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Why is everyone on this board so hateful to each other?

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We're not. We just hate shitty threads.

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Old posters left, newfriends don't know how to take it easy.

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What is love?

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>'Hurp, /jp/ is the easiest board to troll'.

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Implying you are not sexy as fuck and your waifu doesn't love you volunteerily. We should foster understanding, not hate.

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back to /a/, we hate your kind here.

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I've noticed I've been miserable lately. Thankfully this sudden warm weather has put me in a good mood. Let's Positive Thinking!

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post more saten

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she's a true beauty.

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>all of you saging should go back to /jp/ and stay there. leave /a/ to people who actually care about anime.

OL newfags still take sage as an insult

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duno as HELL <__<I|I

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/jp/ was so much more hateful a while ago.

Deep down, /jp/ is the most loving board I think. I actually really love a lot of you guys.

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you said it

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>'Hurp, /jp/ is the easiest board to troll'.

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/jp/ is like a strict but fair tsundere father.

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wicked bruv, /jp/ I LOVE IT!

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I love you too, my friend.
But I hate Saten spammer.

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Jp/ is filled with classy brs, like you.

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Shut the fuck up. Get out and take your shitposts with you.

Reported & saged.

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Do you hate Saten or the spammer?

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I hate you

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The spammer, I didn't watch railgun or whatever this anime is called.

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Itsuwa is my OTP

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See what's happening to this thread? That's why.

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I think the spam has stopped, hooray.

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My guess is that he was some European friend who went to bed and was trying to settle some kind of forced meme.