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Which is the rudest Touhou?

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Marisa/Komachi, depending on your definition. This is well-established.

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Hardboiled Reimu is the best Reimu.

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I thought this was a pretty bad thread... oh well, different tastes.

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depends, but i'm gonna say yukari.

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Girls don't have penii.

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Confirmed for shit taste.

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Oh man, here come the alcohol elitists. This thread keeps going from strength to strength.

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Who's the bottom most?
The frills make it look like Remilia, but it's not.

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The most plain Touhou (if you remove her flying cloth).

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Who's that next to Komachi?

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>>6951420 alcohol elitists
Is there such a thing?
Cheap beer brands taste like piss, this is fact.

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I'll allow it.

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Fanon shit.

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That's not Mills Lane at all, Anonymous.

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< Canon


Deal with it

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At lease use something recent of her.

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>300$ for a box of 7.62

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Gensokyo import tax

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I don't know why, but I just can't handle loli Yuka. Certainly she shouldn't have breasts the size of her head in serious depictions, but that doesn't mean she should be fifteen.

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We're in agreement then.
Yuuka has A-B cup and not C-G.

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>300$ for a box of 7.62
i don't see the problem here, the bullet are actually "non-corrosive" and with full metal jacket, so the price on the black market is expensive

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I could deal with C.

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>reading the white board behind
>attack plans

Wait, That Brock?

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It's supposed to say block.

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Those bullets are crafted by a grandmaster blacksmith who made them out of a rare metal that is only sold once every 150 years and then folded two billion times under a waterfall and then sharpened with a meteorite sharpening stone. Those bullets are so sharp not even a katana can cut them in half!! That's how sharp!

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I want to beat you to death with my penis

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Youmu queefing.jpg

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None; Touhous are all so rude, nothing can get any ruder than them.
Every Touhou has some trait about them that is obnoxiously rude.
Marisa is a thief, Reimu is a bitch in general, Yukari is Yukari, Hina chases off humans and her very presence results only in terrible things making her a bad person etc..
Different stuff, but it all amounts to the same.

Except for Satori and Koishi, who are perfect.

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Enjoy them while they're still young and delicious.

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For one day they'll grow old and out of boredom, scream out your secrets for everyone to hear.

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Koishi is a bitch and Satori is a uncaring bitch

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Why is there a condom there.

Which one of them has the penis?

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No one. They just don't wanna get their guns dirty when they use them as makeshift dildos.

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If it's them it's just kinky.
Koishi and Satori can not be obnoxious, for they are perfect and I blindly love them and hate all other touhous because hating all touhous except for the ones I like best and blindly loving those two touhous even if they hate me is my fetish.

But it won't matter if they grow old because, or at least, it will matter less since they can read your mind and thus be better at everything in a relationship than any other woman could possibly hope to be.
In fact, with the capability to read and understand minds, they would theoretically have the ability to invent or do almost anything they physically are capable of doing by reading someone else's minds and would find it relatively easy to find the person that knows such things... And they'd be smarter than every one else as well, since in order to understand thoughts, they'd logically have to either be able to comprehend any subject, or they'd have learned it from the process of reading minds.. Not to mention just the sheer fact that their brain is capable of processing the mental processes of another mind... Knowing why and how someone is going to do something and what lead to this conclusion for them all at roughly the same rate as the person they're reading.
I do not believe it is possible for a relationship with either of them to be less than perfect. They'd have access to pretty much everything in the entire fucking world and the knowledge to utilize it.