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I have a confession to make, /jp/:

I love this stuff

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Latest translation on OYP I see, same here OP, same here.

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I love it too, OP.

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who makes these?

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Fucking continue!

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is this turning into a guro thread?

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Guro? Where?

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you've got to be fucking kidding me

you should feel very bad for having that image.

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I love that image. There should be more like it. Pictures with gore are easy to find, but pictures with actual suffering are quite rare.

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at times like this, I wish I could waive captcha

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I mean, just look at this. The resigned expression, the feeling of hopelessness...isn't it just beautiful?

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We're going to go with Touhou? That's fine with me.

The look on her face is fantastic. She's going to die a painful death, and she knows it.

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I agree, anonymous.
Theres surprisingly a lot of guro where the victims actually look happy to be killed, and I don't really like that a whole lot. Please do post some of the tasties images you have.

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I thought this sort of stuff ended with Scandaroon, you are nothing compared to him

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I love hearing people, specially children, cry. Anytime it happens I just can't help but grin widely. So I enjoy all this stuff.

This created some very awkward situations back when I still interacted with my family.

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Seeing people cry actually makes me want to cry.

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Wow, you're edgy as fuck. Watch out for this bad boy guys! Rebel without a cause XD

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Why is Yamame so cute?

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I like how this thread is derailing in two, opposite directions.

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were you ever here during Scandaroon's guro threads...least...the last of them?

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What? Well, yes. I was just saying that there is both guro and cute images, the opposite, being posted in a yukkuri thread.

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Then you ought to know that one is attracting the other, so not completely 2 opposite directions

its some sort of twisted relation...my head hurts just trying to think about it

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I've been trying to look for the combined translated version of this brilliant picture, but I can't find it...posting the untranslated one, then.

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I really love this one. Can you imagine what it's like to be held down there, knowing that somebody's going to jump onto you, but unable to do anything about it? I'd say the tension leading up to the actual event is even more beautiful than the actual jumping.

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I enjoy both directions this thread is going!

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I half enjoy posting in this fashion

that half being the stuff i post.

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did it honestly take you that long to find more? Guro is unpopular for a reason~

and if you think you are superior for thinking you like it, you need help.

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No, it didn't. It just took me that long to post more.

And I don't see how liking guro would make you superior.

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Why isn't she screaming?

And isn't one of those nails driven into her heart?

This picture doesn't make sense.

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Considering the amount of nails in her body, she's probably tried before and has realized it's useless. The one seemingly in her heart probably just missed her heart. As long as the heart isn't penetrated, you can hammer plenty of nails in a body~

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You don't scream because you think it's going to do anything, you scream because having nails driven into your body hurts.

>> No.6937931

Only the first couple times, as a panic reflex. If you understand what pain you're about to feel, you don't necessarily scream.

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I doubt that, but then again, I'm not an expert in torture.

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KILL! KILL! Kill all and everything! Pain and suffering! AAAAAA!!!

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This guy's fetish for girls being hurt in the stomach area is so silly.

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I love it.

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I just dont get it. Torture and killing is such a tease.
But why there isnt any art of some anonymous screwing the dead bodies? And im not even fucking kidding.
I want to see that.

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>They cut off all her limbs, and removed one of her eyes and tongue.
>They also destroyed her uterus.

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Because there's no emotion on a corpse. By taking away the beauty of suffering, you end up with a picture that is merely disgusting to some, and nothing special to others.

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It's not like there aren't people out there with corpse fetish.

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Then it would be necrophilia, which is a whole different ballpark.

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>beauty of suffering

you want to see suffering, go do it in a mirror, you don't need to bother us with your pain fetishes.

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But even then, it's for mere sexual gratification. There's no beauty in it.

If you want to see a cop car chase, just go rob a bank. Why the hell do people need movies for that?

Some things that are beautiful have severe downsides and cannot be tried in real life without negative consequences. That's why we experience them through art.

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There's no point if the torture is lethal.

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then take it somewhere else, please

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But dont you see the beauty in death?

Can't you see the beauty and horror of how time is to take everything away. Emotions are so inferior and perishable compared to that magnificent void.

That is why i find corpse screwing absolutely amazing. Suffering is ok too, because it usually comes before the rest.

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/jp/ is not really a board for guro. There are places for that.

>> No.6938006

Fuck you! Guro is part of otaku culture. Actually Otaku was born of GURO!

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Both of your's disregard for another's life, even in a fictional media. It is fine if you have it, just please take it where it would distress fewer people.

>> No.6938008

True or not, it still doesn't belong here.

>> No.6938012

You're talking bullshit. The beauty in death is at the moment of death. The corpse that remains is just an empty shell, and there's no beauty in doing anything with it.

>> No.6938017

It's a doll, isn't it?

>> No.6938042

Both of you are crazy, the beauty is in the pain and endurance of the victim. Having the victim die is missing the point, and worse, it's artless.

>> No.6938046

I'm waiting for the vore people to arrive and complete the unholy trifecta.

>> No.6938050

Like i already told you. True beauty is ever lasting. Death!
There is no physical more near to death than a rotten shell of human body.
Actual moment of dying... It is like comparing fireworks to star filled sky. One is at the peak of it's life and quick to fade away but the other one is everlasting.

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At the very least could we ask you to just not bump the thread, so you can still have the conversation but not where it gathers attention

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Oh really?
And /jp/'s monthly guro thread is an important part of our heritage, btw.

>> No.6938060

It doesn't mean its accepted.

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Why are you taking this too personal? Use the hide feature and take it easy.

>> No.6938082

You may have well posted a picture of a rock for all it signifies.

>> No.6938086

and why do you insist on posting something that is generally rejected even in this community, rather than going somewhere and posting it with more like-minded people, you'd have a better discussion even.

>> No.6938088

The people having an argument about whether corpses or suffering are more beautiful are taking it more personally than we are.

>> No.6938089

Ooh... It is up to times what is accepted and what is not...
Before gay marriage was illegal. Now we are all queer as fuck.
Perhaps it goes like this. Incest-Beastiality-Necrophilia-Killing + Cannibalism (With victim's agreement of course) There are actually many who would like to get killed by someone you know?

>> No.6938090

Real guro will never be accepted by society. Ever.

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but there are FAR more people who would rather stay alive, you know?

Life and death is way deeper than sexuality.

>> No.6938101

But isnt sexuality all seed of life?

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Guro thread?
Finally. I been itching for a guro thread.
Where do you get yours /jp/?

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The drive to live in ORDER to reproduce is more basic then reproducing in itself, least in animals it is

But I bring it up again, you'll be bothered less if you take this conversation elsewhere, or even at least stop putting it on the front page.

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these are the sorts I do post against, if someone can at least be civil and discreet, its more acceptable

>> No.6938119

Meh, i enjoy your frustration.

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then you don't have any views for guro or any pain fetishes, you post this just to annoy people while they politely ask you to stop.

Please leave.

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Beg me.

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I shall not bring myself down to your level, even if that's possible with your sort

>> No.6938155

Gurochan is the obvious response. But I lost interest in that place a year ago, and they probably still have all the same threads from back then up. It's a stagnant and uninteresting place.

I heard there was a touhou guro board on some *chan somewhere. Anyone know where?

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>> No.6938161

Touhou guro is quite amusing... Yeah where is that board?

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I really really like that pic. I just get it from pixiv and the water ducts, and sometimes 2chan's guro and Touhou boards.

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Oops, something ate my >>6938110

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>> No.6938199

Voile? Why are you spamming these cute pictures?

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Because he likes nice things and having fun.

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You do realize there's multiple people posting, right? And that they post it to share with eachother and discuss?

Picture is not guro but still interesting.

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Like i asked a few times before, its in everyone's best interest if you stop bumping it.

bondage is obviously fine, but guro...look at it this way, if its not even allowed in /d/, then it doesn't take much of a leap of logic to say it doesn't belong in /jp/

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Are translated, complete doujins listed anywhere? It's so random just trying to find stuff that's been translated on OYP...

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You're all sick!

>> No.6938348

I see what you did there.

>> No.6938350


That's not nice at all, Anonymous!

>> No.6938530
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The wiki on OYP used to have a page containing all the translated stories but it got lost in the site renovation. Just searching the "translated" tag is really the best way to find them now.

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>> No.6939241


>> No.6939276

Search your feelings and you know it to be true.

>> No.6939289

Fucking moralfags.

>> No.6939328

/jp/ evil general

>> No.6939832

shitty mister /jp/

dump some yukkuri doujins and then drop dead easy

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Look, pitiable creatures, let's pity them!

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You rapscallion, you were posting that yesterday too, weren't you? Weren't you?!

Countering with on-topic.

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Images like these are the reason I started working out. Don't get me wrong, I'm an ugly ass bastard, but being unable to act if I ever saw abuse like this would kill me.

>> No.6943266


Here's some more fuel for your RAEG-pyre:

Taking the general personality and actions displayed by yukkuri a few common traits stand out, though some are obviously magnified to provide "justification" for torture.

Those traits are:

No understanding of consequence.
Malleable - they usually reflect their environment.

So, taking those traits all together (and remembering that they aren't absolute) what do they represent?

A child. Perhaps a child with a severe developmental disability - as yukkuri rarely if ever become more sophisticated. And certainly not all children behave in such a way, but there it is.

Because, well, imagine how people would treat bratty, whiny children who never grow up if they lacked the social and genetic impulses we do.

Well, obviously you don't need to imagine, it's all over the yukkuri fandom and unfortunately far too common in reality.

>> No.6943286

>Because, well, imagine how people would treat bratty, whiny children who never grow up if they lacked the social and genetic impulses we do.

you mean women?

>> No.6943305

please don't hurt my twoie ;_;

>> No.6943377

Yukkuri abusal concentration camps ahoy!

>> No.6943528


Whoa, whoa...

You guys need to take it easy

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