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Okay so a disturbing number of newfags have given themselves names as different touhou characters and tripcodes aswell. I can only say one thing to this:

Quit it.

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Take it easy, man.

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Let's get rid of that Arcade Bumstead faggot while we're at it.

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Cosgrove always takes it easy.

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I'd love it if we got rid off all of them tripfags and namefags. Not because "ANON IS LEGION DURRHURR" but because most of them are genuine failures and do nothing good, ever.

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Hong Meiling = A++++ tripfriend.

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You owe me a monitor cleanser, Anonymous.

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How about this: If you like a character and want to show it, then show it with an image when you post. This is an IMAGEboard after all.

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ITT: Things we care about.

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This is true. I don't know if it's because failure Anons are just forgettable or if only the lowest lifeforms around will tripcode.

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Which Touhou characters are not taken yet? I would like to partake in such faggotry.

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So I heard someone dislikes tripfriends.

That's unfortunate.

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But you already have "Faget" in your name, so it's not like we expect much from you.

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>>690121 tripfriends

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I'd also just like to say that the purpose of this thread is so that I can say "I fucking called it" when we turn out to become as shitty as /a/ is now.

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Totally off-topic question:

What's the japanese name for these touhou head things?

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They've been around since the beginning of /jp/, dumbass. No, anon. You are the newfaggots.

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"yukkuri shiteitte ne" is the meme, the heads are nameless/just heads

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/jp/ is already as shitty, and its more thanks to anon rather than tripfags.

in b4 faggoty replies bitching about me.

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I hate summer.

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Many thanks, kind anon!

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No they weren't. They disappeared and now newfags have come to take the place of the old tripfags.

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former anime expert here. choose the Touhou character for me to adopt my online persona as.

/jp/ has been somewhat good/too entertaining lately. I need to ruin it.

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The only ones that mattered are still here. Well except for Cirno. ;__;

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Bucket loli

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Chiqita Dragonforce

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>>690275 Cirno
Thank anything that might've contributed to the loss of that shitty faggot. Worst tripfag in 4chan history.

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I think what you meant to say was Tonberry King

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Second worst.

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Cirno contributed this

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I think /jp/ is actually one of the most unfriendly boards on 4chan not meaning unfriendly to normalfags but to general 4chan users, it is ironic also that japan is one of the most xenophobic countries

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Most of /jp/ seems pretty nice except for the occasional douchebag. And all of the type-moon tripfags except for currybutt. I might not agree with your choice of favorite character, but you're not that bad of a guy.

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And it sucks. One shitty contribution does not make up for euining a million threads.

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I fapped to it.

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Get the fuck out

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Only because 'general 4chan users' like nothing more than to troll this board with their animu crap every now and then.

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Sure is /b/ around here.

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Was Cirno really that bad? I disappeared for a few months and when I came back /jp/ was around so I came here and never looked back. When I was last on /a/ it was still all about guriin/Russia with the occasional hateful cameo from tonberry king or food anime. I don't remember that Cirno tripfag at all.

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Didn't dare post with your tripcode did you?

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I think people hated him because he was too nice.

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Cirno was worse. Espexially because he never went off the board for a prolonged time and trolled pretty much 24/7

>> No.690453

not really, Russia was better at trollan'

>> No.690454

I'm not

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I don't have a tripcode, you retard. I'm just not a /b/faggot who hates all tripfags because it's the cool thing to do.

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You tell em bro.

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How about we stop arguing because at the end of the day baby we are all tripfags.

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Same person

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>>690471 How about we stop arguing because at the end of the day baby we are all Anonymous.
Fixed for truth.

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take your quality control threads back to /v/ fucking newfags.

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Your same person-fu is weak.

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People hated Cirno because people liked him. A mix of self-deprecating humor and (mild) intelligence made people like him, not to mention that him being on /a/ 20 hours a day (I'm not kidding) demonstrated his solidarity with the NEET/Hikkikomori/justronery crowd. Although these things were nice, liking a tripfag undermined the collective identity of the board, and thus he had to be purged. Whether this was a good or bad thing, I'm not so sure.

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If people hate tripfags just because they're tripfags they need to go back to /b/.

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good fucking ridance

>> No.690536

You should also mention that he is responsible for the "tripfriend" forced meme(forced by tripfags obviously).

>> No.690550

Really now huh?

>> No.690552

I call tripfags who don't suck tripfriends when I'm the mood.

>> No.690553

Not to mention those threads where he talked about where he'd buy a house for /a/nons that would be a hikki paradise. Shit, I think I might still have his aim for that...

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I haven't really seen you around too much so I don't know if you're a shitty tripfag or not.

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Sup so I heard in this thread we talk about where our name came from.

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If you're trying to ask our opinion of you, then you've already lost points.

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All tripfags suck. Hong Meiling is probably what you'd call out as not sucking. That tripfag sucks because he always gives any link/doujin whatever the fuck requested, this means people don't learn how to use fucking google and /rs/ and just keep spamming "DIRECT LINK PLZ" or something similar.

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It's because he's a newfag

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Oh hey, you're the guy that "likes all music".

>> No.690595


That doesn't sound too bad except for the cult of personality part. Seems like he would've been fine if he just posted as Anonymous, and I don't believe in hating someone just for being a tripfag. They have to also be a faggot, like... well, almost all of them besides China.

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Sounding like the new /b/ there, Anonymous.

>> No.690600

See: >>690570

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Thinking back, that thread was the greatest trollfest of my life. Not sure even how I'd describe it.

>> No.690617

You sound incredibly fucking new.

I remember when people only asked for links to find something after they used google and/or rapidsearch. You probably don't.

>> No.690633

Kind of hard to google or search /rs/ when there's no title in the filename~

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we're such faggy tripfags

at least I'm not a Touhou

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Yeah, but you know what? Fuck it. I don't have a problem with that. People will be stupid faggots and ask for source when it's in the filename whether he posts a link to every Touhou doujin ever or not. Half of them are just trolling anyway. Everyone conspiring to withhold the source doesn't stop those people from being faggots, and he is an equal opportunity deliverer who sources the obscure as well as the obvious. If more people were like him I might actually have that fucking Hiroyuki Gilgamesh doujin.

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Yeah, you're just dead.

>> No.690654

Yup, you definitely don't remember those times. Because back then people asked for (and sometimes got) NAMES and not links.

>> No.690655


I'd describe it as you failing. Pretty much everyone thought that you were a moron, and from seeing you in other threads, you pretty much are.

>> No.690666

Oh ho.

>> No.690667

I'm not even the same person as him, retard. People still do ask for names and not links though. I mean I do.

>> No.690693

No you wouldn't. And you have no idea what it means when you're giving source everytime do you? Look at >>690654 I'm sure you don't remember back then. But back then you actually got your stuff after you looked for it. Which means more people knew how to find stuff without asking. The fallacy here was that people stopped asking most of the time altogether because they didn't need to ask anymore, thus people began asking for other things instead of names.

Now only a few of us know how to actually find stuff without asking anymore, and direct links are often posted so people won't learn how to find stuff themselves.

TL;DR: It sounds like shit, but it rewards you with so much more than the source.

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And I should believe what you say, why?

>> No.690702

Don't give me that "those times" bullshit.

>> No.690704

Why do you dislike tripfags?, It's not like we are blatantly trolling anyways, we just like to give obvious sources and wish you a nice day, is that a bad thing?

>> No.690708

Be it tripfag, namefag or just plain Anonymous, I could care less.

>> No.690715

No, >>690701
is just an idiot.

>> No.690723

>could care less
and I wonder why I hate you

>> No.690733

>give obvious sources
I'm with the other guy on this, this is bad.
>wish you a nice day
And this isn't even related to /jp/

>> No.690747

not all of us.

Russia was a master troll, he actually planted a fake torrent in TT for SZS.
"j/k lol" still haunts me...

Quit whining anonymous, and be grateful we use a voluntary tag that you can use to know we suck before even reading what we post.

And I miss Cirno, he was a good fellow poster. But it's time to move on...

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Please stop bumping this eyesore of a thread

>> No.690751

I'm starting to hate tripfags more and more when I see these threads. Why can't tripfags just be Anonymous? Do they have to get attention with names and tripcodes too? Are they that much like attention whores?

>> No.690778

Maybe it's just because /jp/ has such a specialized field of interest. I mean, it was created intended for touhou, type-moon, vn, and japan stuff in general, branching from unwanted shit from /a/. This gives us tripfags a reason to be; a smaller board = smaller community.

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You're just spouting nonsense, surely that would mean less reasons for tripfags because it's easier to recognise the poster because of their spelling and the images they choose.

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lol, people calling newfag and tripcode hate. Sure is /b/ around here.

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>It's better to be Anonymous so that you can continue shitposting like in the OP.

>> No.690792


I remember the days of no one giving even the name. The thread would go on and on with some faggots repeating "sauce" and other faggots ranting on and on about how back in their day they had to walk through /b/ in the snow both ways to get their incest porn, until eventually some faggot would give the name or a link just to troll those guys and I'd plug it into rapidsearch or google and get my doujin. It promoted faggotry. Every thread started with a page from anything would degenerate into "sauce"/"fuck you" back and forth faggotry for like 40 posts. There would never be any fucking discussion of the original topic or whatever. When China gives a direct link even the trolls who will ask for sauce no matter how many times you point out it's in the file name give up.

I can find my own shit, I've never asked for source in my life except on the Hiroyuki thing and that's basically rhetorical. But I don't mind him linking everything one bit. It shuts them up and it gives me easy links. Being helpful is not the worst thing in the world.

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>be grateful we use a voluntary tag that you can use to know we suck before even reading what we post.


Trip/namefags help balance things out and keeps a board from becoming another /b/. Forced Anonymous is the ruin of all things.

But don't pay attention to what I type too much. I am a retard, after all.

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Oh ho, good luck waddling through thousands of posts everyday trying to look for a specific comma or picture to represent a poster.

It's even hard to tell sagefags apart these days.

>> No.690808

I said stop it with the "the days" bullshit.

>> No.690811

Co'z I'm Gar enough to withstand a thousand sagebombs and still laugh at ragefags who can't seem to get over the fact that Touhou Girls are nothing more than fictional girls and takes the interwebs too seriously to the point of marrying a pillow...

Does my explanation satisfy you Sir?...

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>laughing robin hood

>> No.690816

Why would you sage that? I'm glad he's not one of those faggots who enjoys that stupid forced meme.
>Unimpressed masked men.jpg

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>>690798 Trip/namefags help balance things out and keeps a board from becoming another /b/. Forced Anonymous is the ruin of all things.
Why did forced Anonymous then drastically improve /b/ the first time they turned it on? Granted I don't go to /b/ and have no idea wether it's on or not (suffice to say it sucks now because it's become a normal place filled with new people).

Seriously, if you think Anonymous is a bad thing, then how about you go to some normal forums? Because you tripfags never do any good.

>> No.690826

No, not really

And I admit I suck already, but who cares

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>> No.690829

>mugenjohncel !!Oy+LavZ+kRU

>> No.690831

>>690811 Gar

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Hey guys what's going on in this thread

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>> No.690846

Nothing to do with Japan. Reported.

How's that?

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>>690824 how about you go to some normal forums?
Like Gaia

>> No.690853

Okay then, try me.

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This is now a matt furie thread.

>> No.690888

I actually hate Anonymous more since they think they can create shitposting threads and then claim innocence by suddenly pretending to be another person.

>> No.690889

Feels good man

>> No.690892

lol malaysian ip.

>> No.690899

Do it faggot, do want moar.

>> No.690902

Tripfags can easily go Anonymous at any time and do the exact same. Your point?

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