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>Official Touhou Art

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But I like the official art.

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Get out.

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damaged goods

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What's the story behind this picture?

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Ellen is your mother. She loves you very much.

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Official art is the best art. Fan art is generic art style I cant tell artists apart.

go greentext story and reaction image over there.

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She is goods, that got damaged in a metaphorical way.

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>Fan art is generic

Are you blind? Fan art varies as much as DNA you jackass.

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ZUNART thread?
lets do this

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It has grown on me. It shall grow on you, too. It has a strange charm.

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ZUNart BESTart

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Well if it isn't little witch miss charlotte.

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Oh wow even I can draw better.

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The eyes... the hair... hangs with slightly creepy taller blonde...

Yup. As much as I hate to admit it, that's bound to be Ran.

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It's not about quality.
Just as ZUN said, "Doing what the professionals do and making them like that makes it loose originality. Besides, don't you find such things adorable?"
Well, I do.

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I love how he colors dresses.

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That one wasn't by ZUN. But it sure is convincing, eh?

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Oh wow. I never expected YOU to say that.

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No anon, everything must look like cookie cutter anime designs. Stop trying to be original and stop liking things that other anon doesn't like.

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Too many copycats nowadays, I don't know what is ZUN anymore.

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Get it right you fuck.

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Yeah, I checked pixiv for that guy that drew touhous in ZUN's PC-98 style and it took a while to find him with the right tag because of all the pages.

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that concludes my dump

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I hope you were not overjoyed, since you would be very disappointed to learn any suggestion of the sort was and could only have been in jest.

That sort of question could only have one answer.

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No, KamS' stuff really doesn't look like anything like ZUN's drawings.

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I'm actually disappointed and by no means overjoyed.

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I beg do differ

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This is a very interesting image. Are all of these drawn by ZUN?

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It's ZUN art throughout the years.

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That looks forced as hell.

Yes, they where.

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You can go look around ZUN's site for them here

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You wouldn't happen to be the guy from that Ran thread weeks ago, would you?

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Yukari likes it when you shoot off her clothes

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Heh, gets me everytime

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ZUN's faces give me a burning sensation in my chest

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Is it... love?

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>dem eyes

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IN Sakuya looks good, but that right hand looks weird.

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I myself prefer IN Youmu. Looks pretty nice, I think. There was an uncolored drawing of Youmu ZUN drew that I liked quite a bit, but I can't find it sadly.

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I wish I'd saved and organized ZUN art better, because I'm sure I've seen that. And yeah IN Youmu is relentlessly cute.

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