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How do you evade Reimu's Fantasy Heaven in Hisoutensoku?

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Don't let her charge it.

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You don't.

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You are already dead.

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Hax sign: You lose

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Let us know when I hear from people in charge of the english language.

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Youmu, good luck timing it.

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Just avoid getting close to her when she sets out her orbs, fly maybe, if you wait 10 seconds then the orbs dissapear. Unless your fighting against one of those guys that made/watched the Reimu combo video on NicoNico which therefore you are almost bound to be raped.

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What's the point of making these 1HITKO abilities in fighting games?

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BGM changes.
OHKO moves are only good if they change the BGM.

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You don't.

If she's able to use it you're a terrible player, anyway.

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I remember one of my online soku matches.
I was fighting a Reimu and the person used fantasy heaven.
I knew I wasn't going to win anyway so I charged in like a idiot.
Got all 7 orbs to light up, bgm change,
and for some reason,
the attack didn't activate.
I still lost that match, but that was funny seeing fantasy heaven fail to launch.

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That's what Typhoon is for, durr.

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Reminds me of that time I activated it, spasmed around like an idiot, and got the seventh hit one millisecond after the balls went away.

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You two are fucking terrible players if you can't play keep away for 10 seconds in a mode without blockstun.

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There's apparently a way. If you get knocked down, then tech roll away from Reimu then fly or high jump immediately after you can dodge all of it, but it has to be perfect, I've never seen it done before and normally Reimu players would be dumb to knock you down right before using the move.


Flashiness and humiliating the opponent. Would you be able to live down getting beat by an incredibly difficult to land 1 hit ko move?

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It's easier to hit it in anything but typhoon because you can actually put together a series of hits as a combo. Sunshower is the optimal weather for it for the easy guard breaks.

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That shit won't work. It drains your spirit in less than a second if you try to graze or block it. The only way I've seen it completely avoided was by Suwako's sleep spell.

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It used to work, not so much anymore. You also used to be able to use any autoguard skill like Iku's 623. There's really nothing you can do about it in 1.10 except try to put as much difference as you can between you and her to minimize the damage.

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Does it actually last only ten seconds?

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The information I read may be incorrect then...I've never been hit by the thing so I wouldn't know, I've only tried to use it and failed against human players.

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15-16 seconds. I actually used it regularly back when Reimu could chain the 7 hits off a crush 5A. Nobody gets hit by TWO combos in 15 seconds.

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It's been said before, but yeah.
If you have a pulse and two working hands there is no way that spell should even activate.

Even the shittiest of players should be able to avoid it.

Hell, even ceiling huggers can do it.
The only way it should activate is if you allow it to happen.

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Koreans think otherwise.

There's combos specifically made to make FH work, although they're tricky and mostly Koreans/Japs are the ones who master them. There's an NND video with 23 mins of nothing but Reimu combos, don't have it at the moment though, I think it's on Reimu's article in the SWR wiki.

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According to the wiki:

(Corner) 5AAA 5B hj9 j.2B 6D (tap 2) j.5A 5AAA 5B hj7 j.2B j.236B (Spread Amulet) Fantasy Heaven

(Midscreen) 5AAAA hj9 j.5A j.6A lets you Fantasy Heaven off any connect.

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2A 5B j.2B 66 j.5A j.2B 66 j.5A 5AAAA still works midscreen on every char and is 8 hits.

5AAA 5B j.2B 3D 5AAAA in the corner also works on everyone and is much easier.

Getting the 2A or 5A to hit with FH activated is the hardest part.

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Outdated. tk j.5A ceased to work since 1.10 thanks to nerfed stick. Even fails on Iku nowadays.

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Remember when tasogare made a good fighting game ?

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On that note, does anybody know how the caster is coming along? I think somebody on the IRC was trying to program something to get around Hisoutensoku's terrible netcode but I don't know if it ever got anywhere.

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Was she good in SWR? I remember her doing terribly, but that may have been because the people that played her sucked, kind of like how Sakuya used to be considered pretty low tier in Japan based on stats because tons of people sucked with her in Soku.

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I'd be happy with netplay that just causes slow motion on both sides when connections lag instead of pausing for the joiner and then skipping forward a second.

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It was supposed to come out in october '10.
That's how it's coming along.

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Reimu's considered high tier in Japan, she ranked 4th in the Soku poll.

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Whatever you're smoking, I want some.

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She was good. Not top tier but tools to make up for it.

Pic shows the SWR demo. Everyone was broken as fuck. Reimu's pillar spellcard drained 4 orbs on block. So everytime you block ANYTHING you eat 2500 damage. And nothing did limit. Combo after spellcards every day. Fun times.

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Oh yeah, the SWR demo was actually kind of fun, I wish the final version was like that.

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No limit, eh? Sounds ridiculous. I couldn't imagine playing without limit, I actually kind of like it because there aren't these silly infinites.

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Sorry buddy, it's the truth.

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Who took this poll?

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This was a year ago though.

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Well less limit. See for yourself.


IAD goodness and 0% limit Alice 6A.
In Soku, most spellcards do 100% and every j.6A does 40%.

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Most used and highest tier aren't the same.

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>1. Septette for the Dead Princess

I am pleased.

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Well I can certainly say the sound effects in the finished game are better than the demo. Alice really could use a j.6a that doesn't limit from what I see of the vid, she's apparently really terrible in Soku.

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Popularity contest without Okuu on the top? Something seems off here. She's played at least double of all the others from what I've seen.

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Western players are terrible, so they are naturally drawn to a 5C the size of a freight train.

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>Sanae beat Marisa

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Soku noob here. Trying Remi, can't find anything that combos into Red The Nightless Castle or Scarlet Devil.
Also, is Dinner Fork broken? 1-frame spellcard cancel seems a tad overpowered.

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Keep in mind this was Feb 2010, she boosted in popularity around mid-2010. Also she's 14th in this one anyway, her theme is at 7th.

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Anything that combos into anything (besides midscreen 5AAA into spears) also combos into Scarlet Devil. It's the size of a bus.

2A anywhere and 5AAAA in the corner also combo into both.

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>1-frame spellcard cancel
No idea what you're talking about. Explain?

The crosses combo off 2A, 236 and j2a.

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Everything combos into both of those. 5AAAA, 2A, 3A 2A, 236B, 236C, and jAA at least.

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You're better off using those spellcards as reversals. Spears and cradle cards are for damage.

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Nevermind, I derp'd. I was trying to find a way to avoid the Rift attack prorate. Just me being a noob, I guess.
As for Dinner Fork, I meant, you can pull out a spell card after the first frame. Given Fork's laser-like speed, it seems to make landing spells ridiculously easy.

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Fork's fast, but you can see it coming a mile away. It's only really useful for punishing attempts at setup or unprotected jump-ins.

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If you one-frame cancel dinner fork, then you're throwing it out on anticipation of hit, not reaction. If your opponent gets hit by your randomly tossed out demon fork, congratulations, he's probably bad, but if he blocks or grazes enjoy your wasting your two-card spear.