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Yet another Touhou flash game. Play for a bit, play for several hours because you have nothing else to do. OH AND POST YOUR HIGH SCORE.

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Is this safe guys?
Won't i get one of these botnets or something?

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It's safe. (:

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what would be of me without you dude?

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Awesome. I remember hopten. Got 20k on it.

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Well, Nanaca Crash this ain't.

Unless there's some trick to it? I can't get past around 200 metres.

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I was hoping the UFOs would propel me further, but I guess not. There's gotta be a trick to this though. I just don't know what it is.

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I managed to make a landing, where she stood up like normal.
Don't know if it matters though.

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What should I do? Is there any way to make her fly anyfurther? After I release her I press Z like a madman, but she doesn't fly or anything, what the poses do? Do they change anything?

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I think mine bugged slightly.

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It is a mystery. I managed my 226 meters without knowing what poses do.


what the christ

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I can't get any further than 213 m the right way, so might as well go left.

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fuck I did -76 m.
That's a new negative record, my postive record is 40m, what am I doing wrong?

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>>6993680 here

WHAT ON EARTH I can't doing it well even in negative numbers,

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I was dancing her back and forth to pick up some speed, I think I hit it just at that physics sweetspot where physics no longer apply.

I was watching her spinning around in utter blackness for at least two solid minutes.

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I also wanted to check how high I can get. I managed to get to the point where I see something blue that isn't the satellites.

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Not that I like twitter, but you should have tweeted it for the Japanese to see.

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I think they already know, based on scores such as 88,802.86m and -40,414.97m.

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Oh, so there IS a trick to it.

Well, I guess now I know how will the next few hours of my life will get wasted.

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Now I'm satisfied. At least this isn't as stressful as hopten.

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I though there should have been some trick to it, these numbers felt small compared to their previous games.

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I think you need to have Yamame land on her feet for the high score to get into the leaderboard.

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Cute game. Could probably do a lot better than this but I'm impatient and have things to do today.

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Am i the bestest or what?

u mad u jelly??

Deal with it n00bs :P

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Last one for me.

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Spin over the top in one direction, build up speed and hope for a good launch angle.

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But the rope breaks when you spin over the top.

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If you go over the top she falls.
I just found this little spot right near the end point of the spin where she rockets off into orbit.

Hitting it is kind of tricky, but when you manage to, she breaks the sound barrier.

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Aww, crap, so that's what the ふりーだむ option does. And here I hoped there's something more to this.

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There's a way to make it so she doesn't.

I don't know what triggered it before, though. Originally it would snap, then I was able to swing around as much as I want and now it's back to snapping again.

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It broke the first few times for me and then stopped.

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Top option is standard game, bottom option is "freedom" mode, and the strand doesn't snap, so you can get her to stupidly high spin rates.

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The most I've gotten was like 226.6. You need to use the arrow keys to stabilize Yamame in mid air, and change her pose so that her arms are tucked inward, and try to keep her pointed still at an angle to try to catch the most lift.

Of course before that you need to have the thread be as long as possible (her bow practically clips the ground) and you need to make a perfect arc on a swing from just about the very maximum height the rope can reach on a side before breaking.

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Oh, that would be it.

What changes her pose? Pressing Z, X, Shift and Space didn't seem to do anything.

Here's the best perfect landing I've managed. Got a 222.86 on a crash.

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whoops. wrong way

still going. just pasted 60k

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Freedom mode is way too silly.

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Post Yamame "spawn pods" to commemorate the occasion.

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What the fuck? How you get over 9000?
I can get only to 200.

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But I wanna get higher than 185 now!

Not to mention most of my sexy Yamame is NWS since a lot of it is done by that one guy that loves to turn her into a slut.

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Grazing the very ground itself, fuckers!

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Wow some of these little flash games are fun, I'm enjoying this one.

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That one's a keeper, yeah.
Still requesting a gif of Tenshi spinning around on the loading screen.

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This the one where you run right jumping around as Reisen?

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Requesting the one where you jump on stuff while running right as Reisen/Tewi.

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Hell yeah.

I think I'm done with this for a while.

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i gave up at 4700km

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Ok, now post those lewd Yamame images. You can even make a new thread. I don't think we had a Yamame thread recently.

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Come on /jp/, I know at least one of you must have this.

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Oh, fine. But you're lucky Mint and I like you.

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Look around a little next time, please.

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>I don't think we had a Yamame thread recently.

The sad realization just dawned on me... but, really, I don't think we've ever had one.

My only memory is SA having just came out and /jp/ making a fuss of her dangling upside down on the rope.

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Space... the final frontier.

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these are the voyagers of the spider girl yamame.

her continuing mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no youkai has gone before.

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How many of you are hardcore and playing Under the Moonlight? It is the latest rougelike from AQUASTYLE and what that cool video is for. Looking for a fun, cute and challenging RPG with randomized dungeons? Desire to hold a Koakuma in your left hand as a shield? Always wanted to kill the Watatsuki sisters? Then step right up!

Part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T597IJ70
Part 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=987HUJDK

Download all the patches here: http://www.aquastyle.org/moshigen/moshigen_down.html

Hopefully someone translates it one day!

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So, yeah, guys on Pixiv like this game too, apparently.

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Good end.

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My day so far has been this game for an hour, mvc3 for an hour or so, return to this and repeat. Good start to spring break.

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The same happened with the Master Spark competence game, you always bug the games, /jp/.

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Where... does the web come from?

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Her ass

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>Play for a bit, play for several hours because you have nothing else to do.
Too bad I have a upper division stats test coming up in like 10 hours. Goddammit.

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screw it goodnight

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I don't know if I should be happy about this.

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freedom mode is way more fun than regular. anyone gotten any score higher than a few hundred on regular?

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what's the record so far in freedom mode?

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Almost there.

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Forgot my content

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Think it's around 108,000

Regular mode is 227

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... Hmm ... Freedom mode, my first shot is at 70k+ and still going ... I could take a nap at this point. Screenshot coming if I ever land.

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#14 on the leaderboard, #4 for perfect landing.

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Make that #18 on leaderboard, I swear I did go to preschool.

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What is the story behind the game anyway? I guess it's fine as long as Yamame lands safely.

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NNNNNG, another time stealer from 3-me.

Music is catchy too.

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200 would have been nice.

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Do poses do anything or are they just there to look cute?

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I'm inclined to think they're there just to look cute, but previous 3-me games always had something new I'd figure out after playing it for long enough that you'd think you have it all down.

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Misc. note for those who didn't already notice, left and right keys somewhat control spinning in flight

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How to check toplist or send mine result?

>> No.7002670

(this one's actually Japanese, and not an .exe, so it's probably fine)

(...or at least it's not insane to follow the link)

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She's a spider. So it's coming out her ass.
And if she's a real spider she also has problems getting out of the Bathtub.

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It's a little simple. 226.81 is my best.

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Shouldn't she, you know, have an extra hole above her anus, or between the anus and the vag somehow?

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More challenging than one might think.

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Kind of like every bird youkai should have only one hole?

...somehow, I doubt we'll ever know details like that.

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Gonna do a biology here. Spider thread comes from a set of organs on the abdomen called "spinnerets." These organs create and store the thread, and they also release it.

>> No.7004503

Of course, that being said, she is a youkai. So the biology probably doesn't apply.

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No kidding.

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I think I broke the game.

It's still going even as I post this.

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She's so adorable, soft and cuddly~

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I'd shoot my web out of her ass, if you know what I mean.

>> No.7005830

Great... Now everyone is gonna love my waifu because this game ;__;

>> No.7005845

shes all of our waifus now friend.

but mostly mine.

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That feel when you dump your waifu just because she's not popular

>> No.7005874 [DELETED] 

That feel when you dump your waifu because she becomes popular

>> No.7005883

She's not real, so does it matter?

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Dammit, so close!

>> No.7006426

It's not like that. It's more like that feeling when your waifu dumps you because she becomes popular. NTR, if you prefer.

>> No.7006621

In Soviet Russia, dump takes your waifu.

>> No.7007271

Sorry for telling, but i'd love to see some hentai of that.

>> No.7007475

God dammit /jp/. I just spent the last hour playing that. And it was an hour worth being spent.

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There we go.

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>Tell people to stop telling people to stop telling people to stop using emoticons.
You had actually weened yourself away from reimu a just because playing her encouraged you to constantly sit at the bottom of the screen and not pay attention to how the bullets come at you. Long hours should be well spent.

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Yamame appeared in one of my dreams last night, I blame this game.

>> No.7009929

Kermit the Frog has appeared as a celebrity contestant on game shows.

>> No.7009980

how the hell do you play that myon tossing game on the same site?

>> No.7009992


Click to smack it as much as possible, before the time runs out move your mouse quickly to the left to smash through walls. Don't go over the border or it won't travel far.

>> No.7009995

Also note its not about clicking as fast as possible, its actually some set rate you can click at to get the most power before the throw

the stuff through the windows you see on the way are amusing.

>> No.7010436

How do I smash through walls? Am I supposed to click them or something?

>> No.7010747

No, while there's time, you click at a constant rate until the time is almost up, then hold down till she spins it, then swing towards the left of the screen, making sure not to pass over the edge.

>> No.7010755

Been playing this game for so long and I still feel bad when Yamame crashes into the ground with her head.

>> No.7010764

I know, I still find myself apologizing when I end up doing that several times in a row.

>> No.7010790


>Yamame crashes into the ground with her head.


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I tried for two hours and this is the result.

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I'm amazing at this game