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Meanwhile, on the moon.

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Using helis to attack a population whose babies are born with an integrated MANPADS?
Bad idea.

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Meanwhile at old trafford

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Can helis really do barrel rolls?

I saw one do it in a trailer for the new Ace Combat game and laughed my butt off.

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I guess I'll have to download this game.

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They can.
Not every one, but it's certainly possible.

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Saged, Called cops, Reported, Hidden.

Tell no to autism and offtopic on /jp/

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wouldn't the force that elevates the helicopter also get turned upside down? wouldn't it get propulsed downward?

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Airwolf could

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If you were to try to stay that way, yeah, but you right yourself before you do it wrong.

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Does anyone on /jp/ have "Apache: Air Assault"?

I love that game.

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