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Am I the only one who thought about the following:

Imagine how celebrities feel about wanting other celebs. It's just a typical example of that 'so close, yet so far' feeling. You know, they have a far better chance of actually getting to contact with these girls but perhaps they're too shy like us, and what not.

I'd imagine it's a feeling that's 10x worse than what we feel when we realize we'll never meet our celeb crushes

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well at least this thread is better than 1 000 other touhou threads. still reported.

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>celeb crushes

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who cares? reported and saged.

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I wouldn't know how celebrities feel about celebrities and I quite frankly can't bring myself to care.
Besides, it goes without saying that someone who wanted fame (and got it) isn't shy at all, so you're just plain dumb.

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We have ZUN love threads from time to time.

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