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Do you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror?

I have to close my mirror (cabinet style mirrors in bathroom), and put the blinds over any windows of my apartment so that I can't ever see my reflection. When I see myself walking by mirror like windows or something it makes me feel really uncomfortable.

I thought something just I did, but when I heard that Ulillillia is scared of mirrors too, I wondered if it might be a hikikomori thing.


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annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm depressed.

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Yeah, I hate mirrors. And cameras. And anything that can possibly show me that I exist.

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Then i take a shower and shave. Then everything is alright

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He has super severe OCD to the point it might as well be called autism.

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I'm fairly good looking, and accept the fact that i'm a parasite and a cancer on society. I some how even like what i am.

I'm sure i have some mental problem, because i see no problem with being apathetic to everything and somehow even enjoy being alone. This is not to say if a female came into my life who accepted me as i am i wouldn't jump at the chance of making some kind of relationship. I guess there is still a bit of 'normal' left in me, as i sort of crave the human affection some times.

Surprisingly, picture is related.

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I am OK with mirrors. But I can't stand having my photo taken AT ALL, much to the chagrin of my dad on holidays, birthdays etc.

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No, I like seeing my reflection. I think I'm pretty handsome, especially when I take care of myself.

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I used to be like that when I was a teenager, but now I don't really make an effort to avoid mirrors. I've learned to accept who I am.

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So you've basically lost all hope?

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No, I flex in front of the mirror every morning.

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I also like to make silly faces to entertain myself.

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I'm a trap.

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How do you survive? I hope you can provide me with some nice ideas.

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I just hate everyone. Everyone is a asshole. I've given up on even trying to friends with people long ago and whenever people speak to me now trying to be nice , I see straight through their bull shit and just tell them to fuck off. I can just tell when people talking to me are doing so just to mock me and treat me like I'm retarded because of their tone of voice and their body language. There is hardly anyone that I can actually talk to. I hate people.

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it's like hearing your voice on recording.

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For a normal life, yes, but I don't think that's what I wanted in the first place.

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My parents, denial, delusions, escapism.
I'm still fairly young, so there's that thought of still having time to change. I predict once i'm not a teenager anymore i'll fall into a deep depression and probably an hero. I can't really help you, anon. We're all different. I just happened to have made up some diluted logic to help me accept who am for the time being.


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No anon. You're the asshole, and you're trying to justify your failing at life by blaming everything on everybody else. The sooner you realize this, the sooner your life can get better.

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I love to see people who describe themselves like this, they're always fascinatingly hideous but don't realize it.

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>on a forum talking to people

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Thank you anyway.

I'm 26. Don't delude yourself into thinking "I'll mature over time." You have to work on yourself and your issues, they won't get automagically fixed. That's my piece of advice for you.

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I actually enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. I lick the mirror many times a day.

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It's more of a self-hate thing.

I'm pretty good looking, I'm always surprised by that when I look at myself. It's like I expect some old, ugly guy as if to reflect my lifestyle and failures.

I dunno, but yeah, I avoid looking at myself.

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yeah I think my mind stopped changing at 19 or so and since then I've just gained experience and consciously changed myself

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This is so durr that I want to punch you.

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Your situation piques my interest because I can't relate at all. I love looking at myself and I was under the impression most men did (as opposed to women who are tormented by their appearance).

I think it has less to do with the way you look and more to do with the fact that you are ashamed of being a hikki or NEET or what have you. Like, the way I see it there is no aspiration in life that has ANY meaning whatsoever except for one: enjoying yourself.

Building a financial legacy? Failure.
Helping the poor? Failure. You'll die anyway, fucker.
Sitting around enjoying yourself alone until the day you die? Success, as long as you're happy.

You won the game of life. Unfortunately other people have been brainwashed into actually believing they need to meet some kind of 'quota' to succeed at life. So just accept that other people are full of shit and you have it worked out. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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I'm the opposite, I can't stop looking in the mirror, pull funny faces, talk to myself. I'm one handsome dude.

Narcissism to the max.

Been a 3 year NEET, and okay with it. Some people are just better at mental gymnastics I suppose.

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Even though I do things like shave and cut my hair I'm still pretty ugly so I don't like looking at myself. Feels okay I guess.

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I wonder why it is, that I've always found neets, hikkis, recluses and so forth to be so incredibly narcissistic.

You could see it a lot on /r9k/ too, it was often obvious that the people involved had incredibly high opinions of themselves (despite all evidence of course.)

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No I work out 4 days a week so I am always looking at myself flexing.

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Same here. I may be a NEET, but my self-esteem is fairly high even with my current environment and situation. I guess it's just that good ol' american narcissism. Polls have shown that what we lack in intelligence we make up in confidence.

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I guess it has various reasons. For one thing the majority of people think they are better than others, if you don't that's actually unhealthy. There is a difference between thinking you're better than others and acting like an asshole though.

That aside the idea that other people suck might be what drives us to reclusion in the first place. I know that applies to me.

Also we don't have anyone around that plays foul passive-aggressive social games that make you worry and lower your self-esteem.

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Yes, I get really uncomfortable trying to make my hair look half decent which is impossible since i havent washed or cut it in like a year.

Can't be fucked.

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>>6966780 For me it's because I'm the only person I love. Not on the surface though, I hate the way I look but just myself on the inside. I hate the world and they hate me too.

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Why did that just come out in green text?...

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>>6966816 because the line starts with a >

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I'm fascinated by how ugly I am so I stare at the mirror for minutes.

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Post a picture of yourself. Not like you have any friends to recognize you, right?

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I hate the fact that im so ugly, fat looking and yet childish even thought im not a teenager

...thats why im doing gym

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I was reading A Confederacy of Dunces last night and realized /jp/ is Ignatius Reilly. Seriously.

It is about a manchild who lives with his mother and can't drive a car. Is enraged at the perversion of childrens TV shows screaming about the kids being perverted whores who should be gassed etc. Doubts that people who wear modern or expensive clothes have souls. etc etc

The part where he was waiting for his mother to buy him cake and the cop asks for ID so he whips him with a lute string, really funny stuff.

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I now feel compelled to browse that site. Thanks a lot, OP.

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Honestly it improves my self confidence, I take a shower and can brush my hair and teeth without a mirror. (My hair's short-medium) When I don't look at myself I forget how unattractive I am and am actually a lot more confident and charismatic when I don't realize how I look.

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You know, I didn't realize it but the same is actually true for myself as well. If I look at myself long enough I can convince myself I'm hideous, but if I just don't think about it I can get on with life.

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Internet, why did you not tell me about Ulillillia?

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Turn off your computer screen.
Now gaze into your reflection. Scared? Turn the screen back on. Your reflection will no longer be visible.
But even so, it is still there, silently watching you.
Judging you.
Reminding you that no matter how you try to hide yourself, you still exist, as hollow and as useless as that existence may be...
Your hopes and dreams are just that- dreams. And they will never come to fruition.

It doesn't have to be like that, though... there's a place you can go where your dreams can become real. A place where the borders between fantasy and reality are broken and blurred...

You already know its name.

All you have to do to get here... well, I really shouldn't even have to say it by now, should I?
You might not want to. I understand that. But one day, the burden you bear will become too much for you to handle...
And when that day comes, I will be waiting for you, here in the world where you belong.

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To sleep... perchance to dream..

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But Yukari, my LCD has a matte finish and doesn't reflect ;_;

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While all the Hikkis are here:

How many of you have long term plans that involve killing yourself?

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I'm pretty narcissist so no, I'm not scared of mirrors.
In, fact, I will look at anything that reflects my face.

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You will not go to Gensokyo.
When you die you become a corpse.

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You will not go to Gensokyo.
When you die you become a corpse.

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Not at all. There's no need to afraid of yourself.

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Holy shit, a mirror

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Komachi barely does the work she h
as now、 don’t give her more!

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I just hope to die, I'll never gather the guts to kill myself.

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Always the pessimist, eh?
Your name wouldn't happen to be "NO FUN ALLOWED", would it?
Oh, my bad, looks like Miss "NO FUN ALLOWED" is already here.

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When I look at my face in the mirror and act all serious, I will start to smile a tiny bit and then seeing that adds feedback until I'm laughing at the mirror. So it actually raises my spirits looking at it, I guess. Cracking myself up.

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What, you don't recognize me from all the other portal threads?

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Yukari、 I’m warning you。。。

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Yukari, can you not take my life yourself?
Even if I cannot go to Gensokyo, to die by your hand would be a better death than any this world has to offer.

Or you could, you know, just gap me over without this suicide nonsense.

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No, to be quite honest, I don't.
Then again, I don't really pay attention to humans unless they're interesting.

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I'm too scared of the pain to think about that.
But I know that one day I won't be able to maintain this lifestyle anymore and since going back to a "normal" life is out of the question, I'll have no choice but to suicide.

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If you're going to role play, do it in Japanese.

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Get the fuck out.

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Okay, fine, fine.
Kids, don't do suicide, it's bad for you. Just say "NO"!
Happy now?
Why should I bring you to Gensokyo? I don't even know who you are, let alone what your intentions are. Besides, If I brought you here as you are right now, you'd be a sitting duck for hungry youkai. You wouldn't last a day.
And NO, you cannot live with me.

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Yeah I will also have no choice. I don't know how I'm going to do it though.

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No I like to flex in the mirror

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Much better、 thank you。
I’ll be going now、 lots to do。

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My plan is basically to live the next 2-3 years stretching what cash reserves I have left and using my very dollars to buy a plane ticket to tibet or nepal and going to die in the mountains by maybe starvation or just jumping off a cliff.

>> No.6967001

>maybe by starvation
Have fun with that.

>> No.6967004

Yeah hence the mountain range part, just so I can hopefully end it quickly if need be.

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You could always try training yourself in martial arts, and then challenge a monk to a death match.

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There's got to be some kind of poe's law for JP, something like, you can't make a post about your own lifestyle so depraved that other people don't relate to it.

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40-60 days depending on your will to live. A whole year if you're obese.

Of course if you don't drink water you will die quickly.

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>A whole year if you're obese
Fat people are amazing.

On an unrelated note, Mayohiga is always described as a village, but I always thought the Yakumos were the only ones living there. Is it an abandoned village with empty houses everywhere and then Yukari's place, or is it just the large building of Yakumo?

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I don't mind looking in the mirror occasionally. I only do it when I'm shirtless though, since I have a rather feminine torso. When I see my face, I'm fairly androgynous, but not enough that I don't notice masculine features, thus my face disgusts me and reminds me that I'll never become a good trap (even if this isn't true, it sure feels that way). I'm also pretty androgynously ugly too. I cannot look at a photo of me though. I have never taken a good photo, I look like a retarded person in most of them, and often get confused for my aunt since I don't take care of my appearance. Holiday pictures with me and my siblings are all over the house too, I can never leave my room now because of it. I sicken myself. I think I'm actually less ugly up close, but from far away I'm hideous. There are no pictures of me on the internet as far as I know, thank god. Hopefully I can take this to the grave when I kill myself at age 22.

>> No.6967030

We can call it Chen's Law of mutual squalor.

>> No.6967036

I like it.

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9 minutes.

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Am I the only person on /jp/ who is overweight, ugly and has a small penis? Seriously.

>> No.6967064

Every single person here has at least one. They just all still think they're the greatest person to ever walk the earth.

>> No.6967073

So that means it's now a real thing? Cool. I never thought I'd invent a 'law'

>> No.6967075

You're taking the self-berating way too far.
It's too far when you start making baseless claims.

>> No.6967086

I got all three. I'm working on the overweight thing, though I have been for 7 years

>> No.6967090

I eat and eat and don't gain weight. Even weirder, I regularly experience vitamin deficiencies and I lose weight if I don't eat more than 4000 calories a day, even though all I do is sit on /jp/ all day. I'm 6' 170lbs right now.

>> No.6967100

Wow, I think I hate you.
I still love you since you're on /jp/

>> No.6967116

Since I feel like clarifying this to a bunch of anonymous posters, I'll have you know that my penis is seven inches long and five and a half inches in circumference.

>> No.6967129

You know, /r9k/ would have been a lot happier if they had just quit trying to be normalfags. They should have embraced their inner directionless pedophile and been happy.

>> No.6967130

Yeah I knew I was in a downward spiral when not only could I not look other people in the eye, but I couldn't look my own reflection in the eye either.

>> No.6967152

Ha. Due to Klinefelter's, my penis is tiny and worthless. But I already accepted that my fetish is to have my penis be worthless and be a loving trap bride to a fellow neet/hikki. All I need is to get away from my conservative family so I can get on hormones and I win it won't happen until I'm too manly to be passable ;_;

>> No.6967213

I have no mirrors in my house.

>> No.6967223

Let's see:
✔ Aversion to sunlight
✔ Aversion to mirrors
✔ Aversion to being shot with silver bullets
✔ Aversion to having a wooden stake driven through heart

/jp/ just might be full of vampires.

>> No.6967226

140 pounds and lean, attractive alpha-as-fuck appearance, 7.5 inches.

None of these matter and none of them will get you laid/friends unless you have the personality to back it up. That's why you see fatasses scoring pieces of booty left and right. Women run on emotion and want a sensitive person who can pretend to care.

>> No.6967230

You spelt money wrong.

>> No.6967237

>✔ Aversion to being shot with silver bullets
>✔ Aversion to having a wooden stake driven through heart
I've seen so much weird shit here, it makes me think some part of /jp/ has a fetish for those.

>> No.6967249

>Aversion to being shot with silver bullets
>Aversion to having a wooden stake driven through heart
Well everyone is probably like that. Maybe everyone's half vampire?

>> No.6967255

Bitch please, only titanium stakes through the heart affect me.

>> No.6967261

There's been creepy reclusive people throughout the ages. In the past, they might have been called vampires. In this day and age, we call them otaku.

>> No.6967263

I have Marfan syndrome, so I don't like to look in the mirror. I get caught up in trying to find clothes that don't hang baggy on my arms, fixing my hair, exfoliating my face, and then I remember that it's pointless, because I'll still be a pale walking skeleton. Nobody respects you when you look like that, no matter how well dressed you are, how good your skin looks, or what your hair looks like.

>> No.6967269

Yeah I'm a fatass and don't like seeing how bad I've gotten

>> No.6967275

I knew a guy with breast grab syndrome. It was hard as hell to know him. I feel for you, you sad bastard.

>> No.6967280


Actually, dude, I think I can say with confidence that you are judging yourself far harsher than the public at large will.

From what I know of normals, the skinny thing is overlooked way easier than poor hygiene, which it sounds like you don't have a problem with. I'm pretty sure it doesn't even ping with a lot of people at all.

Give yourself a break.

>> No.6967281

Bleh... Sorry bro. At least you're not infertile, though.. Well maybe you are, I don't know much about Marfan syndrome other than it fucks up tissue. I hope there are no complications and you live a good life though. If I were in your room I'd hug you.

>> No.6967282

Yeah, I can see that. Normals feed on the misery of others, we feed on society to support us. We're all bloodsuckers.

>> No.6967284

I had a friend who did that. I have Klinefelter's, and I'm overweight, so I have pretty womanly bosoms, and we just kept groping at them suddenly. Fucking pervert.

>> No.6967293

I hate looking at myself in the mirror. Objectively speaking, I think I'm reasonably attractive, but I can't stand to look at my appearance.

I often have dark circles under my eyes for whatever reason (even when I get lots of sleep), and I get very conscious about them. I'm also bothered by my hair a lot of them time (I always try to fix it when I'm in public, to the point where I get worried that people think I'm weird for doing so).

>> No.6967306

What the hell is this? I've heard about it somewhere before

>> No.6967312

Why Ulillillia doesn't play minecraft?

>> No.6967316

googled it and laughed. now i feel bad for laughing. i haven't felt that feel in a while. what a rush.

>> No.6967322

Fuck tails.

>> No.6967332

Nah, doesn't bother me. I'm a fat ugly piece of shit, but so what? I've been looking at myself every day of my life. It's nothing new to me. To me, seeing this face looks normal.

>> No.6967338

It's not funny to me ;_;
I'm curious, though what did you find funny?

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He might have thought this was funny, if he looked at images. I might have laughed if I had never heard of Klinefelter's Syndrome.

>> No.6967351

'Abnormally large breasts'

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>> No.6967356

He was thrilled to find out there were actually other men less masculine than himself.

I googled it and sighed deeply before being grateful for having normal genetics. If that happened to me I'm not sure what I'd do. Kill myself probably.

>> No.6967360

That guy doesn't look like he has it.

Well it's basically that you have XXY instead of XY or XX. So you're a freaky hybrid of men and women, but neither at the same time. I have wider hips, a smaller penis that normal and breasts that aren't quite formless enough to be called manboobs. I also have no facial or much body hair, either. I actually want to become a woman with hormones but my parents are conservative, so meh.

>> No.6967363

It's not that bad. I have as low a chance of getting laid as anyone here, and I never leave my house. It doesn't really matter.

>> No.6967372

I never read the wikipedia article but I'm reading it now, so I actually don't have it as bad as most people, I can have kids with artificial insemination since I just have a very low sperm count, and I'm actually really short. So.. I guess I got lucky?

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File: 118 KB, 1280x720, Neck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're pathetic. I would kill myself if I were you. You're literally a joke of a human being. Thanks for making me feel better about myself. I'm not even trolling, I'm an overweight shut in who works at a retail store, but now I have something to feel good about. Wow, I'm actually in a really good mood now.

>> No.6967412

No, you are worse than him.

>> No.6967416

Are you serious?

Go back to /a/ or /b/ or wherever you came from, normal.

>> No.6967421

Are you serious? I've been here for about 2 years now. You can't seriously look at this loser and not feel good about yourself. It's called Schadenfreude bro.

>> No.6967422

> I'm an overweight shut in who works at a retail store
>shut in
>works at a retail store
You don't know what you're talking about, normal.

>> No.6967430



Get the fuck out. No one wants you here. You're a fucking piece of shit.

>> No.6967431

Just because I work doesn't mean I want to. I can't believe you people think I'm the freak, here. Just look at this kleinfelters kid. What a mutant freak.

>> No.6967434

>I've been here for about 2 years now
No, you haven't.

>> No.6967449


You're lying.

>> No.6967451

Yeah, I have. I joined /b/ back in jan 09. I think you people have forgotten that when we see a retard like above, we laugh at them. That's what Anonymous is.

>> No.6967454


Oh my God, get the fuck off this board, you fucking moron.

>> No.6967462


>That's what Anonymous is

Whoa. WHOA. This guy's not serious, is he?

>> No.6967463
File: 497 KB, 900x1199, 1296928090317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks... guys.

>> No.6967466

Just leave him. If he wants to feel good about himself let him. Got nothing to do with us.

>> No.6967471

Good god, "here" is not /b/.
"Here" is /jp/
You have not been on /jp/ for two years.
You have no place on this board, especially with your misguided affection toward Anonymous, you preteen piece of filth.

Fuck you.

>> No.6967473


I can only speak for myself, Anonymous... but if I'm gonna make fun of someone in a mean-spirited way - it's certainly not going to be for something like their appearance.


>> No.6967476
File: 58 KB, 600x750, AnonymousBecause.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow. I thought you guys were better than this.

>> No.6967483

We aren't.

Go back to /b/.

>> No.6967496

I love this board for using "normal" as an insult.

>> No.6967500

/a/ does the same.

You should leave this board and post there instead.
It's faster too.

>> No.6967511

>>6967360 I actually want to become a woman with hormones but my parents are conservative, so meh.
Wouldn't hormone treatment bring you closer to normality? Or is your appearance fairly masculine? Either way, you're a few steps closer to being a little girl than most of us.

>> No.6967522 [DELETED] 

Well at the moment I'm 3/4 male and 1/4 female, I'd say. So yeah, I want to take hormones and become fully female bodied but it's not going to happen unless I can get my own apartment.

>> No.6967523

I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Thanks /jp/

>> No.6967533

Fags, your all fags...

And that freak should off itself,


>> No.6967535

I have trouble looking away from the mirror. I'll always stop to admire various aspects of my appearance grin to myself and testing out facial expressions and idle poses. If someone else were to judge my appearance, they probably wouldn't think anything special of it, but I really like it and can spend a lot of time admiring it.

>> No.6967536

Well at the moment I'm 3/4 male and 1/4 female, I'd say. So yeah, I want to take hormones and become fully female bodied but it's not going to happen unless I can get my own apartment. I get confused for a woman, even while talking, though I guess an unattractive one since I don't take any care of myself. Living along would be a bigger step than this shitty hybrid body. Thanks for defending me guys but he's pretty much right, I'm a parasite.

>> No.6967541

What the hell is wrong with you?

>> No.6967542

This is sort of unrelated, but if you guys are reading a book and it describes someones facial expression, do you impulsively try and pull the same expression? Or is this just my specific form of autism?

>> No.6967547

No, that's just a habit. I do sometimes read the voices in manga and books out loud until my voice hurts, though.

>> No.6967549


He is GOD

>> No.6967557

When I draw facial expressions, I do this.

>> No.6967562

Hey guys I know you are jealous of /b/ for having more posts but please dont be angry at me. i think you guys should be friendlyer to newcomers, im a femanon too so my feelings get hurt. i think this board would be better with more girl posters.

>> No.6967563
File: 187 KB, 496x480, bea_nayamua1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know that feeling.

>> No.6967564

Fuck /b/ is a shithole. I feel like a retard after just reading some of this shit.

>lol calling you normal is an insult apparently.

>lol wtf. we don't even do that on /x/

>HAHAHA wtf. they are horrible excuses for anonymous. they shoud be called something else

Who are these morons?

I hope this crosspost doesn't bring in that swine.

>> No.6967571

I love looking normal and having normal looking friends. Just kill yourself, OP. I know you won't be having sex with anything remotely human, but you still shouldn't be alive.

>> No.6967572
File: 75 KB, 640x170, 1297074810758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6967575

>I hope this crosspost doesn't bring in that swine.
Too late.

>> No.6967581

They actually use textspeak without any sort of sarcasm.
I don't think even /vp/ is that bad.

>> No.6967583

I dont understand.
Isnt this a good thing? Not like you will have the chance to use your small dick or use it to create a new generation.
Lose the fucking weight it isn't that hard.
Oats everyday, workout and you will make a damm fine trap. Incase anyone want to accuse me of being fat, I am 150pound 5' 8".

>> No.6967585

I'll tell you what we need, better trolls. Seriously, do kids these days think that claiming to be a woman automatically makes your post rage-worthy?

Femanon here, btw.

>> No.6967587

> I am 150pound 5' 8".
That's fat.
I'm 5'9'' and 110lbs.

Starve more, /b/tard.

>> No.6967589

jerking off to animu is good exercise.

>> No.6967595

6'6'' and 150 pounds reporting in.

>> No.6967598
File: 71 KB, 382x363, 1295973308154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That's what Anonymous is.
You probably think raids are funne too and very random because anonymous is legion.

Listen kid. /b/ is the tutorial island of 4chan where all the newcomer learn their steps. Some complete it and visit other boards. Other fail it and stay on /soc/ and/or facebook.
Come back after 2 more years and maybe you'll overcome your /b/-phase and change direction.

One more thing. Read the global rules. You must be 18 to be here eh?

>> No.6967603

Sarcastic textspeak is worse than unironic textspeak.

>> No.6967605

I am fit.
Why are you so jealous? 110pound? I dont even want to look like a drug addict. Enjoy looking like a stick.

>> No.6967608

>I think you people have forgotten that when we see a retard like above, we laugh at them. That's what Anonymous is.
You're right, actually. The thing you've failed to see is the retard we're laughing at is you.

>> No.6967611

No, you're fat.
I can smell your stench from here., fatass.

Law off the pizza.
Eat some ramen.

>> No.6967613
File: 150 KB, 689x767, 1293656234999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you doing to yourself, /jp/?

>> No.6967615

>im a femanon too so my feelings get hurt
From my experience it's males that are more prone to get their feelings hurt. This is the biggest lesson I've ever got from this site.

>> No.6967621

I would rather be overweight like a motherfucker than be some Wapanese piece of shit.

>> No.6967622

I gotta say, this thread has me a little weirded out for some reason.

>> No.6967625
File: 95 KB, 653x675, 1297101149209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can we please invade /jp/? reading that shit gave me a headache.

>> No.6967626

So you admit you're fat, fatass?
Reaching for a jelly donut now, I bet?

It isn't hard to get skinny, bro. Just stop eating so damn much.

>> No.6967631


>> No.6967632 [DELETED] 

lol u tk him 2da bar|?

>> No.6967633

lol k
have fun being an outcast at school
i guess anime club is fun

>> No.6967635

I feel sorry for the guy I'm looking at in the mirror.

>> No.6967636

this stuff is ILLEGAL in many, many countries

reported this thread for illegal content, enjoy getting baned

i wont have u losers shite up my favourite site and get it shut down coz of your sick perversions

>> No.6967637
File: 110 KB, 600x450, 8507810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Don't mind me.


>> No.6967638

C'mon, surely you can do better than that.

>> No.6967639

Hey this is /b/ sorry about my /b/ros. I know that /jp/ has the oldfags in it. I respect you're wisdom.

>> No.6967641

You're trying too hard, /jp/edo.

>> No.6967644
File: 103 KB, 473x480, 1283725686888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6967645

5' 8" / 150 pound = BMI22.8
5' 9" / 110 pound = BMI16.2

>Underweight = <18.5
>Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
>Overweight = 25–29.9
>Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

I hope you enjoy getting bully for being a wimp and looking like a girl.

>> No.6967650
File: 132 KB, 170x383, 8ac8b9f9be0bea250e21bfbad1081f75.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


18.7 BMI reporting in. Age for mr. fatty.

>> No.6967652


Where's your source? Don't got one, huh?
I bet you made that up to make yourself feel better about your multiple chins.

>> No.6967654

I look pale as fuck with dark circles under my eyes.It's like looking at a sick Vampire in the mirror.

>> No.6967657

Yes I edited the wikipedia entry to make myself not fat.

>> No.6967660

I bet you don't even know what BMI stands for. Hang on, open google in another tab, I'll wait.

>> No.6967661

Like Twilight? That's pretty cool I guess

>> No.6967662

is /jp/ being raided?

>> No.6967669

>>6967639 you're
heh, oh u

Why bother? It would be like beating a dead carcass. Useless and nothing would be accomplished. /jp/ has been raided to hell and back countless times and all we do is leave and come back later to rebuild.

>> No.6967671

Currently, yes. /b/ this time.

According to this thread, one /b/tard came over to see how cool and edgy the rest of us were, and was dismayed entirely when we failed to live up to his expectations, so linked us to /b/ to get his people to laugh at us.

>> No.6967673

oh cool, where are we goin this time when were raided?

>> No.6967677

>Yes I edited the wikipedia entry to make myself not fat.
>I edited the wikipedia entry to make myself not fat.

Case closed, fatty. Jealous of my swimmer body?
It's okay, you can stare.

Same place as always.

>> No.6967678

Message to the /b/tards in this thread. Do you actually think that Klinefelter's Syndrome dude is a hilarious mutant who deserves to die? I just want to confirm you people aren't all as bad as that prick.

>> No.6967689

one thread has two-three /b/tards in it = raided? oh wow lol

>> No.6967691

haha now were gonna go there too idiot.

>> No.6967696

OP here, should I delete this thread?

>> No.6967699

That could stop the problem or they could spread out into the rest of /jp/

>> No.6967702

Nah, don't bother. They'll go away before the thread dies a natural death.

>> No.6967711

That's how /b/tards operate. A couple of people shitposting on the same board = raided into oblivion. Got a guy to reply to your insincere post = trolled hard.

>> No.6967716

wtf is /jp/ even about? just whining about stuff? we do that on /b/ this board doesn't need to exist.

>> No.6967717


>> No.6967719

One day I hadn't looked at myself in a mirror for like 2 years and was surprised at how I looked afterward.

I shave and brush my teeth but it was always so early in the morning and usually in the dark that I had seriously never properly saw myself in the mirror for multiple years.

>> No.6967720

That would be really nice. It's incomprehensible to me how retareded /b/tards are, they belong nowhere but there.

>> No.6967723

>One day
>2 years

>> No.6967727

i think I am a sexy hikkikomori..... Except for my premature male pattern balding. I am only 22 why the fuck is this happening to me!?

>> No.6967730

It's about little girls in funny hats.

>> No.6967740

I know you are trying to troll me but stay classy man.
No matter how bad and how deserted bunbunmaru is, they dont deserve a /b/ raid.

I have edited all articles and information about BMI on the internet. You are a fucking thin faggot while I am fit as fuck. You jealous?

>> No.6967742

Oh man, you have to get vitamin D tablets. It's because you don't get enough sun. I started taking them and it stopped my balding.

>> No.6967742,1 [INTERNAL] 

Honestly, just ignore them, you retards.

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