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Say hi to the most popular Touhou generally ignored by the western fanbase.

The Japanese know. Western Oriental magicians are the best magicians.

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He likes characters from the comic books. His opinion is worthless.

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0/10. Those characters were made by ZUN, just like the ones from the games.

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Yotchan is on there?

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Did that hurt your feelings?

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does anyone like moonbitch?

anyone at all

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Pageratta has shit taste in Touhous.

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pageratta has good taste

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I do

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I forgive him because he knows Sanae is naturally inferior to Reimu.

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Favoritism? Your opinion is worthless.

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I like Toyohime.

But Yorihime is shit.

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Stop it, she's a nice girl, she just has trouble expressing her feelings

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This proves all chinese (japan) touhou fans are agressive lesbian women that dye their hair, smoke and dreamed of becoming a reporter when kids.

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Daily dose of autism, compliments of this thread

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I'm the opposite. Yorihime put up a skillful defense of her homeland, while Toyohime just waved some magic moon items around and ate peaches.

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I'm sorry but you meant to post in >>6979597 it's alright though.

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i'd her peaches

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This guy is a fucking weirdo. Who the fuck would put moonbitch and Renko in their top five Touhous? They're pretty much negative in popularity. Funny enough this faggot is probably hipster enough so that he likes that.

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I don't even know who the second and third people are. Reading the thread, the third is one of the moonbitches? Who's the second?

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If you've seen his works you'd know he likes to constantly scrub on people's faces how superior his favourites (especially Marisa) are to every other character in every aspect. I can accept having your pixiv filled with 800 pics of the same character but this is just rude favoritism.

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Yay secondaries

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>Yay secondaries

>Appearances: (Music CDs)

I've only really played the games.

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Fuck the moonbitches they don't count !massive yukari fanboy here

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I'm with you. I don't think >>6979953 knows what secondary means.

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This was discussed once before. The conclusion was that it was silly to divide the fanbase just so others could feel better about themselves.

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I feel sorry for this guy. You probably cant even have a conversation with him about your favorite touhou's without him butting in and talking over you about his shitty favorites.

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What are those who know canon pretty well and play the games called then?

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Is there really much of a story if you just play the games?

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So I'm not allowed to be proud to be a secondaryfag?

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No, but you can make fun of the "primaries" that get so ridiculously uptight about touhou.

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There is. It's nothing compared to reading print works but still is something.

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So it'd be like having a conversation about our favorite Touhous on /jp/.

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I've read some of the print works. Not the one that has the moonbitches in though since I've heard it's absolutely horrible. Haven't got around to the music.

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Read those music CD stories and CoLA. Then look up the names of Yukari's spellcards.

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The music CDs are pretty good.

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I dont know what this thread is about but Marisa is the best.

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Well, you can't be proud for missing something.
But it's fine if you are not interested.

Still, we wil call you a secondary since you can't join in on a discussion about Touhou canon.

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Why call them anything? They just don't want to participate in your discussions.

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>implying ZUN's supplementary fiction isn't canon.

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It's worth reading if you like the series. The main part everyone gets mad about isn't even that bad.

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No, it's because they want to participate in those discussions without knowing the canon that we need to call them secondaries.
And when something comes up they don't like they throw a fit and try to argument against it with bits from touhouwiki without knowing the full picture.

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Yeah, you're taking this way too seriously.