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I predict that Orin will die smothered.

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I predict that this will be another 200+ replies Okuu thread, just like every thread with the slightest mention of Okuu for the past month.

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It was like this with Orin months ago. It depends on who is in love with who at time.

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Status clitical?

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She needs to go on a diet.

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I still can't beat her, /jp/. I got to her with 5 lives left and she crushed me. No idea why someone would say Orin was harder. Orin has like 1 spellcard that is complete hax, Okuu has like 4.

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Okuu's hard if it's your first time facing her since you have to adapt to 'hueg buelet' first.

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brb, I have to do something in the bathroom...

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I was the same way. I beat Orin within just 5 attempts, while Okuu took me 100+. It wasn't till I did the smart thing and watched someones replay which taught me how big her bullets hitboxes really were and made her easier. But even then, the pure chaos of her danmaku still made her harder than Orin for me because I couldn't memorize and strategize my way through her as easily.

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Oh, look... another Utsuho thread.


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Explain this shit, /jp/. Why is Utsuho evil Reimu?

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Ignore that, people have different assumptions from time to time and this is /jp/ after all.

Uh, they have a single different kanji?

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Don't you mean "good Reimu"?

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Both have long black hair, both have hair bows, both have red eyes, and some may even argue that they are both evil.

Other than that, they are completely different characters. Also that was just something one person thought up ages ago.

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But Reimu is evil one ...

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How could somone call her evil?

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Because this.


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Because she's the only stage 6 bosses so far that actually wanted to conquer Gensokyo.

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She wanted to burn down the entire world and turn it into more hell.

Also, I find it amusing that fanon doesn't really care that although it was Orin who called the heroine down to hell in the first place, she apparently got distracted and decided to kill her to feed the fires. Little counter productive there, cat.

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So she loves hell and wants to share the joy with others. Big deal.

And Orin was just testing the PC. Besides, she couldn't just go around telling everyone what she was doing, sending evil spirits overground is a REALLY BAD THING, apparently.

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>So she loves hell and wants to share the joy with others. Big deal.

Hell is a bad place they sent sinners to torture them. I'm pretty sure she knows this, she's not completely retarded. And just look at them evil eyes.

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>Hell is a bad place


Hell ain't a bad place. Hell is from here to eternity.

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Okuu may have had a little bit of an ambitious moment in SA but she is still a sweetheart for more or less taking care of all of Chireiden by providing them with power.

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Like /jp/ wouldn't burn down the world if they could.

/jp/ - Hypocrisy/General

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Yeah, but she was kind of...insane during that time. The only character that has come close to being malicious would be Kanako simply due to the fact that she was trying to oppress Reimu's shrine and get it wiped out to unite Gensokyo under Moriya.

That and she told Utsuho to devour the sun god for its power.

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>It's okay, the Underground City can prosper.
>After all, the only weakness the underground had was that it didn't have a sun!

Though come to think of it, someone sounds really full of herself here.

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Dat thigh high slut. TOO LEWD

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>Mokou cosplaying as Okuu.jpg

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There needs to be more pictures of Okuu eating people.

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It's a sameface/body joke for that artist. He used to mostly draw Mokou like that.

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The artist who drew it draws exactly the same body for everyone he draws. He used to draw a lot of Mokou, so now everyone he draws is Mokou cosplaying.

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It's a joke, as that artist is well known for his Mokou and making sameface characters that make them look identical to her.

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I agree. I cannot deny my waifu her greatest delicacy.

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Hnnng, this artist draws such great tits.

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At least she only eats dead people, unlike most touhous.

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too rude

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You have no idea.

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His doujinshi will never be scanned ;_;

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Rude bump.

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Too polite.

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Bump for Okuu tits

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I want to detonate Okuu's warheads, if you know what I mean.

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ICBMs are ready! Turn the key!

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Tits as big as ones head are my fetish...

Not much bigger though.

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these are also nice

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What are you doing with the censored version?

Here, replace that crap with this.

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Good man. Though I enjoy all sizes, extreme or not, about this size is usually most appealing.

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Especially when they're round, perky, and placed on a slim build... Oh god...

...Be right back...

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We're discussing tits. Care to join us?

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Although I don't want to get off topic, her ass also has widespread support. Okuu is clearly a miracle of the universe.

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How does Okuu manage to be such a sexy busty babe and be extremely cute at the same time? How /jp/? HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

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She's also an extreme badass with like, fifteen X's that can give Ryoma Nagare a run for his money. And don't you forget it.
She has every single base covered.

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>It just sort of happened, I guess
>It's magic, I ain't gotta etc.
>Miracle of the Universe

Pick your poison.

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She's even a ruthless Nuclear Strike Commander.

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saved as 'greatest picture in the solar system.jpg'

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She is simply a miracle of the gene pool, crafted to perfection by the gods themselves.

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you mean zun himself

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Tits you say?

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Yuuka, leave this place.


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fuck off old hag. This is an okuu thread

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Now now, be nice. it's not as if Okuu hasn't already gotten plenty of love already these past couple of months.

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if you want yuuka titts make a yuuka thread. Simple as that.

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I probably could have said that in a nicer way, yeah.


There was a Yuuka thread that didn't go very far yesterday. I liked it.

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This is the picture I always use for staring at to induce lucid dreams of Okuu. It's perfect.

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>Okuu with the Eye of Yatagarasu before she actually eats Yatagarasu
Why do people do this?

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Did it work?

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I've dreamt about her twice so far but not really in the romantic way I imagined. She was just kind of there, smiling. I still need to work on my technique I guess. She is waiting for me!


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I wish you the best, Anonymous. Don't let anything keep you from the girl you love. Let your passion transcend reality.


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so um, are you cheating on aya or someething?

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Not at all. Just posting crowtits in a crowtits thread.

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Admit it though, you'd totally have a threesome with them. How good would that be? Two bird youkai at once.

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what about a foursome?

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I'd prefer not to make any incriminating statements at this time.

In a heartbeat.

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If we're going by that pic it would be a fivesome.

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>Implying you (or any of us sadly) are there or would be there.

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Hey, hey, don't post such things. Bird team sticks together!

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In all seriousness, as much as think Utsuho is hot (ball-bustingly hot, actually)... she deserves more than to be just a passing fancy or an object of lust.

She deserves much, much more than that.

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she needs to be playable in at least one game.

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I should know. I myself purchased a genuine Utsuho dakimakura cover for 17,000 yen. It's been hugged over 10,000 times to produce the finest waifu known to man.

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Meant to say, in a regular danmaku touhou game, not a fighting spin-off. Anyone else want okuu playable in touhou 13?

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That, I'm afraid, would be too awesome.


The answer was "yes". As in, I wouldn't even have to think about it.

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Honestly her sex appeal was the least important thing for me choosing her as my waifu. I appreciate her cuteness and cheerful personality way more.

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I like Okuu but she doesn't make any sense at all as a playable character in a main game.

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Which one do you own? This one is due out in March and I'm definitely getting it. I can't fucking wait.

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Where can one pre-order such a thing of beauty?

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I'm buying mine from: http://web.doujindou.com/view/20175.html

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It always warms my heart to see /jp/ talk about their precious girls. Your love makes me smile. Don't stop believing, you guys.

I wonder if Tom Jones Anonymous is here... I like him, too.

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Yes you're such a sweetheart aren't you...

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I keep clicking on the OP image and just looking at it. I've already saved it twice.

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Okuu threads turn /jp/ers into people that fit for animesuki. Mostly that Aya guy.

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/jp/ - Okuu Culture

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Notice the emblem.

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How can she have such cool eyes yet be so cute at the same time?

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Do you have a problem with love, Anonymous?

I don't want to say that /jp/ has always been about anything in particular and that if you don't agree you should get out BUT plenty of guys here really do care for these girls (and others like them) in ways you clearly don't understand since even before the split... and, to my knowledge, they didn't do it ironically.

Pardon me for "stinking up" the thread earlier. I was just in of those mushy moods.

>> No.6986837


>one of those

How embarrassing. That should fix it, though. Don't mind me.

>> No.6986851

I didn't refer to it that way, I'm alright with having a loving Touhou (myself included) but it's just that the last posts of these threads seem a bit...non-/jp/ and more on the ''kawaii desu waifu i <3s you \(^o^)/'' type of people that you see in places like Youtube among others.

>> No.6986888


Yeah, it was a bit fruity on my part but, like I said, I was in one of those moods. It's not like I can say those things without being completely embarrassed, otherwise.

I also think you might be exaggerating just a bit there.

>> No.6987488


No one is acting like that here. You're blowing things way out of proportion. It's not different than any other character thread so get over your paranoia and take it easy.

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Jesus, /jp/ sure is spammy today...

Bumping with some Okuu related content.


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You have never seen any vocaloid doujin translated.

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Real-life Okuu and Orin in Massechucehsts

>> No.6989773

bump to counter raid

>> No.6989780

It's a zipper.

>> No.6990716

is there a name for that style of shirt she's wearing?

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I predict her shirt is going to explode if those breasts get much bigger.

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I'm so jealous of her rudeness.

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I have basically just backread all /jp/'s okuu threads we've ever had via easymodo. My autism is ultimate.

>> No.6995260

Are they any different from one another? I feel we started running in circles somewhere along the way.

>> No.6995266

During the beginning she was dum but happi, and then Arc tried to make her evil Reimu but no one accepted it. And then we went in circles.

>> No.6995287

whats the search term for this bitch on gelbooru? Can't find shit with 'orin'

>> No.6995318

her full name is rin kaenbyou so the gelbooru tag would be kaenbyou_rin

>> No.6995326

forgot to mention, if your looking for okuu (ya know, the threads about her) full/real name is ustuho reiuji so the tag would be reiuji_utsuho

>> No.6995336

shes a catgirl at the ame time? wtf

>> No.6995345

rin/orin is a cat/catgirl. okuu/ustuho is a hell raven/ravengirl. You are confusing two different characters.

>> No.6995350
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Just "okuu" works too for Danbooru and will pull up the same results, but I don't know about the other booru's. Oddly enough though Rin's nickname won't work in the same way.

Also, she has like FIVE freaking related names on Pixiv.

>> No.6995375

Common themes include:

-Is she dumb? Just how dumb is she, anyway? Maybe she's just forgetful.
-Is she evil? Maybe she's just trying to share something she likes with the world, or maybe she's just shit talking. Maybe she's just so fucking stupid she thought it'd be the right thing to do, somehow.
-Did she lose her powers at the end of SA?
-Holy fuck her cape is awesome. Or, during the early times, her design is completely retarded.
-Evil winged Reimu.
-Okuu gave me cancer. No, but really, she's not radioactive you guys.
-Commonly posted in /b/ raid threads.

>> No.6995392
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Are you sure it's JUST autism or am I sensing a lot of love for her here?

I haven't missed a single Okuu thread in the past year

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>> No.6995446

Pants Land sounds like a wonderful place full of fashionable people.

>> No.6997154
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Why is bird Utsuho so cute?

>> No.6997176
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Japanese bird being cute.

>> No.6998562
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Japanese bird being serviced.

>> No.6998705


>an artist actually depicts Okuu right
>horri shitto