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What's going on in holy nippon these days?

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Reading Sankaku lately, eh?

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Absolutely nothing... You're just a stupid faggot who reads too many stupid oh-so-otaku news sites.

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2011 - Butt-angery Otaku everywhere commit suicide in droves, offering their bodies as a sacrifice to Touhou in response to the nation-wide ban on all Shanghai-Alice related works.

2012 - Yukari Yakumo summoned to the Earth. Everything alive is instantly consumed in gaps and flame. Nothing survives.

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The bans only apply to you filthy gaijins

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Speak English fag.

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And we should care why?

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I'm OK with this!

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Second scenario sounds pretty fascinating

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Yukari would never do that.

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Its just your average endgame scenario with a touhou instead of 4 horsemen.

Honestly not worried about it.

But when you guys all kill yourselves in 2011 can I have your stuff?

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>4 horsemen
This was the first thing I thought of.

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You can't tell what The Unspeakable Horror might do. You'd spiral into gibbering madness just observing her morning routine.

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The same is true of all old women.

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Ooh I haven't heard this in years.

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Disgusting slander, just look at this face.

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The face that destroys worlds?

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I'm looking, I'm looking.

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I shall destroy you first for calling me an old hag. I swear it will be slow and painfull.

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And then, suddenly >>7011423 felt Yukari's bony hands around his neck, and smelt lilacs.

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You don't smell lilacs when you die, You taste key lime pie.

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>You don't smell lilacs when you die,

No, that's what Yukari smells like.

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What an old hag smell.

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Japan bowing to the christian faggotry of their american overlords, nothing new here

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So all we need to do is make America pro-loli. We should get some slutty preteens and have them sleep with Congressmen.

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Because Touhou is bad and loli is immoral, that's why.

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>We should get some slutty preteens and have them sleep with Congressmen.

This already happens on daily basis, all we need are the videos.

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As long as only the Japs see them. We need them to know America is secretly pro-loli without drawing attention to it to reactionists.

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Already in progress.

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Silence! You filthy tot.

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Whats that I couldn't hear you over all the old?

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Yup, her age even regressed sometime ago to 14.

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Guarding the borders of gensokyo for all 14 years of its existence.

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Sankaku is for fags and weaboos. And it's owner is a flaming faggot.Nothing newsworthy there, just a bunch of losers worshiping the Japanese cock.

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Lies, we all know Yukari is 17.

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She can be any age she wants.

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I thoughtg it regressed to seven.

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She has the potential to be quite illegal than.

And thats good enough to put you away for a long time.

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yes, 17 centuries old.