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Hey, /jp/, what do you think is the best way to learn Japanese? I was ready to default to Rosetta Stone but I'd rather get some second opinions before dropping $500 on it.

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Rosetta Stone is top tier, buy it.

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its a rip off. pirate the software.

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oh boy.

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Learning Japanese requires mostly determination and effort. In the end, it's not as difficult to learn as most people think.

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Rosetta Stone is pretty great, you should buy it. I don't know anything to help you learn it fast and easy.

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go for it, best $500 purchase in my life

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It sucks. Read the Genki books(Pirate them off of somewhere, be sure to read the books and not to focus on the tapes too much)

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Rosetta Stone is actually pretty bad. It works, but it's nowhere near as effective as it should be.

It's 100% immersion. Immersion is good and all, but you already know English and a single English sentence could explain what would otherwise require dozens of examples to illustrate (and even if you understand that it works a certain way you'd never know why).

Learning a language works best starting with 100% explanations and progressively moving from there to 100% immersion. Rosetta Stone doesn't do that.

I suggest textbooks or, if you don't have the willpower for that, classes.

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no purchase. pirate. fuck capitalismo.

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Just pirate it if you're not hurt by it. Anything that helps for the greater cause should be free.

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Move to Japan, has daily life, learned Japanese

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Buy it. Be a moron.

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You can always try Smart.fm.

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Troll chart. Don't waste your time on useless parts OP.