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Those feet.

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are not very good.

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God I love Keine, she's so under-appreciated.

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So true. So very true.

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I only really like Ex-Keine

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delicious hakutaku

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I like her hat.

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Is that a fact? Don't mind if I do, then.

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You fool! That's a full hakutaku, it can't be Keine!

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I could post the following panel but I'd rather post something like this.

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goddammit kinzo

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I don't get it.

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The image title is 「ホットケーネ」 or "hotkeine", if that helps.

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When you are upset with someone it is perfectly acceptable put a short stack of pancakes on their head and pour syrup on it. I do it all the time.

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I was expecting the pancakes to be held together by her horn, but was disappointed when I enlarged the picture.

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Sometimes you just take what you can get. As an apology for this disappointment I have caused you, I present to you: cowtits.

"magicalbovinetits" doesn't really do it for me.

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Forget the Yakumos, Scarlets, Komeijis, Prismrivers or Akis, this is the best Touhou family.

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I just vomitted a little.
Gtfo heterofag.

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I can almost agree, but...damn it, Junda, why did you have to make your shitty fan character so likable?

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Captcha ate my pic

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What is that black shit? It's not sexy at all.

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I'm no expert, but it looks like ink to me.

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This thread makes me feel good.

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Nobody likes normal Keine...?

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If you pick one, the other is included.

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I like Keine.

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I think normal Keine is kinda boring while Ex-Keine is wild and exciting.But that's just my opinion

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Wild and exciting!

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She's a scholar. That's pretty neat.
If you're ever interested in everything you wanted or not wanted to know about the lives and deaths of early 20th century petissiers of Belgrade, Keine is undisputed queen.

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My favorite family is black tewi and Vash the Stampede. Its okay because Gensokyo is open to interpretation right guys XD. FUCK canon.

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Well or maybe I like her because I have a thing for horns and tails

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EX-Keine is wild and impulsive, while normal Keine is probably the most down-to-earth and realistic person in Gensokyo. It's an interesting contrast.

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>She's a scholar. That's pretty neat.
Oh yes it is. Especially for her students. There's so much she can teach them. About life for example.

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That's usually how I picture single female teachers approaching THAT age... demure and professional during the week that transforms into an insatiable beast on Friday nights.

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On that note...does /jp/ approve of slutty, sexy, and/or pedophillac Keine? I don't.

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I could have phrased that better. Oh, well...

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If you can name some aspect of Touhou anything, there are people who like and and people who don't. In the interests of harmony most people keep their negative opinions to themselves.

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I like Keine very much, but her hat is too silly. Sorry Keine.

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>In the interests of harmony most people keep their negative opinions to themselves.
...no they don't.

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No. I like pure Touhou's. If I like sluts and whores 3DP serves that purpose just fine.

All little girls should be pure virgin maidens, the only exception allowed is pure little girl on little girl. If I could, I would sentence anyone who dissagrees with me to death, as well as all those bastards drawing H Doujins. Keep it in your pants.

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Look, Ma, no hat.

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Quiet, you. Keine's hat is awesome.

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The people who don't are loud, that's all.

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That's an optimistic way of looking at it, but I don't know how much stock I'd put in it...

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It's not odd that I find this image to be kind of arousing... is it?

I mean, look at those hips, man.

Posting EX-Keine in a Keine thread.

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>not-pure Touhous
I don't think I have ever seen such a tasteless story before, so there is no need to sentence anybody.
H-doujin don't really belong to the fanon, they are just fap material.

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I've got it bad, so bad, /jp/.


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So cute!

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I always liked her in this art style.

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Looks like some sort of magical girl EX-Keine...

Also, saved from page 13.

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We are grateful for you to save Keine.

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