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That one character you went on a pilgrimage on an image search site to obtain all the images you possibly can. OP possibly related.

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I hate being so I picky.

I can go through 20 pages and come out with only 10 images.

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I hate being so picky.

I can go through 20 pages and come out with only 10 images.

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Some random little girl I don't even remember the name of. Couldn't find any pictures of her.

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69GB and counting

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All the Nijiura Maids.

All of them.

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Alas, I did not have much success.

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I went on a few sites, although I had to sift through unpleasant images. Nothing I'm not used to already, though.

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I don't care what people say: I love Kirino. Just looking at her fills me with a warm happy feeling

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But I don't like to do that, I feel strangely compelled to see all the pages, and I want to stop but I can't.

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Akari-chan. Replace Jewel Land with /jp/ and that's how I feel most /jp/ users are.

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I would deflower her if I could.

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because she don't have a lot of pics

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All 200+ pages on Dan. I dont like H images so I avoid Gel. I've gone through over 400 pages for my Marisa folder, but I only have around 300 or so images for her. Its a lot harder to find quality art of more popular characters. I still have not gotten around to searching through moe.imouto or Pixiv.

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I know exactly what you mean.

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I'm up to 2500 pictures now. I only save hgih quality and loli pics of her though.

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I know, I know, easy modo.

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I limit myself to ten pages per trip

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Every month I kind of find this day to get all the, well by my standards, Yuka pictures I can off pixiv until I reach the old ones.

Picture related it's the lastest one I got so I'm going to go back and get all the new ones until I hit this one. ALSO I do it manually.

I search for 幽香 then middle click the pictures then middle click them again for full resolution then Ctrl+W non full resolution one, then right click then V then enter, then next picture etc...

Is there a faster way of doing this?

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Funny thing is, all of her pics are fanonized. I don't have any of her looking evil.

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2500 in high quality? Where do you perform your searches? I have to admit I'm not very well learned in the subject of art sites, so I only know of very few places to search in.

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Both of them.

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Rika. I've searched through tons of sites for pictures of her and saved every one I found.

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evil pics are rare

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I go to Pivix and lurk imageboards.

I see that you go to danbooru. Protip: posting samples make you look retarded.

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It's not like I like her or anything, it's just that my Akiha image folder never seems to get all the way filled, so I keep needed get more.

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What do you do with all the Rika gore?

Do you have a folder of "stuff I had to download but never want to see again"?

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Went through touhou twice in danbooru when it had around 4000 pages of the stuff. Everything got deleted later and I just can't get the motivation to do another run through.

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I should really make a pixiv account to find more.

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this. i don't save as much as i search.

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So pushy~

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But Rika's a shit character.

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How so? I use it when I want to post an image that is originally over 1 mb. Use iqdb or tag searches if you want the image so badly.

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Nothing more beautiful.

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For a few days after UFO was released I saved every single Nue I could find.

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I go through the entired danbooru of characters and only end up with maybe 100 images.

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The disproportional amount of Forte pictures compared to the other Galaxy Angels is sickening.

Oh well, I have found a huge amount regardless.

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Parsee is oelv

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There are actually multiple characters, but it's a daily affair with her.

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...and her. Mostly with her, even though there are not as many new images as with Sanae... also considerably less good ones.

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I only have 16 of her. An extra boss deserves more.

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I check daily, usually at least twice.

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Not a character, but a series.
>artist blogs
>scan sites
>deviant art
Yet I want more and continue to lurk the internet.

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Absolutely adorable.

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Lately it hasn't been dl'ing manga for some reason though.

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mai waifu

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I seem to have a plethora of Tenshi and Hina. Well, Tenshi sorta reminds me of myself and Hina, I just find awesome

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Just choosing which picture to post was hard! I'm very picky about quality so I only have 300 pics. I'll have nothing but the best for my Dowser General.

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Pretty much. I have a separate folder for those images as seeing Rika suffering makes me a sad panda.

That statement says more about you than it does about Rika.

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I can`t find any Yakui or Patchouli pictures through Google, besides on Tumblr, Gurochan (for Yakui) and Danbooru
Help a newfag out on his quest for a waifu? ;_;

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The only touhoe I regularly check up new pics on is Reisen, and Tewi in case of the rare pic where Reisen rapes Tewi.

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I go out of my way to find only the best of the best of her.

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No /jp/ related characters, sadly.

But I did that for Maria Traydor, Enarsia Deisler and Raidou Kuzunoha with varying levels of success.

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Back when I first learned of Touhou, it also taught me quite a bit about how to use the *boorus.

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I can't quite understand what you're asking. Danbooru should supply tons of patchy.

if you have a pixiv account

otherwise, just search patchouli_knowledge on danbooru, gelbooru, konachan, and there's a host of other sites but i can't be assed to list them right now

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Nitro+ really outdid themselves with the character design.

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Add a wheelchair and you have the design of the perfect heroine of NHK.

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These two. Now I have so many images of Gin that I'll never have the time to parse throughthem again...

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Me too. Not only pics(~9GB of fanart) but also the figures(2 normal ones + 2 quality GKs + 1 preorder + 1 plushie). No doujinshi and no /h/ nor /d/ material.

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you are my hero.


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This one here OP but not for the same reasons you might think.

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These two.

There is a depressing lack of Sion and Fate/Zero Saber material out there. Thankfully the Fate/Zero anime will help fix one of these problem.

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Every Reisen-fag that I know hates Tewi. Adding you to the list.

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You're fucking awesome.

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Holy shit instant save. I love that card so much.

That sword is amazing in that picture.

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>Every Reisen-fag that I know hates Tewi

Oh my, how surprising.

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Shinki, the lack of attention she gets is kinda sad.

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Wish I could still get on Pixiv but they changed the layout and sign in stuff and my old saved login data was lost.

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Oh man, I know that feel. I was able to recover a majority of them. Just make another account, but with fake information.

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I have checked and downloaded all the images of Remi that were posted on danbooru that interested me. Still in the middle of saving stuff from pixiv. I'll get them all one day.

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I fucked you're are waifu.

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It's good to be delusional, eh? I know that feel.

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I should get around to sort my folder one of these days, there are plenty of repeats.

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Try using alldup.

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Satori > Patchy

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There's just not enough images of them

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But of course.

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500+ images.

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She has her own named folder and almost sorted!

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You mean you don't have a named folder for each separate Touhou?

For shame, Anonymous.

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Perhaps he's horrible at organization? I know I am, it takes a while to find what I need, and I don't want to organize all those pictures either because that would take hours too...It's quite a conundrum.

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thanks to this thread I just realized I already have over 2000 images of Touhou alone. Thank you, /jp/

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I have 9410 "carefully chosen" Touhou pictures so far, arranged in 22 different folders, using 3.96GB and without counting doujins nor reaction pictures.