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Have you had any Touhou related dreams, /jp/?

I recall only one. I was in a dark room with candle lit with Aya as my protector/familiar (she was in birdform, but still had the Tengu hat on). Don't know what she was protecting me from; all she really did was stare at me and get attacked by an angry pidgeon, which she shrugged off.

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oh kimeemaru why are you so creepy

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I remember I had something that looked like this

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I think it's pretty cute

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I had one, sort of. I was at GNC, and found some super-powerful fat burner called Red Tea. When I took some, I transformed into Reimu (Or Aya, can't remember) and flew around the city naked.

Now whenever I see red tea, I think "OH SHIT RED TEA HOW IS THAT STUFF LEGAL"

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The only one I've had was recently. I was sneaking around like Solid Snake, knocking on walls and knocking out guards in some library. For some reason Suwako was following me and helped in distracting them.

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it's always tits it's never ass

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Lots of lewd and degrading dreams about kimeemaru.
Because of such dreams I've orgasmed on my bedsheets many times. These dreams also made me like birds a little more.

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Doo yu like my feetz?

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Ay ment to post pic~

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As stated in the Kimeemaru dump thread, she's the only yukkuri I'd like to get close to and for some reason have dreams about her.

I should find her as creepy and as a joke but I find her cute and oddly attractive. Guess that's one reason why there's so many pics of her tag in pixiv.

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I never get any touhou dreams, or any dreams involving anything I like.

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You're feet are as majestic and filled with such attractive look that not even a Goddess may not fall for such feet.

Thanks a lot now I'm going to have a dream about kimeemaru giving me a footjob.

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On Thursday I had a dream Cirno and I were defending ourselves from something and things got pretty sexy. She looked like a 10yo. Maybe we were running from the police or something because I am a sick fuck. Sorry Cirno.

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I dreamt that Remi taped her smelly stockings over my mouth and face, then gave me a footjob. I came harder than I ever have in my life, what the fuck did you do to me /jp/?

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I once had a dream that I was playing danmaku with Cirno and a few other Touhous. I don't remember too much of it. I hardly ever recall my dreams when I wake up, and even when I do, I forget about them in a few days anyway.

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I dreamed that I was playing Touhou and was actually good.

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I dreamed I was Reimu's servant.
I don't remember much, but that's the gist of it. Also, nothing sexual happened.

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I remember some Anon having a dream where Yuyuko took care of him or something. It sounded nice.

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I had a dream that I was launched into Gensokyo, and crashed near Alice's house. The flight burned most of my clothing off, so I was naked in a somewhat large crater with tons of broken bones and 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over my body.

When I came to, I was an upset ghost and I wandered Gensokyo for the rest of eternity.

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Hee hee~

Tank yu so mudz~

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I had one some time about sanae some time back, I'm pretty sure you guys can figure out the rest....

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Okuu fucked me in the ass with the force of 1000 suns.

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I remember one where i had sex with yukari, she quit halfway though.

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Why can't I resist kimeemaru?

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Stop that.

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It must be those "come hither" eyes.

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My dreams keep getting more and more depressing.

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You may not know it...

But she schlicks to you.

She wants you inside her.

She wants to be with you.

Why don't you talk to her?

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Even kimeemaru.... I want to fuck her

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I had one.

In my dream I had just returned home and went to sit on the couch and watch some TV. Out of nowhere, Youmu came running down the hall and jumped on me while I'm laying down watching TV. She wouldn't stop moving and I got an erection. She noticed it, felt it a bit with her hands through my pants, then told me to lay back down and go back to relaxing. Looking at my face to make sure I wasn't mad, she unbuttoned my pants. Her small hand grabbed into my underwear and pulled out my throbbing erection. I remember her hands feeling so cold at first. Ever so slowly she began playing with it, watching fascinated at how the skin moved over the tip and how I was leaking precum. "Do you need to pee?" she asked in a hushed voice. I responded by telling her to not stop and to continue playing with my penis because it felt good. She happily obliged. By now her hands had warmed up and they began to sweat a bit. The feeling of her small sticky hands handling my penis was great. I told her that if she licked my penis from base to tip I would help her feel good too. Hesitantly, she opened her mouth, making a cliche 'ahhhn' sound while moving her mouth towards my penis. By now I could feel her warm breath on my penis. She stuck her tongue out and touched it to the base of my dick. It felt great. Not slimy but not rough either. Just perfect. She slowly began to move her head upwards, letting her tongue slide from base to tip, feeling like a thousand small, hot hands massaging my penis. She got to the top of my penis and began to come down on it, taking my whole penis into her mouth. As she did that, she looked up at me. It was such a great sight, I could not control myself. I came hard. I shot spurt after spurt of warm semen right into Youmu's mouth and watched as it ran down the sides of her mouth and down my shaft

I woke up to discover a load of semen in my boxers.

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Because I exist on the 3D plane while she's in the 2D one.

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I have a recurring Touhou dream. Have had it a few times a week for the past few months.

I'm on a rocky landscape, cracked but relatively flat with a dark yellow-ish river of still water spanned out in front of me, as far as I can see in either direction.. The sky is a hazy yellow, the air is unmoving and it's dead silent save for a distant whimper that I can't make out. Ahead of me is a slight dip of the land before the rivers edge, and it's where the sound is coming from.

I walk forward slowly and as I get close enough to see over the dip I find Orin kneeled by Okuu with her arms across and her head buried in Okuu's stomach. Okuu is splayed out, unconscious or dead, blood seeping from several deep wounds, head tilted sideways with a line of blood running from her mouth and forming a small pool on the ground. One of her wings is bent at an impossible angle, clearly broken, maybe partially separated.

I'm frozen, watching the scene until Orin notices me. She looks at me with pure hatred in her eyes, obviously blaming me for Okuu's injuries. She clearly wants to kill me, but knows I'm Okuu's only chance for survival, and somehow I know that too.

I walk towards them, as Orin lifts herself from Okuu to place herself between us Okuu stirs, sees me and after a moment slowly lifts her good wing as if to shield herself. It clearly hurts her a great deal to do so, and she's soon unconscious again.

I stop in front of Orin, she's a head shorter then me but I have no doubt she's capable of killing me. We lock gazes and stare into each others eyes for a few moments. Tears stream down Orin's face, but she seems unaware, her hatred palpable. The front of her dress is stained red.

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I can't find words, but I don't want Okuu hurt any more than she does. I put my hand on her shoulder as I walk past her, as if that would provide some clue as to my intentions, or just hold her out of the way - even though I know it's a useless gesture.

Whether shocked, confused or simply realizing the situation she lets me pass, but the look she gives me as I pass her suggests she feels disgusted, violated even, by my touch.

I kneel before Okuu, brush a tuft of blood matted hair away from her face and look at her body. Her breathing is quick and shallow, cuts, scrapes, gashes everywhere... I can't imagine what could have happened.

Somehow I know where to take her, a nearby shelter of sorts. Some sort of storage, but livable. I'm not sure why or how I know it's location, but I do.

I pick her up as gently as I can, cradling her and trying not to move her body any more than I have to. She's much lighter than I expect.

Orin grabs my arm, hard. As she steps in front of me I can see the confusion in her eyes. She hates the thought of what I might do to Okuu, but at the same time knows what will happen if I do nothing. All I can think to say is "Come with me, you can keep an eye on her."

Orin looks from me to her and back to me... after a long moment she squeezes me arm just a bit harder before letting go and taking Okuus hand.

We start to walk back, the destination isn't far. On the way Okuu awakens again. Her breathing immediately changes - every time she exhales a small, pained whimper escapes her. She slowly opens her eyes, sees my face and her eyes fill with panic. She tries to move, but cries out with the effort. Orin looks at me with that hatred again.

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I stop for a moment, look down at Okuu and say "I'm not going to hurt you. Try and relax." Perhaps Orin squeezed her hand, something causes Okuu to chance a look in Orin's direction. Orin reaches out and gently brushes Okuu's hair, patting her lightly... this calms Okuu and I'm able to continue. As I start to move again I get another one of Orin's looks, this one conveying the idea that she'd just trusted me with Okuu - and if I did something to break that trust not even death would save me.

We arrive at a shack of sorts, somehow it seems like it shouldn't be standing, but sturdy at the same time. I lay Okuu on a dusty couch and start clearing off a large table. Handing Orin a pot on the table, I tell her to get some water from the lever-fountain outside and boil it along with a few rags. I see the objection to leaving Okuu's side in her expression, and before she can reply I bark out "Now!" with as much urgency as possible. She grabs the pot and does as I asked.

I set Okuu up on the table and go about ripping up more rags and trying to stop Okuu's bleeding, though it's almost stopped itself by now. When Orin gets back I have her help me go about cleaning Okuu's wounds and bandaging her. Okuu awakens again, but seems to realize her situation. She offers no objection, only slight exclamations of pain when one of us presses into an injury.

After a while all that's left that I can do anything for is her wing, I don't want to tell Orin to keep Okuu calm for fear of scaring Okuu with those words alone. Orin sees me inspecting her wing, and has been the case thus far is a step ahead of my thoughts. She walks to Okuu's head and starts to stroke her hair again, tells her she can almost go back to sleep, that she'll be fine.

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I quickly pull and twist her wing back into an approximation of it's appropriate position. Okuu jerks, her back arcs and her mouth open in a silent cry. Tears stream down her face as she slowly lowers back onto the table and I loosely splint her wing, looser than I should - but not wanting to hurt her further.

It seems like hours pass, attending to Okuu as needed. The hatred in Orin's eyes less and less as she looks at me. The fear in Okuu's expression subsiding a bit time to time, as I come into view.

Finally, Okuu is asleep again - Orin is just finishing washing the blood out of her hair, sits next to me. We'd not said much to each other the entire time, I finally ask her what happened, if it was me... That hatred flickers in her eyes once more, but leaves as quickly as it came replaced with an unreadable dullness... She leans back against the wall, her hands cushioning her heead and closes her eyes. A few minutes later, on the verge of sleep or maybe sleeping already she says "You don't understand anything." in a barely audible whisper.

Moments later she slowly slides sideways until her head is leaning on my shoulder. I fall asleep, watching Okuu's rythmic breathing.

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Sorry, I know that was long and boring. It's always the exact same, almost like it was scripted. I feel like my actions are my own, but when I wake up and remember it seems almost mechanical. Didn't remember most of it the first few times I had it, but I've had it so many times now it's clear as day.

And after seeing that actually posted I'm realizing it looks more like (really bad) fan fiction than anything. Again, I apologize.

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same here.

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Almost want to say that sounds like a really nice dream but...

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I've had a fair amount of touhou dreams.

In the most recent one I was at some sort of bus depot with a bunch of other people. Some were being sent off on buses somewhere, and the rest of us were being handed rifles and told to organize ourselves into sections. Yukari and a few other touhous were nearby, so I asked if I could join up with them. She ignored me and turned around. Sanae gave me a "whatever, bro" look and they left. The rest of the dream involved me and the squad I wound up in patrolling around before I woke up.

Another dream had me and some other people trying to get past some sort of magical barrier in a building. While walking down a hallway looking for anything that might help, I ran into Yukari and Ran. I asked Yukari if she could lend a hand. They both ignored me and left.

In one dream I was the single member of a "team" trying to rescue some hostages from a group of terrorists or something holed up in a building. They had assault rifles and the entire building was rigged to blow up. I had some crappy pocket pistol. I figured I may as well do what I could, when I saw Yukari driving a tractor trailer up to me. I figured there was all kinds of tacticool shit in there and we could go kick ass or something. She backed the truck in beside me, then pulled away and left. I rushed inside the building and started shooting, and can't really remember anything else.

I think there's some sort of theme going on here.

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Wow, your Yukari is a jerk.

In my dream, a monster was about to destroy Gensokyo, so I went to get Yukari. She and Reimu were getting out of the onsen just then, so I told them what was up. Reimu got the biggest "ugh" expression and slinked off to avoid having to work, but Yukari got serious and went to it right away. I woke up before she did anything cool.

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You don't have alot of confidence with women, do you?

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I'm on /jp/, aren't I?

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You are all going to tell me the secret of how to dream with Touhous. And don't give me that talk about how you just need to play Touhou every day, because I already do that.

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I have no idea. I only recently had one, and she was only there for a little part of the dream. My only guess is to surround yourself with Touhou as much as possible.

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I've never had a dream with any Touhou characters. I just wanted to write a long post and get a boner while doing it. I'm sorry.

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Come on, man. I thought you were supposed to be a wizard! Just make Toohoos appear out of thin air or something. And don't give me that look that tells me you can't do it, because I know you can.

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I don't know. I'm up to my tits in Touhou while I'm awake, but I've only had 5 dreams in 3-4 years that I can remember.

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If you people weren't actually convincing I'd think you're holding out the truth from me just because I'm Brazilian or something.

If that was the case I'd have to be severely buttdevastated.

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Try setting up a way to wake yourself abruptly and unpleasantly at the end of your nocturnal sojourn.

I never remember my dreams when I sleep peacefully all the way through the night (or whenever I get up).

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Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. If you wake up abruptly from your sleep, it's harder to remember what you were dreaming about. Waking up peacefully helps you remember it.

Though I never got the deal with the whole wake up in the middle of the night suddenly. Apparently it's good if you manage to do it while in sleep paralysis, since you can do an OBE then, but whenever I wake up abruptly in the middle of the night or something, I always have control of my body.

In fact, the only time I can remember of me being awake during sleep paralysis was after I abruptly wake up out of nowhere in the middle of the night. I couldn't move my arms or body and there was this dark figure standing next to my bed, looking out my window. The figure slowly turned around and moved his hands close to my neck. I realized he was trying to choke me and panicked, "waking up" in a cold sweat.

Just after that, I realized the dark figure... was me. Maybe I'm trying to kill myself and I don't even know it.

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Nitori confessed to me in my dream. It was on top of a hill with a stone bench under a tree which I forgot what type.
Then before my dream ended we said goodbye to each other with her crying on my shoulder

It was one of those rare dreams I have that didn't end abruptly.

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I have an abnormal fascination with anything Okuu related so thank you for sharing this I enjoyed the story~

Although I do feel kind of sorry for her.

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I had a nice dream about Yukari a few nights ago.
Well, it was actually about Ran, and my being something of a servant/pet of Yukari because I felt filial attachment to Ran, but that's of no matter.

She had taken Ran, Chen, and me to some orchestral concert, and they were playing one of my favorite pieces. It felt so absolutely amazing to see and hear it played in front of my eyes, I began smiling like and idiot, and constantly tried covering my mouth with my hand to save pride.

I did this multiple times throughout the performance, hiding my stupid grin until I got control over it, then losing control at a particular flourish in the music and hiding it again, until eventually, as I tried to raise my hand again, Yukari grabbed it and held it down to the chair arm.

Granted, my other hand was free, but I figured, as her 'pet', I shouldn't try to go around her unspoken order to not hide my face. Plus, she did go out of her way to take me here; it'd be rude to deny her to see my feelings over the concert. So I grinned, sighed, chuckled, and was utterly taken by the music, and at various moments, she'd glance over to me to see how I felt about a certain section that just finished, never outright asking, but just looking at my face. On more than one occasion my hand involuntarily tried to shoot up to my face to hide my expressions, but Yukari always had it held down.

Makes me burn red remembering... When it ended, we just left unceremoniously, and the dream ended, I think. Or she might have teased me about it. I find it hard to remember after the music stopped.

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Last night to be exact.

It was more Touhous in reality then me in Gensokyo. I dreamt that Cirno, Wriggle, Rumia and Mystia came over to my apartment to hang out and play some Timesplitters with me. They wanted to do nothing but Virus matches and they were all Pvt. Hicks.

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Do am I really only one of that don't have any sexual dreams and thoughts about touhou? Really like most of /jp/ especially during time (normal-fags?) was man-sluts.

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I rarely remember my dreams. Such is the curse of sleep apnea.

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I dreamed I was playing Touhou.

Then I woke up, went to work, came home, and played

Dead Space 2.

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I once had a dream where I was working at the SDM as a live-in electrician. It was my job to maintain the various electrical appliances in the mansion. In my spare time, I trained with Hong Meiling, and for some reason, Hsien-ko, who was there as Apprentice Gate Guard.

I also had a pet koyukkuri that rode around on top of my head, inside a top hat I modified to have a gothic-style glass window, thus fulfilling the silly hats requirement. Also, I wore a Victorian-era gentleman's coat and pants.

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I don't ever remember having many sexual dreams in my life, and the ones I had were really awkward and somewhat unwanted. I don't know why though.

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I've had dreams about being a member of the SDM. It began when someone posted this fucking picture.

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Also, Yukari had opened up some sort of "Immigrations and Customs" service for Gensokyo, where fictional characters/mythological characters from Earth could apply for immigration. So I would go down to the village to buy wiring and fuses, and see Jam from Guilty Gear working a chinese restaurant, with Bridget outside advertising wearing a cheongsam, then go to a cafe for lunch and get served tea by a viera waitress, then go back to the SDM on the centaur taxi express.

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That sounds intense. You're lucky to have had that one.

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Whenever my dream is Touhou related, it is usually game related.

One was Mirror Edge, but I'm running through Eientei, dodging crazy bullets from Reisen and avoiding pitfalls made by Tewi.

I had another, but I'm playing it instead of being in it. It was pretty much Sispri Gauntet but with Touhou characters. The cool thing was I wasn't alone. There were other characters fighting off mobs of bullet tossing fairies. Touhou + Sispri Gauntlet w/ multiplayer options, fuck, I need this game.

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I had 3(maybe 4). I've been playing touhou for 5~6 years already(since I moved to Japan). Have all the games and official books, several fan games, tons of images, 5 yukari figures and lots of plushies. I am an active member on some touhou groups and several internet communities. Touhou plays a big role in recent life (its basically all the entertainment I have nowadays) and yet I only started having Touhou related dreams recently. Better late than never.

1)I was in my old garden. But for some reason my garden was infinity and I didn't have a house. I was just enjoying the moment and after a while Komachi appears, walks slowly in my direction and then than grabbed and kissed me in the mouth. Then I woke up. This dream is IMO the most significant touhou dream I've had. Why komachi? Until then I never cared about her, I had 0 pictures of her in my HD, had absolute no desire in buying the her griffon figure and only "interacted" with her when I played Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Why not Yukari, which I am obsessed with? Why not Yamaxanadu, Parsee, Sakuya, Marisa or other favorites? But after this dream Komachi sort of become my second obsession. My current "love" for her was implanted in this dream. I had this dream in the last week of november, 2010.

?)During the first week of december I think I had a dream with Mei Ling. But her presence was minimal. I'm not sure at all. I can't even remember the dream contents. Only her presence.

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2)In this dream I was running away from something dangerous inside a city I've never been before when I realized that the situation was completely implausible and entered some kind of Lucid dream state. I knew I was in a dream and had partial control of the situation. I wasn't able to do bizarre stuff like making stuff appear or disappear or teleporting, but I could jump high and run really fast. Than I jumped over a near building and found Marisa sitting in the roof waiting for me which I also hugging and kissing. Marisa's body was fit and muscular. Then I woke up. Had this dream 4 weeks ago during the first week of January.

3)I had this dream exactly 2 days ago. I was in a port. It was cold and the sea was calm. Suddenly lots of sakura petals start falling over from the sky and Yukari(finally) get out of a gap before my eyes. She was sitting over the usual gap partially nude with only her usual hat and that purple/orange silk rectangle that usually is in the middle of her white dress. The purple rectangle was covering the nipple area of her breasts and her intimate parts. She smiled to me and the white part of her dress slowly materialized over her body. After she was fully dressed she opened a gap in front of me. I woke up just after that. I fell like she teleported me from the dream world to the real world.

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By the way all the touhoues in my dream were in 3D human forms. Quite interesting since I only know the 2d anime appearances

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The most touhou related dream i had was when i was in a germany parking lot in world war two and i was focusing and grazing bombs and their explosion radius.

fun dream, other dreams just have touhou character cameos.

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In my last dream I was playing a fps game as Cirno. Using ice barrier to freeze Reimu's amulets then perfect froze her clothes off for massive damage.

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That image looks like it's originally from Shadowgate.

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