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Komachi would make the most loving lover.
you can't unsee it

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This isn't even news to me.

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This doujin has my dick's interest.

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isn't she one who kills and brings the dead to oblivion

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Your dick is a slut.

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Lovely mature woman

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Sion climbed off the anime figure and walked disgustingly across the grass to greet his lover.

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i'm rather fond of her superior

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I wish people would stop drawing Komachi with breasts the size of her head, hanging out in the lewdest possible manner.
There's such a thing as large breasts that make sense. It cheapens one of my favorite touhous.

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Least Favorite: Len.

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But she is big you know.

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What part of aura compatible parts May be mixed and matched on other robots like normal parts, but they will only be able to transform when they are equipped to a robot with an aura system didn't I understand?

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what the HELL is that!?

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Someone please explain what the hell this is.

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Fucking Komachi's tits.

In every context that sentence can be interpreted.

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Requesting source.

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Komachi has a huge tits.

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The earth is round.

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You're wrong.

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This here's an example of why we should destroy the DFC cult. Because it doesn't just stop at girl's chests. They will soon demand the world be flat also.

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The World IS round, even if it's not a perfect sphere.

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No it's not.
How come you don't fall off into space and you're always walking a straight path?

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Someone give this man a PHd

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I just spat my coke over my crotch.

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Ah, I'm a bit disappointed.
If it calmed him down by resting his head on her breasts, why suddenly turn to breast fondling?

Pity it wasn't non-h.

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If you had a co-worker like Komachi wouldn't you be sexually frustrated all the time?

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I'm a lolicon
I like Komachi solely as an older sister figure who makes tons of lewd jokes.

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Then it all comes down to the thing if you see Eiki as a loli or not. Still much room for sexual frustration if you work under the Yama.

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That's too bad.

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I suppose, but I guess I just can't help but see hugging Komachi more attractive than fucking her tits.

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i feel the same but i don't mind H-stuff

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I want to make sweet, passionate love to Komachi and her breasts, consensually and in the missionary position.

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Komachi can use her ability to manipulate distance to have sexual intercourse with a man 100 feet away.


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She uses a boat to get around the river, so what else would she use that ability for?

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Can she manipulate several distances? Like, northward 100m while simultaneously manipulating 45m southeast...?

Or is her ability only limited to the Sanzu River?

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They are massive.

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They are, aren't they? I guess she could use her ability to traverse distances on land and spare herself the back pain.

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honk honk

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I loved Komachi's personality in SWR, she was like some kind of wise and experienced Death.
I just realized how much I like her.

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If I am going to have Death as a lover, she should look like the girl from Red Shift or younger.

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Giant tits and an easygoing personality don't mix well with that physical feature.

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What physical feature?

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Salient feature?

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But then were are we supposed to go for our tits the size of heads?

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Why is Komachi such a lewd girl?

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too good to be true. dicks will sprout.

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Where, rather.

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your mom is kinda hot

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No its just a Yuri part with them.

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sauce please

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Why was Eiki not wearing panties and came the second Komachi touched her?

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Something like this?


Wise, experienced, and utterly oblivious to the general human sensitivity about death.

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Look, don't get me wrong. I love Komachi's character design as much as anyone else, and non-porn Komachi pictures are generally gorgeous to look at.

But there are few Touhous more suited to ginormous breasts.

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Look, don't get me wrong. I love Komachi's character design as much as anyone else, and non-porn Komachi pictures are generally gorgeous to look at.

But there is no Touhou more suited to ginormous biology-defying physics-mocking breasts.

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my favorite pic

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not lewd enough.

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Titts are too big!

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first time i like a character with twin tails,
twin tails for me means bitch/tsundere/underage/loli

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Komachi's my second favorite in the fighting game.

fucking titty monster with a scythe

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My desktop background

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>fucking titty monster

In fanon only.

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Not really. She's pretty stacked in the fighting game too. At least compared to the other characters.

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forgot my pic

as you can see: tits

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>Sakuya in top 8

Something's wrong there.

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Who on earth is the one beside Komachi?

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>Ran would make the most loving lover.


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Just because almost all the others are completely flat doesn't make a B cup a titty monster.

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>/jp/ secondary culture

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Aren't all sprites completely flat over there?

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I guess. Yeah. But she has boobies in the game artwork. That's what I meant.

I think she's a bit more than a B cup but whatever. Who cares? I also like her boat.

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Anything alphes has drawn outside of the canon material is fanon.
He draws quite a lot fanon pics, be sure not to mistake them for the real thing. Just like that pic of busty Yuugi.

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I'm pretty that Yuugi was used as official promotional art for SA though but I'm not certain.

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Oh, I thought it was that fanon character, Sasha. She's got a similar outfit.

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EVERYTHING in Gensokyo is flat, no exceptions.

Loli haters not welcome

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That's not the official promotional art.
It's either fake or by alphes himself, ergo fanon.
Well, almost all artist for Zun's fictions do some Touhou art by themselves.

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What about well-endowed lolis?

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Those do not exist and are a product of someone's imagination.

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Lolis are girls in their growing period who do not have breasts yet. At least not actual breasts.

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If you consider that PMiSS has the most canonical depictions of the characters, besides Zun's art, Yukari does have boobs.
Zun said in the fore- or afterword that he handpicked the illustrations after all.

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Oppai loli is a bit contradicting, but still one of my favorite fetishes.

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Those boobs are an 'A' at most...

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U~♪ U~♪