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Hey guys!

You enjoying your Valentine's Day? I'm spending Valentine's Day alone this year (I don't think I've ver had a Valentine).

This wouldn't upset me, per se, had my mom not felt obligated to send me a card, which made me feel like a bit of a loser.

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There's already a thread for this.

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How lucky, here I was just thinking we didn't have enough valentine threads already.
Thanks OP!

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I didn't see any.

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>This wouldn't upset me, per se, had my mom not felt obligated to send me a card, which made me feel like a bit of a loser.
Same thing happened to me. Aw gawd.

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Tell me about it, I know, looking past the front page is a gargantuous task better left for faggots.

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I fucking love those candies!

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Good thing my mom isn't overly caring and a cool women and that's why she hates me with all her heart for being the pathetic loser and shame for my family, and thus I recieved not a single valentine's card.

We already have enough threads though.

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I'm sorry. Do you want to be my Valentine?

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Wondering why normalfags are shitting up /jp/, aren't they suppose to be out on dates and such today? Must be tough being a loser by your own standards.

Anyone else notice how you can't throw a rock lately without nailing 2 normalfags in the face with it(Not that, that's bad)

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They are slightly less losers feeling "ronery" for the day and looking at /jp/ for companionship, because we all know the best way to feel better about yourself is surround yourself with people worse than you are, better yet if easily discardable like the board system allows you to do.

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I'm sorry if I offended.

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You sound very fucking gay.

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What ever, I've been coming to /jp/ for a year now.

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Go find a girlfriend, normalfag. Stop taking out your frustration on /jp/ because you're a loser by your own standards. Like I said, you can't even toss a rock without a nailing a normalfag in the face lately.

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Is that a bad thing? A board should find strength in its diversity.

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Yeah but I wasn't talking about you specifically. OR do you have a guilry conscience?

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I have no desire to find anyone, boy of girl. The only times that I've really needed anyone are when I was about to kill myself. When I'm in the zone, I keep to myself.

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That would be called asexual, I think. That's pretty normal.

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Let me guess...you are a dude right?

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Never seems to be a girl complaining about valentines day on 4chan.

I stopped caring last year.

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I'm not a normalfag you fucking, never had a girlfriend and i'm interested in that shit.

You need to grow up.

"Oh you disagree wit me? well u r a normalfag and u use febook and u greentext and and and u are shiposter, so u go back to bee, DERP."

I just said that you sound very fucking gay everytime you talk.

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You can hear me over the internet? The only person who seems stupid is you, what kind of dumb response is that anyway? I sound gay, huh? No, I just hit a nerve with my post. Did I describe you my post, is that why you didn't like it?

Great choice of a picture, you find that on /b/? Making fun of disabled children is /jp/ related now you /b/tard?

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You seem to have made a mistake. This is /jp/ NEET & Hikikomori/General.

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I wish I had a valentine.

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I have a valentine. She has E-cups. good-day all.

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>mfw Valentine's day

And I don't want to cook/buy something for my Mistress, just to eat it myself later.

I'll just silently love her as I do everyday.

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Valentine's Day is my favorite day of the year.

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I wish /jp/ Quality Control would be my valentine this year.

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Wow anon, you are so alpha.

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I wish [insert tripfag here] would be my valentine this year.

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Greentext users need to go back to /b/. You also need to go back to /b/, normalfriend.
Also reported for homophobia and reaction image.

I swear those normalfriends try to hard sometime.

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I've heard that Quality Control wants anon to be his valentine too. Oh joy. You're both gay for each other.

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It's truly a dream come true for me to read that.

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