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Dark magician girl from YU-GI-OH!
Cosmo from Sonic X
Rukia from Bleach
Ryoko from the Tenchi series
Hinata from Naruto

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Gap Whore Yukari and the stupid loli vampire bitch.

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closed the doors
called the cops

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Dark magician girl from YU-GI-OH!
Cosmo from Sonic X
Rukia from Bleach
Ryoko from the Tenchi series
Hinata from Naruto


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Even soin doesn't like her anymore.

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posted in the wrong tab

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Okay, that made me laugh a bit. You can stop now

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Arab girls in general. Headscarves don't make you mysterious and more desirable.

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OP is a retard and it can't be helped.

Everyone else should know better.

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Tohsaka Rin

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And why the hell are you telling me that?

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Et tu, Bufus?

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Oh boof don't be ridiculous, nobody loves Alice.

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Why is this even in /jp/?
Anyway, I don't normally hate female characters often.
Closest I got was Taiga from Toradora, but I didn't really hate her on her own, but rather her ending up with Ryuji.

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Stop replying to this thread for fuck sake.

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I was just explaining my reasoning, s'all.

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>Why is this even in /jp/?
Because faggots from /a/ like you and OP.

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ur mom! lolz XD
They love to fuck her in her ass.

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Dumb people can't let people have a little bit of fun. As spected of a bunch of underaged faggots that thinks that they are protecting their homeland just by teling everyone to leave because they don't like a thread.

It's ok, it's ok. We'll have another silly Touhou thread instead. DUMBASS.

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Shut the fuck up and leave already.

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Why don't you leave instead of me? You are the one that disagree with the thread, YOU are the one who leave.

Freedom of speech, mother fucker!

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No. I'm asking you to leave the board.

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I refuse, and you can't take me out, so I have the last word here. Now shut up.

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Last word is mine.

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ITT: Trolls trying to troll each other.

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Enough! I am not going to enter into your silly games. I have had enough of you. Of all of you, actually.

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Last word. It belongs to me.

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mfw when I go on /v/ and first thread is touhou thread.

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Stay there.

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>It's a damned anime is what it is. Take this shit to /a/

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