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Chen reminds you that gensokyo is waiting for you!

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>Portal to gensokyo thread
And I thought those threads can't be any shittier. Looks like I'm wrong.

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Cheer up!
No matter how autistic you are and can't appreciate original idea for thread you still can visit gensokyo! Also as bonus you have chance to be cured by Eirin!

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>original idea for thread
Sure kid, I mean how could I make something which is utter shit even shittier? That's right, take some random spam from /a/ and add to it. And this nothing has to do with autism, I think it has to do with your feeling of being of rejected to the point that you try to make the fucking some topic all day erry day, and ran it into the fucking ground to make it into a /b/ level meme. Too bad you won't get accepted like this.

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This is exactly what I saw.

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Man, my English sure is bad. Time to go back to playing children card game.

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