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>Japanese culture

Why exactly are they so obsessed with poop over there?

Other then the fact that they are a nation of children.

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censorship laws...if it wasn't for that then there's no way in HELL they'd be into scat, gore...tentacle rape etc etc

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This board is not about Japanese culture though.

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No, I think you hit the nail on the head right there. I blame an emphasis on societal conformity.

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My bad, I forgot it was Touhou.

I believe Touhou and poop are similar enough to warrant this thread though.

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It reminds them of anal sex with children.

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>you can buy fake vomit and dog poop in the United States
>you can also get chocolate candy shaped as dog shit in the United States

>you dont see the problem with this
>these are kitschy, niche items

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who doesn't like a good poop shaped object?

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I believe being surrounded by and having to smell asians all day makes poop smell heavenly in comparison.

But then again, this IS asian poop, so it probably smells like asians.

Either way, the Japanese are child-molesting degenerates who struggle with reading.

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Shit is considered lucky in Japaneses culture because the work unko is close to the word unki (=luck).

True story.

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Well, if they switched to latin characters, they would be fine.

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Old people fuck the young people in the ass too hard to do something logical or reasonable like that.

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What kind of filthy culture has a word so close to "lucky" as "poop"?

Fucking Nips. Two bombs wasn't enough.

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Well, little girl butts are really sexy, so I guess I can't blame them.

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