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Hey /jp/ have you ever masturbated with a thermas full of peeps?

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Is this from that peeps thread on /a/?

Also no. Also fuck peeps, I hated them ever since I was a little kid.

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That's not what I think it is, is it?

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>Also fuck peeps....
So... do you want people to fuck them?

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What the fuck is a peep

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A marshmellow shaped like a bird covered in sugar.

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some americunt "marshmallow" bird (more like Styrofoam with sugar than marshmallow). Pic related, tis a peep

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The Europeans must be waking up now that explains the quick decrease in quality.

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>The Europeans must be waking up now; that explains the quick decrease in quality.

Learn some English please.

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Europeans must be awake all the time then

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I used to do cruel things to my peeps. Drew on them with a pen, put toothpicks in them, then nuked them in the microwave. Never tried masturbating on them, but it's never too late to start.

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American cooking sugar bird.

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You're wrong. Canadabro here.

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Man, what won't /jp/ users stick their dicks in?

3d woman

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Dunno about that. Rape is 3D women. Little sisters, too.

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Hey /jp/ have you ever masturbated with a room full of traps?

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Actually, yeah.
Thailand /jp/, it's much cheaper than Japan and Thai people have a hard-on for Japanese culture.

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why people keeps falling for that party image...

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What's a thermas?

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