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Suicide/Gensokyo General
Where does a touhou go when they commit suicide? If I go to gensokyo and commit suicide, then where will I go?

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Youkai can't die.

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Orange died.

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Pic related.

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Does this kind of fetish got names in the moonland?

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I've been meaning to ask, what is the origin of emo Hatate?

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Consider what the world would look like if it was merely a physical construct dictated by fixed constants. That is, if everything reduced to mere physics. That is, what would the world look like if there were no gods, no souls, no afterlife, nothing at all to save you from total oblivion. Imagine that in such a world where, just because of math and fundamental constants, intelligent creatures arose who feared death but could not avoid it. Imagine what stories these creatures might invent to console themselves from the inevitability of their own utter annihilation. Of their own ultimate smallness in an uncaring universe. Now look at the world around you.

Is there an afterlife? Is there a caring god to save us from the caprices of chance and our childish mistakes? The answer is obvious, if you have the courage to face it.

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Her clothes, apparently.

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Suicide leads to a sentence in hell. But instead of talking about suicide, lets talk about you instead...

I think you masturbate too much, you shit post too much on /jp/ and you steal far too many things. You haven't payed for a single thing in your entire life and you most certainly have never made a decent thread here, ever. At this rate, you may very well end up spending all of eternity in hell.

You have sinned, OP. To cleanse your sins even a little, stop making these kinds of threads, please.

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So I heard that medicine overdosing is best way to get teleported to gensokyo. Is it true? How long does it take to get there this way? Is it enough just to take all pills I will get and go sleep? But I seen some picture with puking girl that failed to teleport this was and she vomited all her drugs! And will I get youkai powers and frilly dress with hat this way? I would be really worried if I would wake up as boy, because boys are disgusting!

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I read that in her voice. I don't think Shiki would ever say please though.

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>I read that in her voice.

wait, what?

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You could also stop making that kind of posts.

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No. I like role-playing because I can really be a little girl. You wouldn't understand.

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I made up my own voice for her. It's a mix of Ayako Kawasumi and Norio Wakamoto.

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/jp/ - just portals.

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Do not despair /jp/!

>Unless a man take the Buddhist vows, he is expected to marry, and to bring up a family.

Buddhism is a sure path to Gensokyo.

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>take all pills
yeah good luck with that, anyone with a competent mind knows drug overdose doesn't kill anymore, at least with over-the-counter drugs.

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Is that so?

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I guess I have some requiring receipt from doctor or hospital. But I'm not sure, I thought that stuffing as many as possible and going sleep would let me into gensokyo.

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>If I go to gensokyo and commit suicide, then where will I go?
Muenzuka. But you'll have to defeat Komachi first.

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A fate bestowed only by Yukari.

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So /eu/ - European Culture/General, I made it. I stole some of Marisa's mushrooms and mixed them with a list of ingredients I acquired from Patchu. I woke up in some kind of basement, but without horrible dog maids beating me. Things are amazing here. Nothing shoots danmaku, people don't fly, and everyone's mortal! I'm so excited... I'm going to see my husbando "Derrek" at last.

Wish me luck /eu/.

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Didn't you hear? Derek died of cancer.

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Orangyy... Waaaaah!

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So long as you and I still exist, Derek will never truly die. So long as we still remember him and all the miracles he granted in the short time he spent here. And even then, we shall pass on the story of Derek so he can be reborn as a hero of legend.

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Chen has bought herself a nice seat in heaven.

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The real world.

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You lie. Prove it.

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Orange's soul lives on inside Meiling

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I love these threads and they deserve getting more replies.

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Suicide pig disgusting.

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did she died?!

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HELL NO she just went to gensoky-
Oh shit we have a problem here bro...

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aww HELL... T~T

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I think if I decided to kill myself I'd probably make a good bye post on /jp/, but I probably wouldn't leave a real life suicide note.

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Too bad it would get deleted before it even got archived.

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I wouldn't be around to care at least.

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But there would be no point in posting it.
Your suicide post would be forgotten just like your unremarkable life.

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It doesn't matter if your suicide note gets read or not. That's not what they're for.

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I'd be posting it for you guys, at the very least I want to say good bye.

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You have to post it when the janitor's asleep, then it'll spawn a 100 post shitstorm and you'll go down in /jp/ history as the celebrity of the month.

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What is a note for if not for other people to read?
If you're just writing to yourself then wouldn't it be easier to just think of the words instead of taking the time to type them out?