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Are you enjoying the warm spring, /jp/?

Because I know I certainly am.

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pissing rain out, it's like 5C

this time last year it was like 15C and there were cherry blossoms already.

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fuck you yuyuko you selfish bitch, its cold outside.

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>25ºC in the night

lucky you, as I don't keep Lily gore pics.

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I don't know about you guys, but I just had a fuckin blizzard, and then another storm came and dumped 6 more inches on top of that yesterday. I have 6 hand-shoveled piles of snow outside my house that are taller than I am. It feels like I'm in a fuckin fortress.

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There is supposed to be another one coming.

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I dislike weather threads. They're the perfect example of a "it's /jp/-related because of a touhou image".

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Living the dream.

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Enjoy it all you want. You can have it.

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They are better than anime threads, but I do agree with you.

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You can keep your spring Yuyuko, I'm enjoying my winter.

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It's always cold here, but I don't mind the cold.

even in winter, shorts, shirts and dresses.

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I am, yes. At this time of the year none of the kids are on break yet so I've got the town to myself during the day. It's so nice to drive around and do whatever you need to do while everyone is at work or school.

I went out the other day to buy some chicken wings for dinner and I saw a girl in a school uniform with her mom. The girl had a ponytail and was wearing a plaid skirt with a blazer. I have no idea what school she came from dressed like that, but it was refreshing and actually a bit erotic to see a schoolgirl wearing a uniform. Before that time I had never seen one in real life. I wish my legs looked that good in a skirt.

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I have a whole town full of school girls in school uniform.

They're all really really small, I think the area I live in has a lot of inbred little girls, there is an unusally high rate of left handedness in children and they're all about half the size of average people.

I can't complain if they look like lolis, though.

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Why is Letty such a fatty?

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That sounds nice.

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To make stage 1 easier.