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What a terrible night to have a curse.

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20 inches of snow in one storm and a drop to -16!? that is a lot for the South man!

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Actually that was Letty, or, as we call her around here, Wide-load.

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Well Cirno workds for Letty.. I am sure he helped..

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I'm positive Letty doesn't oversee a company of ice-faries to bring winter.
It seems doubtful that Cirno would have the attention span to hold down a job, either, but the idea is adorable. Even if Letty can't stand Cirno.

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I smell a fan-fiction coming on...

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Hopefully, by someone else. I am le tired.

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All right.. See you later. I go to throw rocks at Byakuren now.

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Oh wait.. according the the Weather report there was 24.5 inches of snow here in Siloam Springs Arkansas.. Hot damn Letty.. She had to have ice faeries help her with that.. she is too out of shape for a job that big..

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That much? Only two inches here...I wish she'd stay here more, normally she only just stays for a bit. It was refreshing to be outside in the snow without too much to wear though.

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Got 16 inches here. Some snowbanks are up to my window. I live on the second floor

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Ha, you north hemisphere people sure have it rough, you poor devils!

Here in the tropics is fucking hot right now.

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I love the cold so I'm not really bothered, although some might be. I hate bugs biting at me and I hate sweating. Maybe I should go further north.

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So cold now this beer i've had out all night feels like it just came out of the fridge..

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>beer not even frozen

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what you think I leave my beer outside? no way.. It is about 37 in my room..

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Oh yea.. the damn mail man didin't come yesterday.. I thought his punk ass was sposto be here even through rain sleet snow ice... hurricanes... But we get two feet of snow and that busta chickens out! I'll throw rocks at him next time I see him..

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37 is hot as hell
it doesnt even get that hot in the summer here

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Here it gets to 115 in the Summer.. This is why I am so happy to have all this snow.. man last Summer sucked ass..

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>I'll throw rocks at him next time I see him.
Have fun going to jail.

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do you live on mercury or something

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Oh thats right.. damnit.. throwing rocks at Touhous is much less likely to get you buttraped.. Stupid cops and jail..

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Nope.. Venus.

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