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Here you go.

Download links:

This picture has everything you need to know to host, and /jp/ is severely lacking in them.

Make sure your version is patched to the latest one :

Also, visit the IRC at irc.mizuumi.net #swr for additional help or match requests.

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can i has chiquta unlock patch?

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Magister - He fights for SWR Netplay

I'd face you right now, but taking a break from figuring out Iku's stuff.

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I think I've gotten in around 10 hours of SWR netplay so far.

Players I've faced have ranged from cake to barely holding on by my fingertips.

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rehosting, no laggy faggots allowed

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make that

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Hosting(USA), I want a few matches before I sleep

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Break's over! Let's go!! (US, Intermediate Scrub)

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Yeowch, tuned Reimu sure hurts

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A turtling Youmu is harder to deal with than I thought. In fact, any turtling at all is annoying.

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That Reimu rape game was you?

>> No.700013 EU

>> No.700034

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The Reimu that plays CORNERAN GAEMS, yes.

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God damn, Im usually extremely aggressive with Youmu but you would brutalize me with the homing missiles and the column of death. By the end I was forced to keep my distance. In any case GGs, I'd like to play again some time

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enough rape

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I'm not used to Chiquitas, and I'm actually learning her myself.

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what does this card do?
it seems to slow the enemy but, it doesn't seem good at all.

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>what does this card do?
>it seems to slow the enemy

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its a fucked up ZA WARUDO no more full stop

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There's a full stop ZA WARUDO card too y'know.

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It's for super air combos.

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I'd like some more rape please
Canadia West

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The full stop version is still in there. The slow variant was in IAMP too.

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US West hostan

>> No.700138

I don't have it...
Lets play bitch!
So I can get it.

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US West Coast Hostan.

(groanmyip.com is fucking brilliant)

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Jebus, that eye biimu is fucking rape.


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GGs. Your Alice is scary, are you maining her?

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GGs, yeah Alice my main.

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GG sorry that I left early

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That was pretty horrible lag

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(I should probably turn share off)

And oh god the jumping madness.

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God, it pisses me off when people try to netplay while downloading shit. It's just rude.

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GG, blarg. Good to see someone with a nice Iku going for them.

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I have a big pipe(hurr) but I also have WoWCrack addict roommates.

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Sorry, my router decided to kill itself mid-match.
GGs. You're definitely one of the stronger Peaches floating around on /jp/

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Seriously? Fuck yes, hard work has paid off.

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GGs rehostan

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Well, I haven't honestly played that many, but you play smart and know how to use her well.

On an unrelated note, please don't pick random stage. That snow level makes bullets near-impossible to see, especially when weather that produces mist comes out. Some of the other stages have this problem, but the snow level is fucking horrible.

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Super armor weather is mankind's worst creation.

That is all.

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Whoever the Patch user was GG
Connection was sortta bad but east to west what can you expect.
Just don't switch to Yukari when I might win!

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Then play Tenshi so you can abuse the super armor weather instead of whining about it. Nothing's better than going into that weather and then having your opponent realize ONLY THEY DON'T HAVE IT.
Or use the spellcard that ends the weather when it's used.

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GG, whoever played me. Forgot to get your name.

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Looks like im forever doomed to be only marginally better than absolute beginner

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I ended up lostinga lots but GG

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You can't get better without practice and netplay

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Welcome to the club. 17 years of loving and sucking at 2D fighters. There's a secret handshake and everything, it involves sweaty palms and a flubbed hadouken motion.

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It is my experience that those who suck at 2d fighters are simply approaching them with the wrong mindset. You can't get better if you're not properly understanding why you're not getting better. This is particularly true of people who put entirely too much focus on combos, which is not the way to stop being scrubby.

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Can I join the club? I've been playing and loving 2-D fighters since Mortal Kombat 2 and Street Fighters 2, but I suck terribly at all the fighting games I have.

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How would I go around practicing Border Escapes?

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Watch other people play. Watching netplays is one of the easiest ways to learn how to play effectively.

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I actually forgot those things existed until someone did it on me during my blockstring of doom.

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Yes, you're allowed in the club. The only way to get kicked out is to either stop having fun or start winning too much.


Perhaps I don't know how to get better, but I definitely don't put too much focus on combos. I try to focus on the basics. Hit them, don't get hit. Take what they give me and all that.

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Is there a way for me to spectate without trying to actually connect for a versus match?

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It's not really about winning/losing, it's observation on situations that jammed you up and how to keep them from happening in the future.

For instance, your Aya corner rape combo in that last match was pretty good. Had I been playing Marisa or Sakuya, someone I would've thought had high 5A priority, I probably would've kept getting rocked on wake-ups. Once I notice how I kept getting put into the corner (don't know HOW that's possible with Yukari, but it happens), it was a matter of playing keep away and hitting you in between.

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The real trick is to develop your feel of the flow of the game, so you can use it as a conduit to mess with the opponent's head. If you aren't playing with the game, you're playing at it.

That being said, Iiiiiii don't think SWR is a good one to learn this on. It's too damned chaotic in a lot of ways.

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is anyone still hosting/playing?

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What is this border escape and how does one perform it?

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>> 7500


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West Coast US Hosting

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Xenozip has an exhibition on Border Escapes. As a player that relies heavily on pressure and blockstrings, get good enough at these and you can make my traps useless.


These still apply for the full version of SWR.

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I'll watch. Don't want to receive another Reimu corner rape at your hands.

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if u guys have any problems and need to use hamachi
use the ones me and my pal use

1st server:tempest of blades/loli
2nd server:tempest of blades2/loli
and if u can reach (LordErk) with hamachi chat feel free to ask for a couple rounds.

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Doesn't work. Sure that's right?

>> No.700845

What the fuck. Does the IaMP color changer work with SWR?

>> No.700855

* How do I pick Alt.Costume Color?

On a keyboard you can push [A]+[Z] keyboard keys (which is dash plus light attack by default).
On a controller you need to hold the D-button (dash button) then press then confirm button (Light attack/A-button).
The D-button doesn't normally do anything in the menu so you'll know if you're holding the right button if you push the button and nothing happens.
The D-button is by default assigned to Pad-2 and the A-button is by default assigned to Pad-1. If you switch your controls in your profile or elsewhere the keys will remain in the same place for the menu, irregardless of how you set them up for in-game.

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why you quit when I was going to win?!
what about my cards :(

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Southern California
Power Level ≤ 9000

Bit new to this game. Hopefully I do decent. ;_;
(No, I do not main Alice)

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Considering that my D button acts as "Confirm" I'm having a bit of difficulty following these instructions.

>> No.700882

I thought that was you. The game suddenly stopped moving and then it cut out by my internet was still going fine.

>> No.700888

dash button is set as d when in default configuration

>> No.700889

just hold another button, it'll be one of the other 4, the one that doesnt do anything. then press confirm

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I'm going to sleep now.

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Alright, GGs.


>> No.700923

Kaboom. I don't know what just happened there.

>> No.700985

I checked my modem and the cable was disconnected.

I have no idea what caused it. Ghosts or giant ants something.


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GGs, need to stop for a bit.

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I fail at SWR. ;_;


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701105 West Coast US (California)


>> No.701119

>> No.701174

US West

>> No.701177

Non laggy ppl please.

>> No.701184

Interesting. When spectating the game fastforwards through all the parts that happened before the moment you come in instead of just dropping you straight in the game.

>> No.701185 (EU)

>> No.701193


Melty Blood does the same thing. It's kinda funny but you can't learn anything from the parts you missed.

>> No.701203

GG, but just a bit too laggy for me. What's your location?

>> No.701214

Germany and your corner play is really tricky.

>> No.701219


Oh, since you're a joinfag only, sites like http://www.dnsstuff.com/ might be useful for you. If you post the person's IP into the IP Information box, it'll tell you their location.

Of course, the game might already be sniped by the time you're done.

>> No.701221

You have to open a portal first

>> No.701226

GG. Huh?

>> No.701233

West Coast California:

>> No.701235

I mean like 7500 or 10800 or you just forgot to write it down.

>> No.701249

dropped connection?

>> No.701259

Rehosting (EU)

>> No.701263

Ah yeah sorry. (EU)

Rehosting. My connection is kinda unstable today.

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What the heck? Have I been hacked? My computer just broke down and now I'm in Safe Mode. What the hell just happened?

>> No.701283

now isn't it sad?

>> No.701284

Awww, poor thing.

>> No.701292

Can't connect to you.

>> No.701295

Oh ho, there you are, I was wondering what happened

>> No.701297


Eclair gave you aids.

>> No.701298

No seriously, what the heck happened? Is it SWR reaching its point of being too good for my laptop or did an outside source did something. This is really sad in my case. ;_;

>> No.701299


Nothing ever works out for you, eh Sacchin? ;_;

>> No.701302

Ok, i just rehost again for the lulz (EU)

>> No.701311

Okay, since I don't wanna face anyone from EU because of lag, I'll be hosting one (West Coast)

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FAT23 being corrupted. What the heck is FAT23? ;_;

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oh you

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Hahaha, you fool! You've activated my trap card!

>> No.701320


I'd corrupt Sacchin, if you know what I mean.

>> No.701324


I'd corrupt her right in her fat 32.

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>> No.701332

Rehostan. Some people can connect some cannot.

>> No.701335


If you don't have China, who do you use now?

>> No.701339


What's so wrong about that?

>> No.701342

I think you mean FAT32?
And why are you using such an old filesystem? Reformat to NTFS.

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>> No.701361

Sakuya with my Revenge for Hong card deck.

>> No.701369

Also did anyone encounter a problem with the IP copying from clipboard? After some time it stopped working for me and the option won't go through when I press it.

>> No.701401


It always works for me, so long as it's in the right format: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx
The port must be five digits, so if they post 7500, you'll have to change it to 07500 in notepad or whatever and recopy it.

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Ohkay, I think my computer's back to normal after doing a small check. As for conversion, I don't understand this change volume label thing. Damn me and my low computer skills. ;_;

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I got mad reading to catch up on, but fuck it, anyone still hosting? If not, I will.

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>> No.701464

GG Eclair

>> No.701465

Way too boring, ggs tho

>> No.701467

Boring, you know who lost right?

>> No.701479

Is it just me or don't you have the patch?
Can't connect to you.

>> No.701488

It's not about winning or losing! It's about playing the game and having fun!

>> No.701484

Yeah, I feel pretty bad losing to a 1 trick strategy, I think I need practice

>> No.701494

Stop it, don't let these threads get as bad as MB ones.

>> No.701496

Exactly oh wise Anon.

>> No.701500

any ausfag or us west host?

>> No.701505

No reason to raise the panic alarm, things are fine here

>> No.701525

ughhh, Suika's quick toss fireball hits too hard and is too spammable.


>> No.701528

Yes lol. Off to bed now. Goodnight /jp/

>> No.701541

GGs taking a break now.

>> No.701548

GG. So now I must worry about Magister's Reimu and your Sakuya...

Back to the drawing board.

>> No.701559

I got lucky with spell cards two times that's basically it.

>> No.701561

But seriously, Magisters corner play with Reimu is deadly. x.x

>> No.701568

Hmm, i really ant to fight against your Sakuya and could someone tell me what's the name of he wind girl?
I always forget it.

>> No.701571



>> No.701580

Are you sure?

>> No.701585

don't believe that man! He's a liar and a robot!

>> No.701587

Aya's the one in black and white that shoots wind.

>> No.701594


And yes, Magister's Reimu is painful if you can't get to the skies during the gaps. Worst in my case because I suck at flying now whereas in IaMP I sucked on the ground...

>> No.701595

Also no pantsu.

>> No.701603

I already know that she has no pantsu.
But i don't even know how to fly. :P

>> No.701636

Rehosting (EU)

>> No.701655

Try not to hold D. Drains too much spirit to keep flying.

>> No.701670

If you think Reimu is bad, you should play ArmandoXIII or moosem's Chiquitas. She's got pretty crazy blockstrings, in or out of corners.


>> No.701704

GG have to go away for a bit.

>> No.701741

I've faced Armando's Reimu in IaMP that makes your's look like grazing on Easy Modo. Wouldn't mind taking the ass whooping again just to see how to manage SWR Reimu, though.

Which Chiquita we talking about here? Lord of the Dance or Dragonforce?

>> No.701769

Chiquita Dragonforce.

Also, Reimu can't do the absolute corner lockdown she could in IaMP anymore(due to Border Escapes), but she can do it from anywhere on the screen. Less bullets and less flashy, but still less situational than IaMP.

As far as I know, Armando doesn't play Reimu in SWR, but his Chiquita vs. my Reimu is like a 50/50 deal. Against his Yuyuko, though, it drops to something like 90/10. Absolute rape.

>> No.701799

j.6A was nerfed in order for her to spam more butterflies in mid-air. An even trade, IMO.

>> No.701806

Yuyuko replays please!

>> No.701809


>> No.701818

Going into air and trying to attack vs Yuyuko is suicide.

>> No.701848



>> No.701853


>> No.701857

No matter what i do, i can't connect to you.

>> No.701871


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(╬ ಠ益ಠ)

>> No.701889

What the fuck

>> No.701891


>> No.701893

Someone needs a chill pill.

>> No.701899


>> No.701904

>> No.701905

US Central

>> No.701917

Sure, I'll bite if swedish doesn't feel like having a little TANGO.

>> No.701918

My net dropped sorry to the guy I was playing.

>> No.701919 (eu) !

>> No.701923

np, ggs

>> No.701929

Not working. Open your ports

>> No.701952

I'll host.

>> No.701967

Raawr joiin

>> No.701968

OK, I'm taking it for the first time today I cannot seem to connect to anyone is my fault. How to fix this?

>> No.701975

Doesn't work.

>> No.701981

I tried, no go. It worked before?

>> No.701983

Then it's good I'm not alone.

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701993 EU low casual Remi

>> No.702030

ggs, got my ass owned

>> No.702036

Not too bad, you got a game or two won off me.


>> No.702058


Sorry man, my connections always keeps getting disconnected.

It was fun though. If you notice, I'm only good with fast characters.

>> No.702069
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They need to pad the length of these games, like in IaMP.

>> No.702089

Hawaii. I'd like to see how I rank up against people that consider themselves good by the way.

IaMP was hellishly long sometimes. I don't want to go through that again. Even with SWR some games can get kinda long.

>> No.702118

Whoever just played me, that was painfully lagtastic.


>> No.702145

gg too laggy

>> No.702147

GG I agree. Checking up on my connection to see if there's anything up with it.

If I didn't have bullet time the entire time it would have been way harder.

>> No.702175

How do you get the command lists for the different characters to display?

>> No.702177

>> No.702178

Go to customize your deck, then go to the skill card section. All the cards will have the command next to it.

>> No.702204


Toughest I've seen on /jp/. Duly raped by Youmu at the end.

>> No.702207


>> No.702229


>> No.702279

I feel like I was anally raped by several large hairy men.

GGs, guess I still got a ways to go.

>> No.702286

I guess.

>> No.702296

http://youtube.com/watch?v=m4co4fPEQfY - Have a Suika and Komachi "rocking out".

>> No.702309

I know my IP, but how do I find out the last bracket the numbers after the ; ?

>> No.702311
EU, Patchy, whatever

>> No.702313

It's determined when you select to host.

It's the port you're using, that number when you select to host. It defaults to 10800.

>> No.702340

EU Sakuya beginner

>> No.702341

So many Euros.

What's a poor west coaster Amerikkkan to do?

>> No.702346

Go to sleep.

>> No.702348

I've been waiting for an hour hoping to play a game before going to sleep, though.

>> No.702350

Go to sleep?

>> No.702364

gb2bed Amerikkkan anon, you'll play later.

>> No.702370

ill play if you host

>> No.702376

I've actually not played against /jp/ before, and I'd probably prefer not to in the long run.

Desperationan games.

Besides, I need to set up my ports and whatnot, for the billionth time, and hope it works for once.

Well, goodnight /jp/.