if anyone did a decent doujin with them, my penis would fucking explode. It's a fucking mystery, but it's the truth, yo.

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>Lolis are for pedophiles, unsecure and timid but perverted people.
So they're only doing what they do because adult women frighten them? I feel sorry for the pedo's now.

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I don't know about /jp/, but I sure as hell do.

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Such an ironic folks those are, voting ironically in every poll every day.

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Kyrie is hot.

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They have a good, persevering sense of wit.

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>Does /jp/ like older women?

In real life? Fuck no.

In animu and VNs? Sure, because they look like they're 16 with giant tits and have a massive self-image problem due to their age (that doesn't show in any way).

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I understand you. It's the first time I not only give a fuck about older women but they even are my favorites.

If there is something I can say with certainty Umineko is good at is BGM and milfs.

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To elaborate, I think it all started with that scene in Episode 5 where Rosa winks at Battler. The whole idea of Battler getting together with his aunts was so wrong, but so hot at the same time, goddamn. Rifyu's comics certainly didn't help.

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Sure man.

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I like some milfy mommy.

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I love moms and milfs, so yes.
natsuhi is the best one.

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Umineko's older women are a miracle of the universe.

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Why dose japan not make any porn for them, I don't get it?

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So hot.

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I have to say that MILFs in umineko are charming and beatiful as fuck. Even more than some younger anime girls that I seen that get voted a lot in polls because of their beauty.

I don´t what other people will say, but Kyrie and Eva just make my body react every time.Hot as hell these two are. Like Jessica too, but if a have to choose, the decision is very clear...

Also, pic related to anyone that have more Kyrie pictures (favorite girl in the show and one of my favorites) and Eva.

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Proof that the milf people are from /b/

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Don´t compare my thread with this one >>7012514

Also, i get this image right now and i don´t know what´s going on in /b/. I don´t really care.

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It's well-know Japan has shit-taste.

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I have no idea what you're trying to say.

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More mature MILFs.

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I like girls in all shapes and sizes. So I also like older girls. But not if they have that annoying "Ara ara~" behaviour anime often depicts them with.

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How can you not love her?

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But that's the best part.

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I prefer them with a developed body, but still young at heart. Like me.

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I like women up to their mid 30s. Exceptions exist but women in their 40s are really past their prime to me. Can't deal with monster tits either, which is a shame as most of the porn with more mature girls is this way. Bad: >>7012396 >>7012450. Good: Rosa on >>7012413.

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pehh I like milfs with some curves and tits sometimes more than the prepube flatchested loli boyish body.


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>I like women up to their mid 30s
This, 30s is a good age range. There's this lady who works at the salon I go to (inb4 >salon), and I was hella surprised when I found out that she was 31 years old. She seriously looked like she was just hitting 22 or something.

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Umineko milfs>>>>the rest of the umineko female cast

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fuck yes i do

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if they're like this, sure i do.

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Yes, very much.

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Akiko is still the ultimate milf as far as I am concerned. I just want to spread her special jam all over her and lick it off.

I need to go to /e/ for some more hot milf pics, though you are welcome to keep posting them here.

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>Lolis are for pedophiles, unsecure and timid but perverted people

actually most pedos who actually act on their desires are family men

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And pastors... which hits pretty close to home for me since I just found out last year that my middle school pastor was a pedo. Thank goodness I didn't go to church that often!

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>Lolis are for pedophiles, unsecure and timid but perverted people.

I can't help it. Real women are so scary with their big hips and large breasts and pubic hair.

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>walking into a board made for pedophiles
>ask if they like older women

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I hate older women with a passion. I'd kill my mother if I could get away with it.

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yukari. altough that's already hag material.

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I fucking love older women.
>Provided they are 2D.

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I always fantasize about a older woman taking me in and treating me like the son she never got to have incest with.

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My fantasy girlfriend is roughly 235 years old. She looks 11.

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Aside from 2d, I haven't met one yet that I was really attracted to, no.

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Mother/son incest is one of my strongest fetishes, so yes.

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>mfw Umineko yuri would be the hottest thing ever, but I can't find any good stuff

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>mfw we will never see eva dominating an embarrassed shannon in a teasing, motherly way
>yfw i'm the only one who ever thought about it

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Look at this lovely line-up of gorgeous onee-sans

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God, check out those looks. Its the looks those older women can give you thats so hot. The kind of look they're wearing right no saying "Yeah I'm checking you out. Think you can handle me? I'm gonna tie you to the bed and ride you silly and then cook you breakfast in the morning."

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Did anyone say older women?

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Close, replace Shannon with Natsuhi and you have what I thought about.

pic related, it's the best I can find

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Yes, Anonymous. It's that look. It's what makes older women in 2D so delectable!

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Is "older women" relative to your own age?
If so, yes.

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What's the story behind this image?

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>Berserk - The Lost Chapters

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Think I need to request a source for this.

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There's a R-18 Natsuhi doujin that went extinct, no online shop sells it. Shame I deleted the cover, because it only reminds and torments me on how I can never find it.

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>this thread
I just threw up a little in my mouth.

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what? no madotsuki?

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gotcha covered

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I like everything from lolis to hags.

I am the superior person.

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in after the hags.

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Oh god, this is so hot.

Why don't Eva/Natsuhi doujins exist? Fucking Japan. If they were men there'd be 9001 doujins.

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I don't know, they just don't have any taste over there. Yuri is hard enough to come by, but actual good, quality yuri? it's a goddamn endangered species.

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I would love Natsuhi tenderly, NTR her away from that failure of a husband, and live happily ever after with her.


>> No.7018156

My dream is Natsuhi x Krauss porn, really

>> No.7018165

and then you'd be looking at this >>7018094

>> No.7018272

This thread really needs more kumasawa

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I'd like to believe Kumasawa looked like this in her youth.

>> No.7018303

With all the implied lesbianism and weird sexual themes floating around, I'm sure he could think of something up.

>> No.7018352

There is actually a young Natsuhi X young Krauss doujin floating around somewhere, IIRC.

It will never be scanned.

>> No.7018405

I wish there was some cute Eva/Hideyoshi doujinshi.

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Delicious Christmas cake!

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Hell yeah, I do.

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So what's the source on the OP?

>> No.7018883

Older women are the best.

>> No.7018899

Good until 25, then stale as hell, amirite?

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Stay at the kitchen or get the fuck out.

Natsuhi is fine.
Rosa is a slut and Kyrie and Eva are feminist dykes.

>> No.7020756

Natsuhi is infinitely better at managing money and just about everything else than Krauss is though. That particular pair doesn't advance misogyny very much.

>> No.7020816

With the way Eva treats Natsuhi, I really wouldn't call her a feminist. She's just egoistical when it comes to who will be the next head.

>> No.7020868


Eva was a feminist at the age in which the talk with Krauss at the start of EP3 happens. Then she became a "back to the kitchen" wife and she's just a bitch when it came to inheritance.

>> No.7020875

I once debated writing an ordinary highschool romance story with a generic Rie-type tsundere, where the protagonist only puts up with her because he's shagging said tsundere's hot mom.

Except I can't write that much without losing focus.

>> No.7021189


And even so Natsuhi is still kept to the kitchen.

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Japan seems certain that Eva and Natsuhi are fucking.

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Because is canon. See >>7012366 pic related.
See tarot card for more confirmation.

>> No.7021524


They are busy trying to keep the fandom Beabato only.

>> No.7021543



>> No.7021577

Kinzo's a douche: news at 11.

>> No.7021635


There http://www.mediafire.com/?m5me21fxxs63k8x

By the way it would be nice if someone translated it.

>> No.7021924

Well I guess that's fine so long as-
>No porn, just dialogue

>> No.7021939

>Umineko milfs

It will never happen.

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is there still any doujins featuring dem milfs?

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So much awesome hate-sex potential...
Why Japan?

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not just hatesex

Rosa = love tenderly/roleplaying/dominating
Natsuhi = rough sex/love tenderly/cuddling sex
Kyrie = rough passionate sex/roleplaying/kinky sex
Eva = dominating/rough sex/kinky sex

pick your choice

>> No.7023356


You mean the one where the other siblings appear too? Because that one is scanned.

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I pick all of them. At the same time.

>> No.7023558

crazy ass incest orgy?

>> No.7023671


Why not? Wincest is a very common thing in Umineko

>> No.7023685


Also prove that Rosa is Kinzo's daughter. With all the age difference she perfectly could be Rudolf's.

>> No.7023719

Japan is populated by massive faggots.

That's why what few doujins we have are about Shannon and Jessica. WE DON'T EVEN REALLY GET ANY BEATO DOUJINS (although there is that one truly perplexing Virgillia/45 doujin).

>> No.7023745

The few Beato doujins out there are pretty good tho.
>Jessica throwing herself in front of a futa cock meant for Kanon.

>> No.7023865

Don't suppose you have a link?

>> No.7023883


>> No.7023885


>> No.7023910

Anyone ever find a link for ops doujin?

>> No.7023912


>> No.7024026


Man, that was both so hilarious and hot at the same time.

>> No.7024050

>"I can't let her get behind me!"
>BAM! Futa cock attack!
Oh god. I can't fap to that. It's so silly.

Japan has superior taste. Futa/yuri is ten times more exciting than your usual stuff.

>> No.7024084

/jp/ is the little girl second to left in the background, so yes, appearently.

>> No.7024097

But we barely ever GET futa or yuri in this fandom. Hell, we've got Beato actually saying things like "you're the type of man I'd like to make submit and kiss my toes" IN THE GAMES and we barely even get any femdom. And we've got these gorgeous MILFs in plenty supply... who get almost nothing done with them.


>> No.7024105


>> No.7024114



Here's a good Beato domination doujin. The only thing is that Battler has been turned into a little boy, which may or may not make it better for you. Also, this artist has a habit of making Ronove really gay for some reason, but it's ok in this particular doujin. If someone could translate it, they'd be my hero.

>> No.7024128

Our porn doujins may suck, but I think we outnumber every fandom ever (except Nasu stuff) in terms of translated comedy doujins.

>> No.7024145

>quoting function used as greentext
>greeny green greentext
Normal text!

>> No.7024158

Do you want a biscuit?

>> No.7024159

sad panda?

>> No.7024181

We really need a sticky like /g/ has.

Exhentai won't work without some trickery. The simplest option is to create an account on e-hentai, then sign in to it and make sure it remembers. Then Exhentai will work.

There's other methods but that's the most straightforward one.

>> No.7024216


We don't need any stickies. If a person is too retarded to do a Google search, I don't want him using up bandwidth on exhentai.

>> No.7024234

So you're happy with the same question every time someone posts an Exhentai link? Because it gets old pretty fast, and no, ignoring/mocking them won't stop it being asked.

>> No.7024240

no takano yet?

>> No.7024410

Takano is a slut.

>> No.7024418

I think they should learn on their own. /jp/ wont be around to hold their hand forever. Give a man a fish, etc.

>> No.7024427

That analogy sucks. You're ignoring the starving, or making fun of them.

>> No.7024430

the whole point of it is keeping out the wrong people. Posting about how to access it time after time after time isn't going to help things. If they really care, they'll search themselves like we all did.

>> No.7024432
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oh desire...

>> No.7024472

Exhentai's sadpanda looks like a site that's experiencing problems or has been taken down. The first thought won't be "Hey there's a trick to accessing this" it'll be "Hey is this site broken for anyone else?" and they'll ask.

And no, it's not just newbies that will do that. I've been here for a couple of years and didn't notice Exhentai until a couple of months back.

So whether you like it or not the question will come up, and it's best to put it in a sticky or FAQ. At least then we'll have a reason to taunt people who ask.

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>>7011907 Does /jp/ like older women?

>> No.7024641

It has to be those stares man, those damn stares.
>More DESIRE than you can take.
So true OP.

>> No.7026197

Holy shit.

This is ridiculous.

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What the hell?

>> No.7028476

Wow. I haven't seen you since '06.

>> No.7028492


>> No.7028604

You will never have three delicious Umineko MILFS looking at you with DESIRE ;_;

>> No.7031343

Feels bad man.